Xian Ni Chapter 104 – Calamity Mourn (Final)



ObligatoryTLNote: An OfftopicTLNote shall be at the end of the chapter, do not miss it. Btw this is it. I feel like as a translator, this was one of the most moving chapters amongst those that I have done, I would thank Flowerbridge for giving me the opportunity to do this chapter. And in the end, even I wouldn’t dare ask you to Enjoy this chapter…..

Wang Lin had never had this feeling, it was a piercing pain, as if all the blood in his body, had been pulled out at once, bursts of dizziness appeared in his heart.

Wang Lin suppressed this unendurable pain, and continued to move fast, seeing that the three men continue to follow him, coldness flashed in his eyes, as he changed his direction and flew towards the gathering place of the Corpse Yin Sect, on his flying sword.

The four rainbows cut accross the SicklePod valley, flying at extremely quick speed in the air.

Panic and Helplessness, these were the only two thoughts in Wang Hao and Wang Zhuo’s mind, he did not even dare to move, as they saw the servant Wang Tao and his sister, fall lifeless to the ground.

The cultivator, had a complex expression on his face, sighing loudly, he turned his head, as if to no longer see.

Teng Hua Yuan grinning, entered the door, pulling his hands together, suddenly let loose purple rings, which enveloped the house, making it impossible for those inside to escape.

Then he picking up his steps, entered the nearest room, where the servants lived, waves of miserable screams could be heard coming from the room, as decadent yellow smoke wafted out from the room, sucked in by a flag. [TLNote: In case you have forgotten what flag, you might want to recall what that dude who had lost to Wang Lin in the tournament intended to do with Wang Lin’s family….yea….]

The faces of the seven or eight servant’s suffering faces appeared on top of the flag.

Teng Hua Yuan did not stop, continuing into the next room, several more screams bellowed, Wang Hao’s body trembled, in his heart he wanted to resist, but he could not speak.

Soon, all the servants had become ghosts, the hideous expression on Teng Hua Yuan’s face became thicker, at the moment most of the people of Wang family were screaming in alarm, wanting to come out of their rooms one by one to see, only to find a purple light, that prevented them from getting out.

Could only hear constant bursts of miserable cries, this unknown fear, had caused all Wang family members, to appeal to god incessantly.

Teng Hua Yuan muttered: “Li-er, that man who killed you, I will kill his whole family to avenge you.” So saying, he again entered a room.

Wang Hao’s body shook fiercely, it was as if a force came out from within his body, his mind blanked, he rushed out a few steps and shouted: “Don’t……”

Teng Hua Yuan sneered back, he waved his right hand, and suddenly the house became silent and the room was reduced to ash, revealing a man and a woman wearing a look of panic.

They were Uncle and Aunt of Wang Lin, Wang Hao’s parents.

Teng Hua Yuan immediately stretched out with his hand, grasping from afar Wang Hao’s father’s body as it soared through the air, his both hands holding his neck, his face bearing colour of red, and his mouth open exposing an extremely painful expression. [TLNote: If you have trouble imagining, think of it like Force Choke from Star Wars]

Wang Hao’s eyes were bloodshot, with tears rushing out, he shouted, when he was hugged by Wang Zhuo. Wang Zhuo pressed Wang Hao tightly and whispered: “Wang Hao, don’t be impuslive, that old man is at the YuanYing stage.”

Teng Hua Yuan sneered a few times, closing his right hand, suddenly with a bang, Wang Hao’s father’s head evaporated, half his body fell to the ground, as his soul rose from his body and entered the black flag.

“No! !” Wang Hao’s hoarse voice sounded out. He only felt as if a big boulder had hit him in his chest, coughing up a mouthful of blood, he stared at his father’s body, muttering: “Why……Why…….”

Teng Hua Yuan again moving his hand, caught Wang Hao’s mother, crushing her head and tossing her body, directly infront of Wang Hao.

Wang Hao again gushing out blood, completely broke down, clinging to his mother’s corpse, shedding tears, he suddenly looked up, staring at Teng Hua Yuan, he roared: “Why! ! ! !””

Teng Hua Yuan looking gloomy, tossed his big sleeves, suddenly the whole Wang mansion, shining in a purple light, instantly turned into ash, leaving about forty people on the ground, all were members of Wang family.

Every one of them was horrified, the women could not help but cry out loud. Leaving aside the persons still living, none of the dead corpses had a skull.

Teng Hua Yuan grinning grabbed a man, he was Wang Lin’s father’s third uncle, currently Wang family’s seniormost Elder.

There were screams all around, as Teng Hua Yuan pulled out his soul, a miserable death.

Wang Hao looked blankly infront of him, could not see anything, Wang Zhuo supported him with his hands, and removed the bloodstains from his arm, Wang Zhuo did not dare to see his parents in the crowd, his body trembled as he bowed his head, his eyes red.

From the crowd, a cry sounded out, Wang Lin’s fourth uncle, had spent half his lifetime in the wilderness, possessed several times more courage than ordinary men, he was smiling sadly, grieving, as he was alone in this world, his wife had died of illness many years ago, and his son had been sent to experience the world of JiangHu and the mortal martial sects, he was prepared for any sacrifice, so he asked out loud:

“Immortal, how did our Wang family offend you, us mortals like me, are but ants in your eyes, but even if we are ants, you will need to let us know, in the end why is this happening!”

The Cultivator’s was surprised, his eyes flashed, as he looked at the middle-aged man.

“Why?” Teng Hua Yuan’s hands let out a few clicking sounds, at that time several people died, flesh and blood scattered, as it all happened in a blur.

“Your Wang family had a person, who dared to kill my great-great-grandson, so I have come to extinguish his whole family!” Then he shook his right hand, as the ground quivered at once, and more than 10 people were killed on the spot.

