Xian Ni Chapter 107 – Shining Grains

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SicklePod valley, in this three months period, the Righteous and Devil’s way fought many times, but every time the cultivators of the two sides saw Wang Lin, they would immediately stop, and get out-of-the-way, only after Wang Lin left, would they resume the fighting.

After Wang Lin had finished mourning his parents, his mind was no longer in chaos, so he found a cliff, dug a cave, and sat down cross-legged in it to meditate.

First of all, regarding the spiritual force in his body, his spiritual force did have the power to freeze before, but far less than what it is capable of doing now, and regarding this Wang Lin was very puzzled, even Situ Nan, couldn’t find an answer.

Thus, it could be seen, that the three realms, Ji, Dao and Shi, had disappeared from even the sixth ranked XiuZhen countries.

With his Spiritual force suddenly becoming strong, had brought much confidence to Wang Lin, he felt that the spiritual force in his body, was giving off a strange sensation, as if the spiritual force in his body, had something much more to it.

As if that spiritual force, contained some magical substance, and because of that substance, the strange powers of the spiritual force had developed.

Probably could not discover this before, because it was at a too low of a quantity in the Spiritual force, and now it had suddenly increased.

As this idea arose, it spread immediately, Wang Lin frowning slightly, with intense focus, taking the spiritual force from the dantian as a starting point, circulated it through the bodies’ meridians, and cycled it back to the dantian, again and again.

As he watched, Wang Lin gradually picked up some clues, the colour of the spiritual force had become deep blue, but deep blue wasn’t its true colour, but appeared that way due to countless filaments of dark blue crystals.

These dark blue crystals, were the reason for the variation in the spiritual force, Wang Lin with a wave of his hand, brought out spiritual force from his palm, forming a fist-sized blue ice ball, in which, countless dark blue crystals could be seen.

Pondering a little, Wang Lin grabbed it with his spirit, and his face growing an imposing colour, slowly began to compress the blue ice ball, as it began to grow smaller, even the slightest bit of reduction in size, would cause Wang Lin’s forehead to form lots of sweat.

After being reduced to one-third size, suddenly the blue ice ball immediately collapsed, and dissipated, as if those dark crystal filaments could not withstand the pressure, and vanished after collapsing.

Wang Lin frowned, then once again adding spiritual force into the blue ice ball, increasing the number of filaments, continued refining. After a lot of time, Wang Lin had tried several times with his spiritual force, each time most of it would dissipate, not leaving behind much.

However, with the continuous inflow of spiritual force, the speed of dissipation of the blue ice ball could not match with the inflow of spiritual force, and finally after several hours, the refining was completed.

Wang Lin, despite being tired, had a bright colour in his eyes.

The Blue ice ball had been reduced to the size of a grain, its colour no longer blue, but had become cyan. This cyan grain had been completely dominated by the filaments, as a dangerous aura emanated from it.

Wang Lin, with his eyes flashing, took the grain and jumped, flying out of the cave he paused in the air, he flew to the nearest dense forest, standing outside the jungle, he waved his right hand, the grain flew out and hit the tree.

At the same time, a faint blue light blinked for a moment, and instantly, the tree turned into ice crystals, a dark blue wave suddenly appeared, Wang Lin’s face changed, without hesitation quickly retreated, as almost within a blink of an eye, an area having a radius of three hundred meters, became blue world.

Within these three hundred meters, whether it was trees, flowers, insects or even ground insects, in short, all living things, in that moment, died.

Even Wang Lin himself was affected by the blue aura, as he glanced to see his body stiff, and the slightest chill was coming from his feet, but after moving his spiritual force, it fused with it, and his body slowly came back into motion.

Wang Lin’s face changed, as he looked at the scene infront of him, he didn’t know if he would have still been safe, if he had suffered a direct hit at the epicenter of the blue waves.

He knew that the cyan grain, after he had compressed his spiritual force, specially produced by refining the filaments, if comparing, then perhaps there is nothing of that scale or quality.

