Xian Ni Chapter 100 – Refining the Sheath

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok we have finally broken through into triple digits, huzzah. While this is a major breakthrough, I am working on my own cultivation trying to break through into the realm of machine assisted translators, and I am gaining more and more insights along the way. Thank you for bearing with me and my translations, and thanks to Flowerbridgetoo for making invaluable contribution to this webnovel. Keep up the good work and as for you readers, Enjoy the resolution of the cliffhanger, only to be replaced with……

This was a huge cave, the cave surrounded densely by countless holes, Wang Lin’s soul, probed ahead.

At the center of the cave, there was a huge coffin, the coffin looked very ordinary, was even without any decorative patterns, but majestic yin cold qi was emanating from the coffin turning into white qi only to be sucked by the holes on the walls.

Wang Lin hesitated, looked around the coffin with his soul for a long time, then tried to explore inwards, and causing Wang Lin to be taken by surprise, there wasn’t even the slightest obstruction blocking him.

The inside of the coffin was empty, but the bottom had a circular hole, and yin cold qi was being emitted from there.

The concentrating of yin cold qi here was quite thick, layer upon layer of it coming in waves, stopped Wang Lin’s soul from probing further.

Wang Lin back in the practise room, his eyes flashed with determination, in order to find out the mystery behind this place’s yin cold qi, and to find out why the stone bead evolved after absorbing the yin cold qi here, he got out his storage bag, and took out the gourd in which he had collected the dew, and drank a mouthful.

Even with Wang Lin’s current system, he couldn’t help but shiver, as coldness entered his body, and he soon lost consciousness, becoming numb, Wang Lin didn’t waste any time, and immediately operating his spiritual force, condensed his soul into tangible form, steadily supplying it with energy, the soul letting out a bright light, fiercely entered the hole inside the coffin.

The Soul faced difficulty in the hole, several times narrowly escaped from being dispersed by the yin cold qi, sinking to approximately 400 meters or so, the yin cold qi once again got extremely dense, forming a “door” again.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth and fiercely drank a mouthful of yin cold spiritual force dew, then rushing with his soul, broke through the door, and the scene infront shocked Wang Lin.

A very huge corpse of a man was floating mid-air, by comparison, Wang Lin was only the size of his fingernail, the corpse’s body was covered with purple bluish plants, which were crawling and squirming unceasingly, as they squirmed, the body shrank and then returned to normal, forming a cycle, under this cycle, the purple blue plants released yin cold qi.

Wang Lin stayed for a while and the more he observed with his soul, the more alarmed he got, this huge body was apparently deliberately put there, with its purpose being to become nutrients for the purple blue plants.

Clearly, the reason why Corpse Yin Sect has Earth Yin quality Yin cold qi, is because of these purple blue plants.

The reason why even the Heaven revolting bead evolved, would certainly be related to these plants. After observing for a long time, Wang Lin slowly recovered his soul back, as the place felt extremely weird, ever since Wang Lin had entered here, he felt a lingering sense of danger.

Was just about to leave when suddenly voice came repeatedly mumbling in bursts.

Wang Lin was scared and wanted to leave immediately but feared that it would cause the yin cold qi to suddenly tumble, so he stopped his soul sense, as the voice came, Wang Lin could vaguely make out the words.

“Save me…….”

Wang Lin decisively picked up the gourd, drinking the liquid inside, the soul sense shook immediately, as it fiercely drilled into the yin cold qi, unimaginably the ice crystals squeezed into the soul sense, and Wang Lin’s body undigested yin cold liquid interweaved together, Wang Lin’s face grew pale and he spit out blood, the blood as it was being sprayed out had already been transformed into ice crystals.

Even so, the soul sense finally broke through the barrier and along the cave passage rapidly recovered, and in a blink of an eye came back into the body, Wang Lin’s body had gone cold, as he spit out mouthfuls of blood ice crystals again, his face showing an expression of horror.

He did not dare to explore any more, and immediately started breathing Yin cold qi to calm down his body, after a long time, he slowly opened his eyes, as he shuddered while looking at the walls around the cave, silently.

As time passed, shortly Wang Lin had been in Corpse Yin Sect for four days, after his soul sense probe three days ago, he hadn’t taken any more action, but continued to collect the liquid forming on the bead, and the bead had evolved from its previous two leafs to now three leafs.

Wang Lin calculated that the maximum number of leafs should be the same as that of the clouds before that is ten, plus from the previous experience with the clouds, Wang Lin knew that later, the number of leafs would increase more slowly, if only rely on the moisture of the yin cold qi here, then it would probably take several years to complete the quota for wood element lingqi.

