Xian Ni Chapter 95 – Entering the Sect

ObligatoryTLNote: Ahhh the nostalgia from the chapter title, #earlychaptersneverforget, anyways, out of sheer boredom at work, while browsing the raw sites, I found another novel by the ErGen Author of Xian Ni, and judging by its prologue it is in the same universe, and “probably” a spiritual sequel if not a direct one, the title basically roughly comes out to “I wish for the Heavens” or something like that. Well the point is that I read “some” things in its prologue that motivated me to take this arc more seriously than I was before. Apparently, some things I took for granted had far more importance than I thought. Also, I read about the conditions that these authors pump out chapters, day after day, contracted by the publishing company, I somewhat understood the need for filler chapters, I think I will persevere, and “if possible” I would want to reach the 2k figure. Also, I believe its a bit late, but thank you all for taking this blog to brand new heights every day, thank you for your support. Even if you find this novel a bit boring for now, bide your time, come back later, and hopefully you will change your mind. For those who are still here, great to have your company, enjoy the chapter. Arghhh, a million words I feel like saying every time I make a chapter post, but end up forgetting 99% of what I wanted to say……

The moment this “ancestor” word was said, the apertures on the formation blinked again, after dramatically surging to forty-three no longer increased, but kept on shining intersecting each other.

The complexions of the eight youths changed again, as a surprised look swept across, their eyes revealing almost fanatical level of worship, as they got onto one knee, looking fixedly at the formation. They knew, that if in the formation, forty apertures shined, then it represented someone of high status in Corpse yin sect, but if the number went above forty, then in addition to being high status, it meant that the person arriving was a YuanYing ancestor.

With this thought in mind, it was natural for the Eight youths to act in this manner.

Slowly, two figures appeared from the formation, gradually gaining shape. One person about twenty years old, looking solemn, calm demeanour, wearing a black robe, and stood tall and upright.

Behind him, came a blue skinned weird person, with countless strange symbols all over the body, appearing especially prominent, were nine talismans stuck to his body.

The moment they appeared, a slight trace of yin cold qi came out.

On the faces of the Eight youths, there was an expression of surprise looking at a person, others also looked surprised, as their eyes flashed.

That man was Wang Lin, the moment he appeared, suddenly spit out from his mouth a green light, which flashed and hovered around his body, with cold qi pressure emanating, it pointed its tip towards the giant trees around.

As his soul swept away, Wang Lin’s heart felt a little secure, the eight youths around the giant trees were on concentrating qi fifth layer of cultivation, if he feels killing intent, could instantly behead them.

The weird person Adai, after being transmitted here was in a confused state of mind, as he stood in silence behind Wang Lin, staring at the giant trees around him, in thoughtful silence.

Eight youths on the giant tree stood up, and one of them with a weird expression, cupping his fists in salute, said: “Ancestor, you are?”

Wang Lin came forward, thinking a bit, he said while looking calm, cooly glimpsing at the youths indifferently: “I am Wang Lin, quickly notify Ancestor Ye, I have something urgent to report.”

The youth gawked and exchanged glances with other youths and said: “This matter cannot be done by me and the others, we are inferior, can you come with me to see the Ancestors?”

Wang Lin nodded his head, then came out of the formation followed by the weird person.

The youth jumped, falling from the giant tree, behind him the coffin floated along.

“Ancestor, Please.” With that the youth moved, and flew into one of the many holes.

Wang Lin without hesitation went inside.

Along the way, the youths secretly glanced at Wang Lin, they had respect in their eyes, in the XiuZhen community, strength speaks for itself, Wang Lin had reached Foundation Building stage, it would be natural for him to gain the respect of the youths.

Adai walking behind Wang Lin especially caught the attention of most of the youths.

Similarly, Wang Lin was also observing the youth, especially paid attention to the coffin on the side, waves of cold qi were being emitted from inside the coffin, there was a layer of fog blocking the soul, but Wang Lin being on the mid Foundation building stage, looking closely, was able to find clues.

