Xian Ni Chapter 101 – Soul Jade Strip

ObligatoryTLNote: And here we go, onwards to the best Arc in this Volume of this Webnovel.

Just having done all this, Wang Lin had a solemn expression on his face, his eyes flashed as he stared at the sheath’s formation, forming his hands into a mudra, he spit out blue lingqi, the lingqi after it came out, as soon as it hit the sheath, suddenly inside and outside a blue fire emerged from the sheath.

Calling it a fire however would seem inappropriate, as it merely had the appearance of a flame, but wasn’t hot, on the contrary, the moment this blue fire appeared, the surrounding temperature dropped, and bursts of cold came out.

Wang Lin without batting an eye, carefully controlled the cold fire, and began refining.

With this cold fire he was imitating the JieDan cultivator’s Dan fire, since he was trying on his own, and no one available to discuss, Wang Lin was being extra careful, he made calculations for a long time, and had that theoretically his cold fire should be able to refine the weapons.

Time passed, and three days later, on the plains outside the Corpse Yin Sect, the figure of Ye Zi, came flashing like a meteor, he stepped only once on the ground, when he suddenly disappeared.

Only to reappear, within his closed-door practise room in Corpse Yin Sect, Ye Zi’s face was erratic, in his heart he was calculating the pros and cons of joining forces with other Devil’s way Sects.

About a hundred years ago, the Devil’s way had won the qualifying trials to enter the foreign battlefield, but this time, in the Right Way, because of Xuan Dao Sect’s Ancestor Pu NanZi’s appearance, many variables have been added, and in the end the odds still remains unknown.

Ye Zi frowned, touching his forehead with his right hand, said to himself: “That Pu NanZi, are you sure you can’t kill him?”

A husky voice came from inside Ye Zi’s body: “That Junior although only at mid YuanYing cultivation, but he is at the peak of that middle stage, if lucky, can enter late Yuan Ying stage and become the ultimate master of this third ranked XiuZhen country, if this old man’s had completely swallowed you, he naturally wouldn’t have been worth even looking at, but at the moment, this old man doesn’t want to complicate things.”

Ye Zi remained silent, flipping his right hand pulled out a Jade strip, the Jade strip was totally green, with small red-dots like runes, which were blinking.

“Foundation Building stage disciples from the holes seventy-seven to ninety-nine, hurry up and gather the disciples to hole thirty-six.” Having finished saying that, Ye Zi glanced at the corner of his practise room where for these several days Adai had been sealed, with firm determination in his heart, once again took out a Jade strip, after touching it to his forehead, threw it.

Mu Rong sitting in meditation suddenly opened his eyes, from his storage bag a Jade strip flew out, after picking it up his face changed, after a while he sighed and said to himself: “Fortunately, three years ago broke through the early foundation building stage, thanks to which I jumped from the Eighty-Seventh Hole to the Seventy-Second Hole, otherwise, this life of mine would have been forfeit.”

Suddenly a smoke silently appeared in front of him, turning into a Jade strip.

Mu Rong hesitated, then with a deep breath, swept away through the strip, and sneering once, without hesitation, flew rapidly towards Wang Lin’s practise room.

Not long after, he came to Wang Lin’s cave, glancing at the closed entrance, using slight spiritual force on his hand to reach out to the cave, after shaking several times, said out loud: “Ancestor, Ancestor has called the foundation building disciples to come to thirty-sixth hole, I have come to lead the way for you.”

After a while, he received no reply, so he frowned, he knew from Ancestor’s point of view, Wang Lin wasn’t fond of him, coupled with the fact, that before Ancestor left, he specifically asked the passages of several foundation building stage disciples to be restrained, along with several core disciples, thus it could be seen, that Wang Lin’s condition was no different from prisoners.

But Mu Rong’s deepest thoughts, naturally he wouldn’t speak them out.

At this point, the closed cave entrance with a ka ka sound, extending to both sides, slowly opened, Wang Lin looking tired came out.

Mu Rong looked at Wang Lin, smiled and said: “Ancestor, how come you are like this?”

Wang Lin didn’t answer the question, but took out the blue Jade strip, and said: “The Direction to the thirty-sixth hole, can Brother Mu Rong lead the way.”

Mu Rong unexpectedly nodded his head sideways motioning forward.

A coldness flashed through Wang Lin’s mind, sneered a few times in his heart, and followed, after refining for the past few days, although had not been able to refine the sheath completely, but had progressed from reaching three-fifths of the distance to four-fifths of the way inside, leading to the increase in power of the flying sword by a lot.

Walking by the caves, one following the other, after a while, the two came to a huge cave, within which were sixteen pillars, above each pillar was floating a mass of blue fireball.

Waves of light flowed all around in bursts, this place had a trace of gloomy aura.

Inside, twenty people were standing orderly, behind each of which was floating a coffin, the coffins were in different styles, but all of them had strong aura.

After bringing Wang Lin here, Mu Rong looked around with a complex expression, then without hesitation turned back.

Wang Lin frowned, he had felt that something was wrong, carefully looking at the crowd, the more he saw the more his doubts increased, the vast majority were clearly of early foundation building stage, and strangely all of them had stiff demeanours as if they were without any spirit.

