Xian ni Chapter 105 – Ji Realm of the Past Era

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In Ancient Era, Ji, Dao and Shi, these three spiritual force realms, were particularly elusive and difficult to comprehend, although all the three realms differ in their mysticalness, but yet in the ancient era if a cultivator was able to get Ji realm Spiritual force, then it would be a catastrophe.

Saying that Ji realm is not equal to Dao realm is not equal to Shi realm might seem like a weird and horrible view, but the fact is that Dao and Shi realms can’t compare with Ji Realm, if a practitioner is able to reach the extremity of Ji Realm, then his ruthlessness and fierceness would far exceed other people’s by several times, and from then on his spiritual force would become deviated towards the extremity of Ji.

Thus, the Ji realm has very destructive power, besides terrifying, there is no other word suitable to describe it, amongst cultivators of the same level, Ji realm is invincible. But the disadvantages of Ji realm are obvious, it is unable to reach spirit forming stage. Late Yuan Ying stage, is the limit for practitioner of Ji realm.

But this Ji realm late Yuan Ying master, even ordinary Spirit forming stage experts do not want to provoke easily.

If there was only that much to it, then Ji realm would not be known as terrifying. The reason why it is called terrifying is because in Ancient era, there was a person who had gone beyond Ying Bian stage, his might shook the heavens, ultimately after the calamity passed, it was found that he unexpectedly possessed Ji realm Spiritual Force.

This was enough to make everyone who heard the news in the Ancient Era’s XiuZhen community, shocked and afraid.

He was a true powerhouse, for almost three thousand years he ran rampant in the XiuZhen community, in these three thousand years he was the King of the XiuZhen community, and no one messed with him, if there was even the slightest dispute, he would instantly kill the person’s whole family.

In those three thousand years, even the mere mention of his name was enough to scare people. These three thousand years, the amount of cultivators that died at his hands, cannot be estimated, it was even later speculated that the demise of the Ancient Era XiuZhen community was greatly related to this person, if not for his three thousand years, where countless sects were exterminated, the Ancient Era XiuZhen community would not have crumbled without the least resistance infront of that sudden calamity. [TLNote: The calamity mentioned is not the person, but probably a natural event that caused the extinction of ancient era people]

The Ji realm in itself is an existence that has power to turn heaven upside down, with the Ji realm Spiritual force, any spell can be attuned to the extremity of Ji, which in itself would be terrifying, if there wasn’t any restriction on entering the Spirit forming stage, then the entire XiuZhen community, so long as one practitioner has managed to surpass Spirit Forming stage in Ji Realm, would suffer utter catastrophe.

In view of this, in Ancient era, in the event of any cultivator found of Ji realm, then often even his existence would be erased, Ji realm, the cultivation of Ji realm in Ancient era was likened to going against the heaven’s will.

If the Devil’s way is likened to a Scourge, then in Ancient era, compared to a Devil’s way practitioner with a Ji realm, appears cute and harmless, regardless of the level.

In fact, even in Ancient era, the research on Ji realm never stopped, but in the end the reason behind the appearance of this terrifying realm, still remained at the basic exploratory stage.

Fortunately, the Ji realm is restricted from entering the Spirit forming stage, the only exception would be the man from the legends, but in successive generations of Ji realm cultivators all were stuck in late YuanYing, unable to break through.

In present times, the records relating to Ji realm have all but disappeared in the course of history, no one knows what is Ji realm, and how to attain it.

Only in some high ranked XiuZhen Countries’ huge scripture libraries, some copies of the records relating to Ji realm could be found.

In some year during Ancient era, in some Ancient Country’s Ling Qiao Sect there appeared a genius cultivator, within ten years he had reached JieDan stage, after that the Ling Qiao Sect suffered an extermination of the entire sect, for five years, the mystical cultivator withdrew from the world, after appearing within one month, he killed about ten thousand cultivators, the blood filled the skies. He was able to kill even early YuanYing stage practitioners, let alone those of the same level, even Spirit forming stage were unable to resist, finally both Devil and Righteous ways, had to request Ying Bian stage powerful experts to kill this talented person.