Wang Hao broke free from Wang Zhuo, tried to rush, but was pressed to the ground by Wang Zhuo once again, as tears burst on to his face, he whispered: “Wang Hao, no matter what happens now, we must survive, only if we can survive this, can we take revenge!”

Wang Lin’s fourth uncle with a sad smile, said: “Immortal, how could anyone of Wang family kill your great-great-grandson, for hundreds of years in Wang family, there have been only three cultivators……” saying that, he suddenly paused, as if a thought occurred to him.

Amongst the surviving persons, Wang Zhuo’s father, kneeling on the ground, with a trembling voice said: “Immortal, whether that person who killed your great-great-grandson is called Wang Lin?”

Teng Hua Yuan’s eyes flashed coldly, as he thought inwardly: “Wang Lin…….turns out he is called Wang Lin!” He looked at Wang Zhuo’s father, suddenly grasping him and bringing him before him, staring into his eyes, he said: “About this Wang Lin, tell me.”

Wang Zhuo’s father quickly recited everything about Wang Lin, including his parent’s residence, he said it in entirety, as he viciously thought: “Die, Die, even if you didn’t kill the Wang family, your parents will be buried alongside it.”

Teng Hua Yuan listened, then laughed for a few times, then putting his hands together, a lightning ball appeared in his hands, pushing it casually, circle shaped ripples emerged from it.

Wang Zhuo’s father being the closest, as soon as his body hit the ripple, immediately his body trembled, and together with his clothes, was reduced to ashes, everyone who was touched by the ripple disappeard with their soul being absorbed by the black flag.

When these ripples reached Wang Lin’s fourth uncle, he had closed his eyes, but a soft white light suddenly covered his body, stopping the ripple.

Teng Hua Yuan turned and stared at the Cultivator.

The Cultivator sighed and said: “Teng fellow, leave this person be, I have use of him.”

Teng Hua Yuan sneered, then pointing to the duo of Wang Hao and Wang Zhuo, said to the cultivator: “For these two, you will not intervene in it.”

The Cultivator chuckled, looking at Teng Hua Yuan said: “Teng fellow, why do you ask, if you kill them I won’t be able to do anything, but if Xuan Dao’s Ancestor Pu NanZi asked, naturally I would have to tell him the truth.”

Teng Hua Yuan staring at the Cultivator for a long time, then took a big step, and letting out a roaring sound, the entire Wang mansion became a ruin.

As for Wang Zhuo and others, he did not look at them, but according to the route obtained before, soared towards Wang Lin’s family.

Wang Zhuo’s body trembled, staring at the ruins, after a little silence, he knelt on the ground, knocking his head on the ground several times, his forehead was already broken, his face was covered in blood. This time, his face had become hideous.

Wang Hao clenched his teeth, let out a sad smile as his body twisted and crumbled to the ground.

Wang Zhuo picked up Wang Hao, and bowing to the Cultivator, he flew out into the direction of Xuan Dao Sect, stumbling along the way, trying to sweep away the images of Wang family’s destruction from his mind.

The Cultivator sighed darkly, as he thought: “I committed a Sin, Ah, did not know if this was right or wrong…….However, this middle-aged man with uncommon courage, could save atleast him.”Thinking about this, he flipped his sleeves, and Wang Lin’s fourth uncle disappeared from that place.

Teng Hua Yuan almost instantaneously. arrived at Wang Lin’s home village, behind him the black flag, containing the souls of more than hundred people of Wang family, all were sealed in it, and the countless faces densely packed, were showing faces full of pain.

Letting out miserable screams, as the flag waved, a chilly wind blew from it.

Teng Hua Yuan’s soul swept away over the village, immediately found Wang Lin’s house, grinning he rushed down…..

Fifteen minutes later, Teng Hua Yuan emerged from Wang Lin’s house, in his right hand the black flag, immediately a wind blew accross the flag as it became huge very fast, shortly after that, Teng Hua Yuan biting his tongue, sprayed out ying blood, bursts of wild howling and shrieking emerged from the flag, but the ripples subsided slowly, only to reveal a picture on it, of Wang Lin walking at a fast pace in the jungle.

Teng Hua Yuan grinned, looking at the flag in his right hand.

Meanwhile Wang Lin bewildered and apprehensive, was being pursued by three people who wanted him dead, as he ran towards the gathering place of Corpse Yin Sect, suddenly he felt a pain in his chest, as if someone had pulled his breath out of him, faltering he half kneeled to the ground, and spewed out a mouthful of blood.

Pain! Unimaginable Pain! Undescribably Pain!

Such a pain, like a fierce tide, drowned Wang Lin, practitioners in some ways are quite sensitive, at this moment, Wang Lin did not panic, but in his mind he could not help but see his gentle loving parents images appear.

Shortly thereafter, Wang Lin saw the scene that he would remember for his whole lifetime keeping it engraved in his memory.

“No! ! !” From Wang Lin’s eyes, two clear streams of blood and tears emerged, he was grimacing as his body trembled, the trace of Yin cold Spiritual Force within his body escaped, went completely out of control, within a radius of ten meters, all vegetation immediately turned into blue crystals, spreading the yin cold aura, intensifying more and more…….

At this moment, Wang Lin’s spiritual force in the “Ji” realm, rose endlessly, moving towards the extreme Ji realm.


And who are you, the proud lord said,
that I must bow so low?
Only a cat of a different coat,
that’s all the truth I know.
In a coat of gold or a coat of red,
a lion still has claws,
And mine are long and sharp, my lord,
as long and sharp as yours.
And so he spoke, and so he spoke,
that Lord of Castamere,
But now the rains weep o’er his hall,
with no one there to hear.
Yes now the rains weep o’er his hall,
and not a soul to hear.

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