Xian Ni Chapter 98 – Preface to Foreign Battlefield

ObligatoryTLNote: Explanatory chapter, Enjoy and be enlightened.

From the whole Zhao region, there were several Yuan Ying masters, who were flying to the Sky Tower.

From the Corpse Yin Sect’s tunnels, Ye Zi with his eyes flashing, disappeared similarly, teleporting out far way. Before he left, he used the blue jade seal, to issue an order to all the corpse yin sect disciples.

“This Old man is leaving for a few days, the formation will be closed, anybody who attempts to get out, kill without mercy!”

The Teng Jia Ancestor, Teng Hua Yuan, the moment the colourful heavenly pressure appeared, was sitting in his Teng Jia Ancestral Home, in meditation as he suddenly opened his eyes, looking up scared, he hesitated a little, then leaving behind a sound transmitting Jade seal, went out.

The same scene was repeated, in Devil’s way’s Tian Dao Sect, He Huan Sect, Wu Feng Valley, and Right way’s Piao Miao Sect, Yuan Tian Sect, JiMie Sect. [TLNote: Know it’s hard but try to not curse me]

Within the Zhao region, multiple flying rainbows, quickly converged at the Tower of Babel.

Tower of Babel, is building symbolic of entry into the XiuZhen Alliance, after a country becomes a member of the alliance, then the alliance comes forward to build it, at the Tower of Babel, is a perennially stationed XiuZhen Alliance Envoy, the Envoy doesn’t interfere with the disputes of the country, and acts only when a major problem occurs.

Pu NanZi was the first YuanYing master to arrive at the Tower of Babel, after all he was the only one who 500 years ago had formed Ying, and now had cultivated to reach the peak of mid Yuan Ying stage, ready to advance to the late stage.

Coupled with the tempering of foreign battlefields, he sat tight on the throne of the number one person in Zhao XiuZhen region.

He wore a gray robe, appearing out of nowhere, standing beneath the tower of babel, he looked at the octagonal tower rising through the clouds, which were emitting bursts of rainbow coloured light, it seemed mysterious.

Pu NanZi after coming and looking at the tower of babel, his face bore an expression of lingering fear, this was the second time he came here, the first time was 500 years ago, all YuanYing masters of Zhao region, a total of twenty three people, under pressure from fourth ranked XiuZhen country, were forced to enter the foreign battlefield.

500 years later, only one person returned.

These 500 years, Pu NanZi didn’t know how he survived, everyday was a battle for life and death which could be settled within moments.

These 500 years, he had seen powerful cultivators, those powerful XiuZhenists could kill him with even just a touch of their fingers.

This is what happened to the other Yuang Ying masters from Zhao region, like the Founder of Heng Yue. Pu NanZi personally saw the founder, skin bones and all, get swallowed in one gulp by an exceedingly ordinary-looking XiuZhenist. [TLNote: Thanks to Setiger for the correct text]

The more that Pu NanZi saw the more afraid he became, and the more afraid he became the more unwilling he became to reconcille to stay at YuanYing stage for his whole life. These 500 years in the foreign battlefield, had let him know that above Yuan Ying, there was Spirit Forming stage, and Ying Bian stage.

With mixed feelings, he looked up to the tower of Babel and bending respectfully he said: “Pu NanZi of Xuan Dao Sect, greets the Envoy.”

“Pu NanZi we are old acquaintances, no need to be so formal.” A hearty voice came from the tower, followed by an old man coming out, his body was slightly rounded, looked out of place in comparison to the extraordinary building, wearing a cyan satin gown, that highlighted his belly, looked quite funny.

But Pu NanZi did not dare show even the slightest disrespect, flipping his right hand, he took out a storage bag, and handing it to him, said: “Envoy, upon my return I had managed to gather some materials, included amongst them are several things which you had originally specified.”

The Fat Envoy squinted, then laughed, after taking the bag directly into his arms, said with a smile: “Pu NanZi after I became the Zhao region Envoy, you are the first person who returned from a foreign battlefield of YuanYing cultivators. All information related to you, I have passed on to my sect, the orders passed down are, if within a hundred years you are able to achieve late Yuan Ying stage, then you might be taken in as a Secret disciple on an exceptional basis.”

Pu NanZi’s face was filled with ecstasy, as he took a deep breath and nodded.

As they spoke, two rainbow coloured lights descended, exposing the silhouettes of a man and a woman. The man looked more than thirty years old, with face full of courage and nefarious handsomeness, after seeing the fat Envoy, he immediately said respectfully: “Chen Huan of He Huan Sect, greets the Envoy.”

The woman dressed as a young woman, looking old yet graceful, as she looking at the fat envoy, said respectfully: “Chen Yan of He Huan Sect, greets the Envoy.”

The fat Envoy nodded slightly, then ignoring the two, continued chatting with Pu NanZi. In his view, in the whole Zhao region, only Pu NanZi is barely qualified to make him say a few words.

Before long, a dozen more people came in quick succession, Teng Hua Yuan was also one of them. Later another individual arrived, it was Ye Zi, who had just reached the tower of babel after travelling thousands of miles, the Envoy had a light expression of surprise, as he raised his head towards a distant place, with the corner of his mouth moving slightly, revealing a strange smile.