In some year during Ancient Era, the Qian Shui country was destroyed, the heir apparent was a member of a certain XiuZhen sect, after thirty years of closed-door practise, he came out to kill all XiuZhenists, both young and old, all those who provoked him, he made them extinct, within only seven days, there was no XiuZhenist left in the entire Qian Shui country, even the Sect which he belonged to was not spared.

Blood stained the Qian Shui country’s land, as a superior ranked XiuZhen country had to send a large number of experts to kill this person, the blood filled the skies, as the entire region seethed with blood, and ultimately mysteriously disappeared, some speculated that he had met with disaster……

In all those cases, there is one thing in common, all these cultivators had Ji realm.

As for how these people entered Ji realm, nobody knew, some people speculated that it was the aftereffects of the drastic changes, some people speculated that these people must have some treasure.

A legacy treasure, that causes every person in possession of such treasure to be able to get Ji realm.

There were numerous speculations, one after another, but in the end with the disappearance of Ancient era XiuZhen world, it all gradually faded.

Nobody knew, that at this moment, in a modest third ranked XiuZhen country, Zhao region’s place called Sicklepod Valley, there was a Young man named Wang Lin, who was slowly transforming, gradually moving towards the real Ji realm.

If Teng Hua Yuan had known all this, then he would never have turned into the catalyst for the descent of the Ji realm……

Wang Lin, half kneeling on the ground, within a radius of ten meters from his body, the ground was covered in blue ice, forming an absolute domain.

On his chest, the Heaven revolting bead flashed with a black light, floating up from his chest and hanging up above his head…….

Teng Hua Yuan had left his loved one’s blood, to leave a message in Wang Lin’s mind.

“I’ll wait for you……on the date that the valley opens, if you do not appear, then I will destroy this soul flag, scattering your loved one’s souls.”

At this time, the Tian Dao Sect’s two men and a woman, had caught up, suddenly stopping a dozen meters away from Wang Lin, the ground turned into ice crystals was glowing with a faint blue light, was enough to shake their hearts.

Especially the youth who was at the center of the ice, giving off an aura of mass destruction, in face of this aura, even the person who was mid Foundation building stage, could not help but become scared.

Hesitating for a moment, the mid Foundation building stage cultivator, decisively with a wave said: “Retreat!”. Having said that, he was about to leave when the woman, suddenly staring at the Heaven revolting bead on top of Wang Lin, pausing she said: “Brother, I think that bead looks familiar to me……”

The man standing next to her, was stunned as he said: “This…….This…….This is the bead that Ancestor was talking about No, the pattern on it is not the same, as per Ancestor’s Jade strip, it was clearly engraved with clouds, but on top of it are leafs.”

The Mid foundation building stage cultivator was startled after he took a closer look, and a solemn look appeared on his face, but shortly thereafter, a hint of greed appeared in his mind, this bead leaving aside the pattern engraved, in appearance, size and description, matches exactly what Ancestor through the Jade strip had informed, and thinking about the rewards for obtaining such a bead, his heart thumped.

“Whoever turns it over will receive a Ying Bian level magic weapon, is sect will receive 10 coffins containing spirit forming stage corpses ready to be refined, and the XiuZhen country shall be promoted by one rank.”

“Whether or not, was the first one to acquire.” The mid foundation building stage cultivator immediately said.

The woman immediately took out the communication device, and was about to use it when she was suddenly stopped by the Mid Foundation building stage cultivator, as he whispered: “This person, although he is strange, if we three go all out, would be able to kill, but if you inform other people, and this bead is really the one that wanted, then the credit for it, would definitely not be given to us. Also, if this bead turns out to be not the one that is wanted, then after so much effort, we would be scolded, don’t you think that would be silly?”

The Woman hesitated, then hesitantly put away the communication device, and the three people immediately without hesitation took out their magic weapons.

At this time, Wang Lin opened his eyes, his eyes had lost colour, and appeared more gloomy like water, as a strong killing intent involuntarily emerged in his mind, with murderous rage, he immediately circulated the spiritual force in his body.