“This Cyan grain is the best magic weapon.” Wang Lin mumbled to himself.

Standing silently for a while, Wang Lin turned to leave and returned to the cave, he again directed his spiritual force, after spending a lot of time, finally got a cyan grain.

Looking at this humble looking grain, Wang Lin took a deep breath, as he carefully put it away, as he felt weakness in his body, making one was already strenuous, but now making a second one found his spiritual force at its limit.

This cyan grain is great, but the spiritual force needed to produce it is too high, Wang Lin smiled as he drank the yin cold dew, and meditated to recuperate his spiritual force, when night came, Wang Lin opened his eyes, the spiritual force in his body had been restored.

His eyes flashed, and once again without hesitation, directed his spiritual force and started refining.

Three days later, three cyan grains floated infront of Wang Lin, he was looking serious at this time, three grains was the limit, he was not able to make a fourth one, he did not know why, every time he refined a fourth one, one of the previously three made would dissipate immediately, after experimenting in several ways, Wang Lin gave up the idea of a fourth grain.

After three days, he had observed that the power of this grain was great, but for Yuan Ying level expert or slightly below it, it wouldn’t achieve satisfactory results.

If he could throw out dozens of rice, naturally would be able to succeed, but Wang Lin couldn’t figure out a way to make the fourth grain, Wang Lin then had an idea in his mind, the idea was to fuse two grains together, as a result, its power would be doubled, more importantly, he should be able to make it without going beyond the count of three.

Thinking so, Wang Lin hesitated, then placed some gravel all around in a defensive formation, and after taking out a few defensive talismans from the storage bag, he fiercely clenched his teeth, and controlling his breath, he slowly moved the two grains towards each other.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s heart was in his throat, he was ready to flee at the first sign of trouble, slowly, the two grains bumped into each other.

At that moment, Wang Lin felt an illusion as if time had stopped, stuck in that moment when the two grains touched each other.

But the two grains silently integrated, didn’t cause even the slightest waves, and apart from the colour of the grain becoming slightly darker, there were no apparent changes.

Wang Lin hesitated, pondering a little, controlled another grain, and made it bump into it.

At the moment of impact, a blue light shimmered, Wang Lin’s face grew pale, as he without hesitation used a teleport, as his body with a blue flash, disappeared from that place, at that moment, a cyan aura emerged, following which, an area of one kilometer around that spot became world of snow and ice.

Outside that one kilometer range, Wang Lin’s figure appeared, although he was outside the range, his body could still feel the coldness drilling into his body.

Watching it all, Wang Lin remained silent, although he had wasted a teleport, but Wang Lin thought it was worth it. It seemed that fusing two grains was the limit, and upon trying for a third, it would explode immediately.

He obviously didn’t go back to that cave, as he smiling bitterly, sought out another cliff, digging out another place to stay in, and went inside.

Within a few days time, filling up the quota of three grains, Wang Lin had become increasingly familiar with the fusing, after fusing one grain, he was able to refine another grain, which also confirmed his previous guess, although three is the limit, but if one is fused with another, then also it is counted as one.

Fusing the third and fourth grain, in the end, Wang Lin carefully placed in his storage bag three grains out of which two had a deeper colour.

After finishing with the grains, the time passed quickly, and after one month, not much time was left before the Sicklepod valley’s seal was opened.

Wang Lin was sitting cross-legged, after breathing a little, he opened his eyes, from his mouth spit out a green light, the small green sword making a humming sword, floated infront of Wang Lin, it was overflowing with light, as if it had intelligence, as Wang Lin stretched out his hand, the flying sword fell on his hand, and as he touched the flying sword, it began freezing.

The small green sword was a blood refined object, the variation in Wang Lin’s spiritual force, had also indirectly caused the flying sword to gain Ji realm attributes.

Building up his spiritual force, was about to start refining the flying sword, when Wang Lin through his soul immediately noticed, outside the cave about hundreds of different swords were flying in from different directions, as if in pursuit of a man.

Cold frost rose from Wang Lin’s mouth as he said to himself: “Is He?”


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