After all Zhao region Yuan Ying cultivators were in place, the sky became murky, the Envoy gained a serious expression, with his right hand formed several seals, directed at the sky.

The clouds in the sky rumbled, immediately following which a red light fell from the sky, falling on the tower of babel, followed by orange, yellow, blue, indigo, violet, six more colours of light, fell in turns from the sky, at this moment, the colours of light could be seen flashing everywhere.

After the tower of Babel absorbed the seventh beam, suddenly shook, a thick circular beam spanning dozens of meters, it surged out spinning from the spire, forming a huge black hole in the sky, as white lightning moved along the periphery of the black hole.

Looking up, ripples of light could be seen forming, with the light beam as a center point. The clouds in the vicinity of the beam, like hot water sprinkled on snow, dissipated with visible speed.

Hurricanes blasted out intermittently from the light beam, making loud popping sounds, and blowing people away, most of the people here were early Yuan Ying stage, so they involuntarily stepped back a few steps, but only four stood still, and did not move.

The four were namely, Pu NanZi, Ye Zi, Piao Miao Sect’s White haired Daoist, and finally Tian Dao Sect’s Ganshou old man. [TLNote: Daoist is somebody who follows the way of the Dao, generic term not the name of someone]

The fat envoy, with a respectful expression, floated mid-air and said in a loud voice: “Third Ranked Country’s Overseer Lin Yi, welcomes your visit to Alliance Envoy Building.”

A huge head, appeared from the black hole, coldly glancing over the crowd gathered on the ground.

Including Pu NanZi, all the other three Yuan Ying masters, with but a glance of that giant head, gripped their YuanYing in horror as it nearly collapsed, and they didn’t have the slightest doubt, that if that giant head stares at them for a moment, then their Yuan Ying would burst, unable to bear the pressure.

Pu NanZi was the first to return to normal, he looked pale, he knew this giant very well, he was a foreign battlefield’s huge devil clan expert, all members of this clan relied on swallowing other’s cultivation to grow, Heng Yue Sect’s ancestor was swallowed just like that.

The giant moving his vision to Lin Yin, said slowly but with a hint of impatience: “This shithole region’s lingqi really trash, if it weren’t for that bullshit alliance treaty restrictions, I would have readily absorbed this tiny country’s lingqi…..So, you listen, the passageway to foreign battlefield will be opened, your Zhao region is responsible for cleaning up a hundred thousand miles at the Northern suburbs fifty eight degrees location, here have these seven tokens, rules are as usual, these seven tokens must be broken to less than four, after five months, only three sects will be allowed to enter the foreign battlefield, if at the appointed time the count of tokens is above three, then Zhao region will be deprived of its clean up qualifications.” [TLNote: The person is using a very arrogant and pompous way of referring to himself,i.e., “I, your father,” which I just changed to “I” for simplification]

Then the giant head opened his big mouth, and seven flashes of lightning appeared on the ground, revealing seven ancient tokens. Having done that, the giant head retreated, disappearing in the black hole, but then he poked his head out again, and shouted: “If in the foreign battlefield, anyone discovers one such bead, then turn it in immediately, whoever turns it in will receive a Ying Bian grade magic weapon, his sect will receive 10 coffins containing spirit forming stage corpses ready to be refined, and the XiuZhen country shall be promoted by one rank.

But if anyone dares to keep it to themselves, then the XiuZhen country will be massacred clean, Lin Yi, this announcement has been issued by various high level countries in the Alliance, you’ll come to know about in a few days.” Then his eyes flashed, as the clouds in the sky transformed to reveal an image, the image was of one thing, a circular stone bead, and on the bead were carved many clouds.

If Wang Lin was there, he would have recognized it as the bead, that he keeps close to his chest.

Then, the giant muttered a few words, as a huge black arm came out, grabbing the tower of babel’s spire, as he shouted: “Lin Yi, this seven coloured magic device, I am taking away, so that my trip here is not in vain.”

With a violent shake, the light beam was pulled back into the black hole by the giant, who along with the hole disappeared instantly, without a trace, the rainbow coloured clouds scattered, and soon, the sky resumed to its normal business, as the huge pressure throughout the Zhao region disappeared.

The fat Envoy Lin Yi’s face became ugly, as he snorted, then tossing his sleeves, flew into the tower, and from a distance his gloomy voice sounded out:

“Old rules, JieDan stage and Yuan Ying stage cannot compete, each Sect must send their respective Foundation building stage disciples, who will compete over the possession of these tokens. Now go back, the war shall begin in three days.”

Both good and evil seven sects came forward to pick up their tokens, sizing upp each other, without hesitation leapt to leave, that of the three right way sects, the Yuan Ying experts, Pu NanZi and Piao Miao Sect’s white haired Daoist were of the same orientation.

Tian Dao Sect’s Ganshou old man, felt a chill run through his body, as he turned towards the remaining set of people and said: “Friends, would you like to sit over there with this old man?”


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