There was a corpse in the coffin, dry as wood, appeared to be sleeping, the moment that Wang Lin observed it, the corpse suddenly opened it’s eyes, althought the eyes were a bit cloudy, but killing intent could be seen.

The Youth seemed to have sensed it, as he patted the coffin, and the corpse closed his eyes immediately, and the youth said with a smile to Wang Lin: “Senior, this corpse puppet was a gift from my master, it supposedly came from a foreign battlefield, it has sharp senses and is extremely perceptive of soul sensing, but it’s killing intent is too oppressive, I had to make a big effort before I could succeed in refining it.”

Wang Lin nodded and said: “Your corpse puppet is at early foundation building stage, right.”

The Youth hearing these words, was surprised, his look towards Wang Lin changed, he became aware of the corpse in the coffin with soul sense, but the coffin’s purpose was to block soul sense, with merely a glance he was able to see through the corpse’s cultivation, he is obviously not an ordinary foundation building stage expert, might have reached the late foundation building stage.

Thinking so, he with even more respectful attitude, asked hesitantly: “Ancestor, the one who is coming behind……..is he your corpse puppet?”

Wang Lin with a calm demeanour, nodded.

The youth’s face gained a curious expression, carefully looked at Adai’s face, and said with surprised tone: “Ancestor, this corpse puppet has so much spiritual energy, how did you refine it? Since, Corpses of Spiritual nature, only Ancestor Ye of the Flying Demons is only one able to possess.”

Wang Lin looked at the youth, but didn’t say anything.

The Youth continued to look at Adai, as Adai grew impatient, looking at the youth he bared his teeth and shouted a few times.

The Youth hearing Adai speak, suddenly was stunned speechless: “Ancestor, your corpse puppet has evolved to the level of being able to speak?”

Wang Lin frowned, the youth was asking too many questions.

The Youth seemingly unaware, kept asking all kinds of questions, even if Wang Lin didn’t answer, he kept talking to himself.

Less than a quarter of an hour later, the youth had kept talking about his corpse puppet, then talked about the sect entrance, then he moved on to talk about his Master, then went back to talking about the sect entrance, but moved back onto his Master’s topic, Wang Lin was getting impatient, but he noticed that the youth talked about how the general population thought that corpse yin sect was dead.

“Must say that our Zhao territory Corpse Yin Sect is extraordinary, from the fourth-fifth ranked XiuZhen countries down to first-second ranked XiuZhen countries, almost all of them have this place as the transit point, the first-second ranked XiuZhen countries’ Corpse Yin Sect disciples have their promotion tests taken here…..”

The cave tunnel kept growing and finally they reached the other end, as the youth kept on talking endlessly.

Wang Lin unable to bear the youth talking, seeing the end, immediately rushed to fly, running out of the tunnel, infront of him was a cave slightly smaller than the previous cave.

Inside the cave there were five huge stone pillars, on each pillar was floating a massive blue fireball, as a trace of hot qi could be felt blowing.

On the middle pillar, there was an old man sitting, he had a ruddy complexion, even his ruddy hair were floating with no air, as he breathed, from the fireballs around the pillars, a trace of green gas, came out and drilled into the old man, integrating rapidly with the stone pillar he was sitting on.

This cycle continued in a loop, strange and unpredictable.

The moment Wang Lin entered the cave, the old man suddenly opened his eyes, as his eyes flashed, he stared coldly at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin swept away with his soul, this old man was at mid Foundation building stage.

At this time, the youth quickly entered the cave, seeing the Old man, he respectfully cupped one fist into another, and said: “Elder, this ancestor had just come from the transfer formation, lighting up forty-three apertures, he wants to see Ancestor Ye.”

Hearing this the old man’s face changed, sweeping away with a cold attitude, looked at Wang Lin with a strange expression and said with a sinking voice: “Friend, who gave you the method of transmission to my Corpse Yin Sect.”