One of the first major effects of Ji Realm unfolded, as after entering the Ji Realm, at the same level of cultivation, the Cultivator is invincible.

Staring at the three people not far away, Wang Lin gloomily waved his hand, suddenly a flash of blue light emerged, and ice crystals floating on the ground at a breakneck speed immediately wrapped the three.

The three’s facial expressions, movements, were all frozen at that moment.

Wang Lin stood up, with his right hand grasping the Heaven revolting bead, and storing it back close to his chest, Wang Lin passed through the three people.

The three wrapped in ice, cracked and broke apart, as the three fell to the ground dead.

Wang Lin walked through SicklePod valley, suddenly a sword light came and after falling to the ground, revealed a youth appearing from out of the blue, he without hesitation used his flying sword to thrust towards Wang Lin.

Wang Lin did not slow down his pace, at the moment when that flying sword was about to stab him, a blue ice appeared over the flying sword, and in the blink of an eye, the flying sword had turned into a mass lump of ice.

The Youth was surprised, retreated at once, he had seen Wang Lin to be alone from afar, with early foundation building stage cultivation, therefore came to try to kill him for his treasures, did not expect that without Wang Lin having to lift his hands, his own flying sword was destroyed.

In panic, he had only one thought in his mind, Escape!

But before he could escape, he saw a green flash, as a small green sword pierced through his chest as his body immediately turned into ice, as he fell to the ground.

Wang Lin from the beginning to the end, did not slow down his pace.

A day later, somewhere in the valley, Devil’s way and Righteous Way both, had seven-eight people stuck in a battle, with several people on the sidelines waiting to see what happens, at this moment, Wang Lin’s lonely figure came out from the side, and as if ignoring the people all around, he stepped forward.

Among the Devil’s way people watching, there was a middle-aged man who frowned, then without hesitation threw a thunder talisman towards Wang Lin, suddenly thunder appeared from the sky, but the moment it touched Wang Lin, it turned into blue crystals, and unexpectedly it got frozen up.

Seeing this scene, all the people fighting stopped, looking blank and without expression, they approached Wang Lin.

Then, green light flashed in the chest of the middle-aged man who threw the thunder talisman, as he snorted miserably, as his body glowed blue immediately turning into ice, as he fell to the ground.

Everyone was shocked, and approaching Wang Lin stood four people, they were about to speak, but suddenly a green light flashed, and all four of them turning into ice crystals, followed into the footsteps of the middle-aged man.

At that time, the crowd on both sides withdrew a bit, as a Righteous way white clad youth cupping his fists in salute said loudly: “Friend, Which Sect are you from? Myself Yuan Tian Disciple, Zhou Quan.”

Wang Lin turned a deaf ear, as he continued to walk forward, slowly, no one blocked his path, as Wang Lin had walked out about a hundred meters, when a Devil’s way Young disciple, staring at Wang Lin’s back, sneered: “Killed my brother, I will remember you.”

Wang Lin suddenly stopped, as he felt a strong killing intent behind him, turned his icy stare at the Devi’s way Disciple.

That disciple under Wang Lin’s eyes, felt as if he had entered an ice cave, cold began permeating throughout his body, he quickly looked down afraid to look into his eyes.

The cultivators who saw his eyes, immediately took a deep breath.

In those eyes, full of deathly stillness, contained within them was unimaginable killing intent, a cold wave spread out, and everyone’s felt the bottom of their heart roll.

After staring at the little disciple, Wang Lin turned and walked on, from the chest of Devil’s way disciple, a green light flashed, as he emitting blood, fell to the ground, body immediately turning into ice, and even the blood let out turned into ice mid-air before it fell to the ground.

Amongst the people around, nobody breathed, had been waiting for Wang Lin’s figure to get out of sight, the two sides also lost the will to fight as they quickly retreated.

In this way, Wang Lin encountered several people along the way, he waved at all who offended him, turning them into ice, even late foundation building stage cultivators weren’t able to resist, after several people died, people began avoiding him, too afraid to provoke him.

In three days, at the hands of Wang Lin, countless cultivators died.


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