But he didn’t want to stay at this Corpse Yin Sect for that long, after pondering for a while, Wang Lin had intended to explore the giant underground, this time he wanted to find a route to allow his body to enter so that he himself would be able to get a few purple blue plants to make the stone bead evolve crazy fast.

But due to the risk of doing so also made Wang Lin hesitant.

After thinking for a moment, he chose to give up the plan to go personally, he knew that with his present cultivation, no matter how careful he was, there won’t be much opportunity to take the purple blue plants, and would probably be akin to suicide, weighing the pros and cons, Wang Lin naturally came to a decision.

He made up his mind, Wang Lin opened his storage bag, and suddenly the ancient sheath flew out, and floated infront of him.

This sheath Wang Lin thought, had refined only when he had been doing closed-door practise with teng li’s foundation, although he could not refine the sheath succesfully, but he had mastered some uses of it, the effect has been good so far, he was able to make the flying sword sink to three-fifths of the way inside.

This sheath, Wang Lin examined for a long time, even Situ Nan had said that this was quite an odd sheath, which far exceeded the value of the blood refined small green sword.

“Previously Sun Hao had said, that this flying sword and this sheath, his Master had found in an ancient cave, besides from his Master himself, below JieDan stage impossible to refine. These words are really false, it is not impossible to refine these two, but below JieDan stage, the time taken would be far too long, and the spiritual force consumed would be too much, but if after reaching JieDan stage, then with Dan Fire, the process can be greatly shortened.

Unfortunately, the blood refining technique can only work on one object, otherwise I would have been able to fully utilize this sheath, and things would have been much simpler.” Wang Lin with his eyes flashing, muttered to himself.

Wang Lin without blinking continued to stare at the sheath, as he pondered, in order to increase the power of the flying sword, he must once again attempt to refine the sheath, andd Wang Lni pondered in his heart, although he did not have a gold dan, but due to practising of Abyssal Ascension Technique he had a cold dan. [TLNote: Gold Dan is a sign of JieDan stage]

The Yin cold spiritual force in the body was all due to the cold dan mainly, regarding this he had researched a lot, but Situ Nan in the past talking about Abyssal Ascension Method, had seriously emphasized to Wang Lin that there was a big disparity between gold dan and cold dan, this disparity is enormous, and unless as a last resort, to not take out the cold dan, otherwise if left outside for a long time, it will dissipate and would have to be recultivated.

When he had attemped to refine for the first time, he had succeeded in capturing foundation, after practising in Abyssal Ascension Method, and the variant spiritual force in his body, being at the peak of early foundation building stage, and just about to breakthrough to mid foundation building stage, he thought that the refining would be easier this time.

Thinking so, Wang Lin emitted yin cold lingqi from his mouth, the moment the LingQi touched the sheath, it immediately turned into layers of frost wrapping the sheath in a blink of an eye.

Wang Lin gesturing with his right hand, made the sheath slowly rotate in the air, as he let out a trace of blue light, looking quite beautiful.

Wang Lin’s hands moved constantly, and a number of blue lights hit the sheath, after each hit the blue sheath trembled, gradually, Wang Lin’s hands moved faster and faster, as the blue light almost as if was connected to the sheath in a straight line, and the frequency of the tremors intensified unceasingly, without the slightest pause.

A large amount of sweat appeared on Wang Lin’s forehead, but by the time it reached the ground it would change into ice cold crystals. For these things, Wang Lin had no time to pay attention, he was staring at the sheath, as he quickly shot more blue light, and taking the gourd out of his storage bag, and drinking from it, continued refining.

Time wore on, after continuing to refine the sheath for a long time, the blue light on the surface flickered a bit, and a pentagonal pattern appeared on the sheath.

Seeing this pattern, Wang Lin was relieved, no longer let out blue light, he slightly adjusted the spiritual force in his body and thought in his heart: “My cultivation is nearly five times stronger than before, this method had been told to me by Situ Nan, to use LingQi to wrap the sword, which would require five thousand LingQi channels to make pattern, but with weary muscles he continued to refine unable to bear but after thousand times of LingQi channels, the pattern already appeared. While the cultivation has grown a lot, it is still nothing compared to JieDan stage, Situ Nan had said that at JieDan stage with just a few LingQi channels, the formation would have been extracted.”

Taking a deep breath, Wang Lin moved his right hand in various mudras, as from his abdomen to his chest, acute pain emerged, as he slowly lifted his hand up, and coming out from his lower abdomen through the mouth, a baby fist sized blue cold dan, as it wafted out from his mouth.

Wang Lin looked a bit pale, and his breathing became a bit faster, and suddenly a little while later, the cold dan immediately started to melt, the blood left Wang Lin’s face, as a solemn expression appeared on his face, he carefully controlled the cold dan and let its liquid slowly infiltrate the sheath.


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