Xian Ni Chapter 97 – Great Changes

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ObligatoryTLNote: If you didn’t guess from the title, the story goes into hyperdrive from now on. So fasten your seatbelts, because you will be taken for a ride that will make you long for the days when you could idly visit Xian Ni chapters knowing nothing would happen. Oh, Brave new world, Oh, Brave new world.

P.S. In case you haven’t guessed already, I really enjoyed this chapter, and I read ahead so I am even more pumped up. Also, please no spoilerino on my blogerino.

Corpse Yin Sect, was a huge martial art sect, simply Ye knew that with the highest level being the fifth ranked XiuZhen country, and followed by lower ranked countries, just like a trapezoid, the Corpse Yin Sect had many offshoots.

pThese offshoots all have their own rigid systems, forcing disciples to desparately cultivate like crazy, just like animals raised in captivity, after Ye came to know about the whole matter, the feelings in hsi heart rushed forth.

Once the animals grow up to late JieDan stage, then they would carry out a grand corpse puppet refining ritual, taking the consciousness from fifth ranked XiuZhen countries, concealed under the guise of refining ritual, they enter the bodies of the corpse puppets.

To say it plainly, Corpse Yin Sect is fifth ranked XiuZhen countries’ body vessel supplier sect, it is common knowledge that fourth ranked and upper XiuZhen countries, have several big battles every year, especially in the battle of satellites, death and injuries are hard to avoid, but if one has cultivated to YuanYing and beyond then, as long as one is cautious, can still protect one’s yuanying and escape. [TLNote: Thanks to Flowerbridge for helping with this para]

So Corpse Yin Sect exercises wide-spread influence, countless XiuZhenists lose their body, so they prepare host bodies to be taken over, in short, the sect’s business revolves around bringing together the XiuZhenist without his body, and the host body ready to be taken over.

The host bodies provided by Corpse Yin Sect usually have extraordinary qualifications, in addition to that to growing up practising the corpse yin cultivation method, the Corpse Yin Sect has a large number of brances, with the branches not following a single uniform cultivation method.

The Corpse Yin Sect for the most part has dealings with XiuZhenists from fourth-fifth ranked XiuZhen country sects, so in order to accelerate the taking over of host bodies, they enter into multiple agreements with Corpse Yin Sect, one clause amongst which is that, each sect would provide its fundamental cultivation method, delimiting its practise to a particular branch alone, which would be developed as the Sect’s exclusive meat farm. [TLNote: Actually I could have just said body farm, but the text translates to meat and it is more impactful that way, so enjoy the imagery]

Zhao region’s Corpse Yin Sect branch comes from a fifth ranked XiuZhen country devil’s way sect, known as Hell Road Sect.

Ye Zi sighed darkly, he never thought of resisting, he knew that the more he thought, the more he felt is own strength to be inadequate, he simply didn’t have the qualifications to resist, and once the corpse puppet starts swallowing, unless one has cultivation far higher than the corpse puppet, then it simply cannot be reversed.

Moreover in the system of Corpse Yin Sect, if any disciple reaches the YuanYing stage, even if his body is taken away, then he will be given a body to take over.

For example, Ye Zi, after he is completely swallowed by the corpse puppet, he would not be able to escape with his yuanying easily, but his soul will be pulled out, and taken to another Corpse Yin Sect branch, in order to enable him to take over another person’s body.

But only once, if he is unable to breakthrough from the YuanYing into Spirit Forming stage, then he would be sent to foreign battlefields, where only the fate of cannon fodder awaits him.

Once reaches Spirit forming stage, then will be rewarded and made Elder in Fourth ranked XiuZhen country, where he would be given thousand years of time, if in that time he does not reach the Ying Bian stage, then the consequences would be the same.

Regarding Luo Sha’s question, Ye Zi calmly said: “Adai has not reached JieDan stage, doesn’t have anything to do with you, he is my Junior’s disciple, as long as I am under this sky, I will defend him and keep him safe.” While speaking, a raging majestic qi rose up and floating mid air staring at Luo Sha, said: “I will not allow anyone to hurt him! Anyone!”

Luo Sha laughed with a Jie Jie sound, with his eyes flashing said: “Ye Zi, this Adai’s body, is very good, really suitable for you to take over and make it your own.”

Ye Zi coldly snorted, he did hold that thought, the moment that he saw Adai, he had figured it out, that he will prepare him for his body to be taken over.

“That kid named Wang Lin, his method of cultivation is rather strange, has a trace of authentic hell road qi, no matter how he practises, he would make an excellent furnace, also Ye Zi, you haven’t answered me yet, why did you not seal his soul?” Looking at the silhouette, Ye Zi smiled faintly, and said leisurely.

Ye Zi closing his eyes for a moment, said as he opened his eyes: “Adai is not my only choice, including Wang Lin, I selected a few potential candidates, but who in the end would become host, and who would become the corpse puppet, haven’t even reached Jie Dan stage, I won’t take their soul, because once I seal their soul on the jade seal, they would be recorded as disciple of the Corpse Yin Sect, and if other people discover them, then it would make things difficult for me.” He was not worried about telling the truth to Luo Sha, he was doing this because he was looking for a way for him to escape, from one view point, this could be said to him tacitly agreeing to be swallowed.

With that, he opened his eyes slightly, and continued: “The Foreign battlefield clean up is about to start, I will have to calculate tokens to be distributed in the next few days.”

