Xian Ni Chapter 99 -Stone Bead Changes

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok remember the days how I used to not tease you guys with cliffhangers, yea……those days are past. I think this novel has been a bad influence on me, and I couldn’t bear to not leave you guys with a cliffhanger, so enjoy!


Meanwhile, Wang Lin was waiting for the suddenly appeared pressure to dissipate, his face revealed him to be pondering, as soon as the pressure appeared, Ye Zi left with a message, surely there must be a problem!

Now though Ye Zi has left, but Corpse Yin Sect would surely be guarded, there won’t be an opportunity to escape, Wang Lin thought, and casually spread his soul. But immediately upon coming into contact with the walls, the soul was blocked, only the holes didn’t hinder the soul.

But the hole was full of cold qi and was unfathomable, until a hundred meters into the small hole, Wang Lin couldn’t figure out anything unusual, but could feel the soul unable to bear the cold qi, and so appeared latent signs of collapsing. He pondered a little, did not act rashly, but recovering his soul, calmed down, forming a few hand mudras, quickly circulated the spiritual force in his body, slowly on his body’s surface, a blue coloured layer of light formed, as soon as this light appeared, a whirlpool was formed outside, and immediately, the large amount of white qi surrounding the hole, was pulled into the vortex.

Within the Corpse Yin Sect, there were many disciples undergoing closed-door practise, were at the moment recovering from the shock of the heavenly pressure, Wang Lin breathing for a moment, could clearly feel that the yin cold qi in the air was massively reduced, because the yin cold qi originated from some mysterious place in the depths of the earth, it made it impossible to observe, which surprised Wang Lin.

Wang Lin seeing that the yin cold qi was no longer swelling up endlessly, immediately decided to stop the swallowing, and with his eyes closed, began digesting the yin cold qi absorbed inside.

Breathing in a regular pattern, Wang Lin realized that the heaven revolting bead stuck close to his chest had become quite cold, he was stunned as he took out the bead and found that on it were formed numerous dense drops of liquid.

Wang Lin was immediately surprised, he knew that the only drawback of heaven revolting bead, is that in dream space there is no spiritual force, can only practise with aide of liquid lingqi, but the more the Lingqi liquid was drunk, the effect kept getting worse with time, and only the dew maintained its effectiveness.

But the dew gathered too slowly, so after decided to start practising of Abyssal Ascension Technique, Wang Lin rarely entered the dream space, but he kept collecting dew, to be used late in the dream space.

However, presently could not understand how there were so many liquid drops on the Heaven revolting bead, but he could clearly feel that these liquid drops have yin cold attributes. Moreover, is not much different from the variant spiritual force. [TLNote: Variant spiritual force aka Mutated Spiritual force]

Wang Lin took a deep breath, then without hesitation, took out a gourd and began collecting the liquid.

After all the liquid was collected, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, he resumed breathing in the yin cold qi, suddenly the white qi emerged from the surroundings, this time, Wang Lin stared at the stone bead, that traces of white qi kept drilling into the bead, followed by formation of liquid drops on the bead’s surface.

Wang Lin’s face lit up, repeating it again and again, he slowly gathered liquid in the gourd.

The gourd had completely changed as a whole, deep beneath the surface it glowed with a blue light, and even Wang Lin felt the gourd to be cold to touch.

If somebody else would have touched it, then the cold entering his flesh and bones, would have freezed him to death.

Carefully placing the gourd back into the storage bag, Wang Lin took out a gourd, was about to continue breathing, when suddenly his vision swept over the stone bead, and his look changed.

On the surface of the bead, earlier there was only a trace of leaf-shaped mark, but now there were two leaves arranged in symmetrical shape.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, according to Situ Nan, this Heaven revolting Bead, needs to absorb Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, after these five types of LingQi are absorbed to the bead’s satisfaction, only then will the bead open itself and recognize its master.

Water Lingqi was successfully completed long, so the marks of clouds had disappeared leaving behind mark of a leaf, which meant that he needed to look for wood attribute LingQi.

LingQi wood attribute material is extremely difficult to find, Wang Lin at Teng Jia City had explored the marketplace and saw a few, but they were all expensive, he did not know how to make the bead absorb those materials and evolve, and was even uncertain if those materials would help with evolution or not, so he dropped the idea.