As for mid foundation building stage cultivators, there are none, but there are three late foundation building stage cultivators. Those three men were significantly different from the others, similar to the gap between living and the dead.

Wang Lin’s pupils contracted slightly, at this point, the sixteen fireballs suddenly became dark, and with a flash the silhouette of Ye Zi arrived, silently appearing in mid-air, the moment he arrived, Wang Lin noted that most disciples had fanatic expressions in their eyes.

Ye Zi swept away with his eyes, looking at Wang Lin a bit more than the others, as he said in flat voice: “The once in a century opening of foreign battlefield will soon open, in order to gain the qualifications to enter, you will need to compete with the Right Way, you shall compete in manner similar to the past, Jie Dan stage and Yuan Ying stage will not participate, you will be sent to SicklePod Valley, after arriving there, all operations will be led by Du Chen, Du Chen come out.”

A middle-aged man dressed in black, slowly emerged from the group, Wang Lin’s eyes swept away, it was one of the three late foundation building stage cultivators, this middle-aged man had already reached the fake dan state. [TLNote: Fake Dan State, I am *assuming* that it means someone in late foundation building stage and is on the verge of breaking through, you can make your own assumptions if you like]

“This is a token used for entry into the foreign battlefield, hold on to it well, remember this is a competition, the primary purpose is to rob the token of the opposite party, moreover must be careful of the other three Devil’s way Sects, anybody who kills five people will gain freedom for his soul.” With that said, Ye Zi tossed the token to the middle-aged man, then took out three pieces of jade strip, and with cold eyes stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin remained with neutral expression, looked at Ye Zi, without saying anything.

“Everyone here has a trace of his soul within this jade strip, the only exception, is you.” Ye Zi said with a gentle tone.

Wang Lin without hesitation, bit his tongue, and spit out blood and along with it from his forehead shined a yellow light, immediately mixing together with the spewed out blood, formed a golden blood bead.

The method to extract a trace of the soul, was described in detail in the dark blue jade strip that was given to him by Ye Zi.

Wang Lin touched the golden blood bead, and it immediately forming a golden rainbow shot towards the jade strip in Ye Zi’s hand. Ye Zi was startled, he stared deeply into Wang Lin’s eyes, he had not thought that Wang Lin would be so unexpectedly straightforward, he had made preparations, if he had revolted, then would have killed him directly, he had already decided in his mind, not to use Wang Lin as a furnace or corpse puppet, since after all, other than Wang Lin cultivation being somewhat pure, his qualifications were not perfect, compared to Wang Lin, there were many more suitable candidates he could choose at will for the furnace and corpse puppet, and therefore, he had chosen Adai.

At this time, seeing Wang Lin being tactful, he glanced at him one last time, then tossed his sleeves, and immediately, the cave shook, and a huge circular door appeared, from inside this dark door, bursts of suction force was being emitted.

The three jade strips containing everyone’s soul traces were thrown separately to Du Chen and the other two late foundation building stage practitioners, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, as he gazed at the other two late foundation building stage practitioners.

Although Wang Lin had a lot of doubts, but he maintained his composure, silently remembered the person in whose hand the jade strip carrying his soul trace was.

“Go, I am waiting to hear good news from you.” Ye Zi said faintly.

Du Chen nodded respectfully, then stepped inside the giant door, instantly disappearing without a trace.

Wang Lin maintaining his composure, without hesitation followed the crowd into the giant door, disappearing from the corpse yin sect.

After they were all gone, a husky voice echoed in the cave.

“Ye Zi, there are twenty or so puppets here. With the attraction of that boy’s flesh and blood, after absorbing them the puppets, would certainly go crazy and instantly their cultivation will surge to fake dan state, so the Corpse Yin Sect’s qualification for this foreign battlefield can be considered secure.”

Ye Zi in a plain tone, said: “Wang Lin’s yin cold qi is extremely pure, he surely has a secret, If I had encountered him a few years ago, would have been interested in investigating him, but now I don’t have much time, in three months, the foreign battlefield would be open, when I would be completely swallowed, so this matter is no longer important, since it has been decided to not use him as a furnace, by using him we would be able to increase the puppets’ cultivation.

Luo Sha, I want you to upgrade Adai to Jie Dan stage, he would be my furnace pot, as for the corpse puppet, I hope that after the foreign battlefield starts, you can help me choose one, in exchange, I will go to the withered jungle and help Master Zi swallow Junior Wu Yu.”

The husky voice laughed a little and agreed.

SicklePod Valley, is located in the south of Zhao region, it is an enormous valley, also has several jungle and streams. Every hundred years, this becomes the battle site for qualifying for the foreign battlefield, but fog remains here all year round.

At this point, at a clearing on the north side of the valley, suddenly out of nowhere a giant door appeared, and out of which came cultivators one by one with their coffins floating behind.

After the last one came out, the door gradually turning into a little light crystal, slowly dissipated.

At this moment, the three late foundation building cultivators glanced at each other, and without hesitation were about to crush the soul jade strips that were in their hands.


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