The shadow silhouette gained a mouth, and laughing it said in a hoarse voice: “The XiuZhen alliance Emissary will be opening the foreign passageway, I only need three mouthfuls of foreign lingqi, in order to complete swallowing, Ye Zi, according to my agreement with corpse yin sect, even after swallowing, I will retain your consciousness, at that point I will help look after your designated host, and will help you promote it directly to JieDan stage, would make it easier for you to enter it.”

Ye Zi had secretly heard in Corpse Yin Sect, he knew that this day would come one day, every hundred years a foreign battlefield clean up, when large amounts of Corpse Yin Sect’s conscious bodies are swallowed up, finally he sighed darkly, as he closed his eyes no longer speaking.

Meanwhile, Wang Lin with Mu Rong was shuttling through caves one after another, Wang Lin could clearly feel that as he was walking down the path, more so as he was flying, traces of yin cold qi being emitted from the ground.

After a while, Mu Rong within a cave, suddenly stopped, turning sideways and with an envious yet respectful tone said: “Ancestor, this is the place of practise that Ancestor arranged for you, this place is our Corpse Yin Sect’s caves suited for practise”

As Mu Rong made small talk, Wang Lin walked in, the cave was small, only one-fifth of the size of the cave Mu Rong was in, as a thick layer of frost covered the ground, glowing blue, looking strange and unpredictable.

The surrounding walls, had numerous holes, and faint traces of yin cold qi, was coming out from them slowly.

But aside from that, the cave was totally empty, Wang Lin pondering a little, squat down on the ground, touching the ground, suddenly a cold current flowed up from his fingertip, but just as it entered the body, it immediately turned into white qi and vanished immediately with a chi chi sound.

Wang Lin, with an indifferent demeanour, the yin cold spiritual force, by far surpassed the cold qi from the ground.

Casually sitting down cross-legged, Wang Lin formed a hand mudra, in accordance to some spell described in the deep blue jade seal, spreading out his soul sense and integrated it with his mudras, immediately, the holes on the cave walls started getting covered, slowly linking without leaving a single slit.

The entire cave, was now a fully enclosed space.

Wang Lin looked around, but internally he was pondering what had just happened, he had joined Corpse Yin Sect, was a matter of last resort, at the ruins, if he had not entered transfer spell, would certainly have gotten involved with Wu Yu’s Corpse puppet.

Now it seems, Wu Yu did not lie, this place really fit the practise of Abyssal Ascension Technique, but here, Wang Lin, always felt ill at ease, especially when facing Ye Zi, although he didn’t have any extraordinary expression on his face, but Wang Lin felt as if there was a poisonous snake staring at him.

Adai noticed this feeling the moment that he was transferred here.

In any case, Wang Lin’s vigilance, not only did not decrease, instead grew heavier, this Ye Zi certainly harboured malicious intentions, did not know what his intentions were.

Wang Lin scowled as he muttered: “Unfortunately, Situ Nan still sleeping, with his experience and knowledge, he would have been able to analyze what he was intending, now only need to look for opportunities to escape, but since I am here, might as well practise.”

Thinking of this, his eyes flashed, his right formed a few seals, immediately around the cave a humming sound as a white qi emitted, in an instant dispersed through the entire cave.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, the white qi tumbled through the room, closed his mouth immediately, but there were numerous sounds emitting from the white qi coming out from the numerous holes.

The white qi entered into Wang Lin’s body, immediately absorbed by his spiritual force, enriching it.

Wang Lin had an odd expression, as he formed his hands together into a seal, letting out a a beam, the beam instantly gathered into a ball of light.

Wang Lin’s eyes blinked, staring at the ball of light, saw that the ball of light had become of an light blue colour in an instant and flickered a bit. Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, and muttered: “Earth Yin Ordinary Level First Grade……”

Before he could finish, Wang Lin suddenly looked pale, a huge pressure came in from all sides giving off a coercive feeling, he had a feeling of losing control over his spiritual force.

Wang Lin with a solemn expression, without hesitation, immediately closed his eyes and entered meditation, large drops of sweat dropped from his forehead, and soon his whole body was covered in sweat.

At this moment, an immense seven-coloured cloud, suddenly appeared in the entire Zhao region’s sky, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it covered the entire sky.

The moment this sky appeared, as if a heavenly pressure pressed down from the sky, all the Zhao region’s XiuZhenists Yuan Ying level or lower, no matter where they were, no matter which sect they belonged to, all had their faces change uniformly.

Under this massive coercive pressure, all the concentrating qi disciples, all gripped their body in horror, wishing if they could somehow leave their bodies.

At Foundation building and JieDan stage, all had immediately closed their eyes and went into meditation, adjusting the spiritual force in their body, only YuanYing masters, could resist this pressure, but even they looked pale.

In Xuan Dao’s restricted area behind the mountains, Pu NanZi suddenly opened his eyes, his face changed, but shortly thereafter, appeared a colour of joy, as without hesitation his body flashed, and he disappered from there, only to appear, a hundred miles away.

Within Zhao region, from all directions came out several rainbows, exceeding the speed of light, as some even teleported to make their way towards the center of the region, to fly over to the Tower of Babel.

Even the people of the cultivation world behaved like this, let alone the mortal world, at this time all of the mortals in Zhao region, were down on their knees to worship, old rumours had long since circulated, that once every hundred years heavenly pressure comes down, and that it is this day.


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