Wang Lin looked calm and said: “Wu Yu!”

Hearing this, the old man’s face changed and immediately getting up to his feet asked: “Wu Yu, that ancestor that has been missing for hundreds of years? He……..How are you related to him?”

Wang Lin looked at him and said: “Disciple.”

The Old man took a deep breath, Wu Yu held a high place within Zhao territory Corpse Yin Sect, if what he was saying was true, then he musn’t offend him, thinking so, he quickly smiled and said: “So Ancestor is returning to the sect, this Junior is Mu Rong, May I know master’s esteemed name?”

Wang Lin smiled and said: “Wang Lin, I don’t deserve to be called Master and the like.”

Mu Rong laughed, turned around and glancing at the youth, shouted with a straight face: “What happened to you, go and get Ancestor Ye for Master Wang.”

The Youth quickly nodded affirmatively, then turning he whispered a few words, and left quickly.

Once the youth left, Mu Rong invited Wang Lin warmly to the pillars, as he smiled and asked: “Elder Brother Wang, why hasn’t Ancestor come back too?”

Wang Lin looked at Mu Rong deeply, then said: “There are some problems with his corpse puppet, which he is anxious to deal with.”

Mu Rong nodded, and said: “Ancestor Wu Yu’s corpse puppet was second only to Ancestor Ye’s flying demon. The more high-grade the corpse puppet, the more prone it is to problems, but presumably with Ancestor Wu Yu’s level of cultivation, handling these things should be easy.” Saying so, he constantly looked at Wang Lin trying to glean out any possible clues.

Unfortunately, Wang Lin, from the start to finish, maintained a calm demeanour, Mu Rong pondering a little bit, he said: “Elder Brother Wang wait, I will contact Ancestor Ye.” Then out came from his storage bag, a Jade seal, after letting out a deep breath, he threw it forward.

The Jade seal flashing a few times, quickly drilled into a nearby passage.

Having done this, Mu Rong looking at Adai behind Wang Lin was about to speak, when Wang Lin spoke, as he looked at the fireballs all around, slightly surprised and asked: “Elder Brother Mu Rong, this blue fireball is exuding qi, yin with yang, definitely not an ordinary thing, ah.”

Mu Rong laughed and said: “Elder Brother Wang, this blue flame devil’s fire, several hundreds of years old the right way alliance’s JieDan stage master’s gold dan was processed and later refined by Ancestor Ye to make this treasure for the corpse yin sect, for helping with the practise of others, the benefits of it are numerous, particularly for corpse puppets.”

Wang Lin looked at the blue ball, then he gestured with his right hand, immediately the blue smoke emitting from the fireball fluttered to Wang Lin’s control, he observed with rapt attention, then letting out yin cold spiritual force, suddenly the blue smoke making a chi chi sound, instantly narrowed, eventually becoming a little blue ball floating in the air.

Mu Rong’s complexion slightly changed, glancing deeply at Wang Lin, he laughed and said: “Elder Brother Wang, this smoke condensing into tangible form, without a strong yin cold qi is impossible to do, it seems that Ancestor Wu Yu had great affection towards you.”

Mu Rong feeling a slight doubt, also let out some yin cold spiritual force from his hand, but it dissipated in an instant. He did not know that although the yin cold qi that Corpse Yin Sect use to practise, and Wang Lin’s yin cold spiritual force, are seemingly similar, but in actuality, they were as different as heaven and earth.

Then all of a sudden, the blue fireballs around the pillars became dark suddenly, letting out bursts of smoke, as the smoke condensed extremely fast to form an illusory figure, a huge figure pressure emanated from the figure.

Wang Lin’s pupils contracted, under the figure’s pressure, he had felt a strange fear, as he looked at Mu Rong, who had immediately knelt down, and looked very respectful.

“You are the disciple of Junior Wu Yu?” A dark voice slowly came from the illusory figure’s mouth.


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