But now he could see the leaf on the bead, which Wang Lin thought was worth pondering about. After carefully examining the bead for a long time, Wang Lin with his eyes flashing lifted his head, he was in no hurry to leave, atleast could wait until the bead finished evolving or he could understand its mystery before leaving.

But he still needed to carry out some actions, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed coldly, as he put away the bead, forming hand mudras, let out a blue light, the moment that light hit the wall, the wall seemed to melt, and a gap emerged, Wang Lin without saying a word, rushed out and down the corridor, in accordance with the memorized path, he walked leisurely.

The passage was not long, soon he came to the cave on the other side, just as he came out, Wang Lin stopped, saw Mu Rong sitting cross-legged inside the cave, he stared at Wang Lin, and spoke:

“Ancestor, please return, before leaving Ancestor specifically directed, that nobody is allowed to leave the cave, so Ancestor, please do not make things difficult for me.”

Wang Lin’s eyes swept away, he stepped back and nodded, turned and walked back to his practise room, his heart pondered, things have changed!

Corpse Yin Sect was strictly guarded, Wang Lin expected that, but no matter how strict, there was no need for mid foundation building stage Wang Lin to be stopped from going outside.

When he came before, Wang Lin clearly remembered that there were disciples of concentrating qi thirteenth layer or so.

With that thought, Wang Lin without hesitation, set about to find another exit, having not gone far, when he came to the end of the passage, a slightly smaller cave appeared infront of him.

But he had just taken a few steps, when Wang Lin stopped, on the ground inside the cave, sitting cross-legged was a youth, he looked cold, as he stared at Wang Lin without saying anything, behind him, floated a green coffin.

“He’s mid foundation building stage…….” Wang Lin’s pupils contracted, as he stepped back and turned to leave, until he went outside the range of that youth’s soul sense, it kept following him with his soul.

In that manner, Wang Lin was left with a total of eleven passages, from which five with blocked access, and the other six were under control of foundation building experts, sitting inside the caves, one of which was at late foundation building stage.

Wang Lin went back to his practise room with a heavy heart, sat down cross-legged, thought that this is definitely no coincidence, combining with his guesses about Ye Zi before, he found it not difficult to come up with the thought, that this was no coincidence, this was specially arranged by Ye Zi to make it impossible to escape.

Wang Lin scowled, the six people, leaving aside the late foundation building stage expert, the other five people, it would be difficult for Wang Lin to overcome their corpse puppets, and even if he manages to overcome, it would only be the first layer, based on the way by which he came to the cave of Mu Rong, there are more than thirty caves.

Thus, he found it impossible to leave in this short term, if he decides to take action, afraid that before he is able to arrive at the final cave, he would be intercepted by JieDan stage or late Foundation building stage experts of Corpse Yin Sect.

Wang Lin could not help but smile wryly, he was hoping that Situ Nan would awaken, with his teleport, it would make escaping from here a lot simpler.

He had called through this stone bead a few times, but found no sign of Situ Nan awakening, Wang Lin with a sigh, gave up that alternative.

But Wang Lin also knew that if he wanted to leave this place, then it cannot be done in a short time, and his actions just now were merely a test.

Forming hand mudras, he closed the practise room, and Wang Lin began breathing in the yin cold qi again, this time he not only took out the bead and the gourd, but also his soul sense the moment that white qi emerged, and drilled down into that small hole.

Wang Lin did not spread out his soul, but kept it close together, this way, the distance which soul could sense into the small hole suddenly grew a lot.

His soul sense could not go beyond a thousand meters. But strong force around the wall greatly strengthened, increasing the restrictions in the practise room.

With Wang Lin’s breathing, the white qi emerged, Wang Lin’s soul formed like a thin line, continued probing down the hole, as the passage in the hole twisted and turned, but amazingly its size remained the same.

Soon after, Wang Lin detected that his soul was now hundred meters from the practise room. After reaching here, the soul found it somewhat difficult to probe further, as the waves of yin cold qi layers upon layers kept coming in, if not for Wang Lin’s Abyssal Ascension Method lending strong yin cold qi immunity, otherwise even with just one impact, the soul would have collapsed.

But nevertheless, Wang Lin’s probing speed had slowed down, after unknown amount of time, his soul finally probed to three hundred meters, then the white qi had become increasingly strong, continuously impacting and intersecting to form a door sort of.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth, fiercely smashing with his soul, broke through the passage “door” and the soul rushed forward.

And the scene infront caused, Wang Lin sitting with closed eyes to suddenly open his eyes……


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