Xian Ni Chapter 106 – Rank

ObligatoryTLNote: Massive info drop, so prepare yourselves.

For upgradation of the rank of XiuZhen country, except for a special event, for XiuZhen countries below rank five, there is only one way. A Cultivator must practising on his own reach JieDan, Yuan Ying, Spirit Forming, Ying Bian, as he rises through the stages, the rank of the XiuZhen Country also increases, if a cultivator reaches JieDan stage, then the XiuZhen country automatically climbs to second rank XiuZhen country.

If YuanYing stage, then to third ranked XiuZhen country, and so on, if cultivator reaches Spirit Forming, then rises to fourth ranked XiuZhen country, and upon reaching Ying Bian stage, reaches fifth ranked XiuZhen country.

Such upgrades, in addition to time, also depend on great deal of luck, especially the higher ranks, the higher up in the stages you go, the more difficult it is, and often the chance of rising from third to fourth or fourth to fifth rank, doesn’t appear even in a millennium or more.

But despite the difficulties, this is the only way, eventually there would be some people, or a chance would occur, or by accident, or by help of somebody else, in short, even if it occurs after a long time, some cultivator would emerge, which would help the country raise it’s XiuZhen ranking.

These people without exception, would become the rulers of these XiuZhen countries.

After raising the XiuZhen ranking of the Country to fourth rank, and obtaining qualification to participate in foreign battlefield, but in terms of power, it simply cannot compete with fifth rank XiuZhen countries.

The gap between them, cannot be made up with quantity, for example, an extremely powerful late Spirit forming cultivator of the fourth ranked country, if placed in front of fifth ranked XiuZhen country expert, then they are immediately reduced to second-rate, infront of Ying Bian stage experts, they are like fragile children.

It would even be no exaggeration to say that, barring any exception, then a Ying Bian expert, can destroy an entire fourth ranked XiuZhen country. Such a thing in the XiuZhen community, has happened more than once.

So, the fourth ranked XiuZhen countries in the foreign battlefield, are in fact, mere pawns of their respective fifth ranked XiuZhen countries who back them.

The truly decisive battles in the foreign battlefields take place between the fifth ranked XiuZhen countries.

A XiuZhen country after reaching rank five, the most serious problem it faces is the lack of resources, material and massive strength, and endless number of cultivators, if it is unable to solve these issues, then within a certain amount of time, the country would break apart.

Even by robbing the lower ranked XiuZhen countries, is unable to solve the problems of lack of cultivation aiding materials, lingqi and cultivation methods, only after solving them, is the country able tor each the sixth ranked XiuZhen country level.

From fifth to sixth, it is not as simple as just an individual breaking through to next stage of cultivation, there is a specific method stipulated by the XiuZhen alliance, which is only one, and it is related to Foreign battlefield.

Foreign battlefield, is a space full of cracks, is an endless realm, full of astral winds which could even easily eliminate Spirit Forming experts, as well as cracks in space.

Once astral winds blow, unless one has reached the ying bian stage, then he will instantly melt to ashes.

In addition to astral winds, the most strange and unpredictable phenomenon is the sudden appearance of space rifts, once a cultivator gets stuck, even Ying bian stage experts would not be able to escape unharmed. Only strong sixth ranked XiuZhen countries, can come and go freely in the foreign battlefield.

Every few years, there will be an extra-territorial war, fourth ranked and above XiuZhen countries can participate in this war, and this is permitted and promoted by the XiuZhen alliance.

Those who win more than a thousand times in a row, are promoted to sixth ranked XiuZhen country level, in addition to access to a lot of wealth and materials and cultivation methods, the winning country, is able to send a delegate to the XiuZhen alliance, and be promoted to cultivation level beyond Ying bian. Of course, the most important reward, the one which makes the fifth ranked XiuZhen countries battle like crazy, is that XiuZhen alliance grants a planet for the winning XiuZhen country to establish as its base.

The practitioners of XiuXIan attach extremely importance to the lingqi, talent and treasures, it can even be said that XiuXian is based on LingQi and materials.

Having a planet, is the sign of a sixth ranked XiuZhen Country. But the requirements to become a sixth ranked XiuZhen country are very strict, first step is to have a winning streak in foreign battlefield extending over a thousand successive victories, only then will it be awarded a planet. The Second step, is that within a specified time, the sixth ranked XiuZhen country, must have several first to fifth ranked XiuZhen countries, with the aim of forming a cycle.

The foreign battlefield is the only way for fifth ranked XiuZhen countries to get promoted, the same is true, for almost all XiuZhen planets, generally speaking, a Sixth ranked XiuZhen Country would not interfere with fifth ranked XiuZhen countries battles on the XiuZhen planet, but there are always exceptions, and if the sixth ranked XiuZhen countries interferes, then from that XiuZhen planet, it will be impossible for a second sixth ranked XiuZhen country to emerge. Only in extremely rare cases, as per the speculation amongst fifth ranked XiuZhen countries, will the sixth ranked be promoted to seventh ranked XiuZhen country, but perhaps it requires the country to have a network of sixth ranked XiuZhen country planets.

With the frequent fights in the foreign battlefields, there would often be a lot of corpses and other waste material, which require somebody to regularly clean up the sixth ranked XiuZhen countries regarding the clean up of foreign battlefields have strict rules, only third ranked or lower XiuZhen countries can do that task. And it might contain certain materials, which for lower ranked XiuZhen countries would be not less than heavenly treasures.

According to the fourth ranked XiuZhen countries as backed by their respective fifth ranked XiuZhen countries, the battlefields is divided into various regions, and so on.

Even the access to clean up is disputed upon so third ranked XiuZhen countries too, in order to gain qualifications of access to foreign battlefield clean-up task, leading to the existence of Sicklepod valley.

This Sicklepod valley, there is a huge seal formation, which was put down thousands of years ago, by a fourth ranked XiuZhen country Spirit forming stage expert, and those cultivators who are of JieDan stage upto Spirit forming stage, are unable to enter.

This was also why Teng Hua Yuan who came to know that Wang Lin is currently in SicklePod valley, was unable to enter the valley to kill him.

This sicklepod valley, is not only just outside the battlefield clean up ground, but is also the only entrance to the battlefield from the Zhao region.

Sixth ranked XiuZhen country foreign battlefield clean up rules, in addition to limiting the task to third ranked or lower XiuZhen countries, also require that the entrants must not exceed JieDan stage of cultivation.

Generally, after confirmation of eligibility, the foundation building cultivators inside, are transmitted to the area outside the foreign battlefield, fundamentally there is no need to go out of the valley, after the 50 year deadline expires, they would be transmitted back together.

Teng Hua Yuan knew of this, and precisely because of that massacred Wang Lin’s whole family, capturing their soul, to force out Wang Lin from the valley.

Otherwise, would have only gotten opportunity to kill Wang Lin fifty years later.

At this moment, the entire SicklePod valley, came to know that there is a slaughtering demon on the loose, his cultivation is unpredictable, so even said that he has reached JieDan stage, but nobody could guess how he got into SicklePod valley. [TLNote: At the sake of spoiling you and to prevent my own headaches, no he hasn’t reached JieDan yet]

Wang Lin in the Sicklepod valley, went all the way to the north, the spiritual force in his body, rolling more and more violently, the killing intent in his heart, with the murders over the past few days, not only did not decrease, but grew even more intense.

His mind had blanked out, he did not know how many people he had killed in the past few days, let alone knowing about how people had become so afraid of him, to the point of their faces changing colour at his mere mention.

A few days later, Wang Lin in a confused state, had reached the northernmost point of the Sicklepod valley, at this edge was a steep cliff, climbing up the cliff was the way out of the valley, of course there was also the seal formation which prevented people from going out, and anybody who tried would be bounced back into the valley.

These days, whenever Wang Lin thought about his parents, he would feel intense pain, as if somebody wanted to split apart his chest, every time he suffered this pain, he would spew out several mouthfuls of blood.

As the time wore on, his body grew weaker and weaker, but his spiritual force, kept moving more and more towards Ji Realm.

Standing before the cliff, Wang Lin looked up at the sky, suddenly knelt to the ground, and knocked his head on the ground heavily, two lines of blood and tears shed from his eyes, as he said in his heart: “Father, Mother, Tie Zhu unfilial……”

“Ah…….” with a sigh, echoed in Wang Lin’s mind.

“When did you wake up.” Wang Lin kneeling for a long time, stood up and with his eyes cold, said with a deep voice.

“Five days ago, Wang Lin, I heard Teng Hua Yuan’s message, the soul flag is a kind of magic only YuanYing can do, once soul is sealed, as long as soul does not come leave, when I restore my cultivation, I would be able to revive them.” Situ Nan said comfortingly.

Wang Lin, nodded silently.

“The reason that Teng Hua Yuan killed your loved ones, was out of fear that you would run away, so he did it force you to appear, Wang Lin, I don’t have much of my Yuan Ying essence left, can only support you by teleporting three times, use them cautiously, I want to continue sleeping, but I suggest you go outside the battlefield, where my time needed to recover would be reduced.” Situ Nan’s voice becoming increasingly weaker, eventually disappeared.

“Three times…….” Wang Lin’s mind became what is called sober and calm, as he frowned and muttered.

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