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“I am unable to leave from here, little friend, I am begging you, please go to Corpse yin sect, and look for my brother Ye, who will come and save me.” Wu Yu’s face revealed an expression of pleading, as he repeatedly bowed.

Wang Lin quietly said: “Do you have any method to let me avoid the corpse puppet, when I leave from here?”

Wu Yu nodded, with a look of sincerity said: “Focusing my meagre Yuan Ying qi I would be able to transmit you to Corpse Yin Sect, You would arrive directly at the headquarters of the Corpse Yin Sect.”

Wang Lin stared at him for a while and said smiling faintly: “Oh? Since you are able to transmit me, why not go back yourself?”

Wu Yu sighed and said: “Corpse puppet cannot go away more than hundred miles from me, this applies to me also, If the distance between us exceeds hundred miles, then he will die immediately, and If I had my mortal body then I would have suffered great mental damage, but presently I am in this Yuan Ying body, If I leave that range, then my Yuan Ying will disperse, and I will die, I do not want that except as a last resort to take down the corpse puppet with me.”

At this time, the statute shook with more and more severity, yin supporting it was failing to resist, Wu Yu saw that Wang Lin still maintained a neutral expression, so he said while clenching his teeth: “I, Wu Yu, swear on my Yuan Ying, that if I have uttered even the least bit of falsity to my little friend, then it is bound to be eaten by the corpse puppet to its fill, little friend, help this old man once, Adai may be able to deliver you, he has on his body nine paper talismans, I have often found that they when used, have immeasureable power.

In addition I noticed that your spiritual power is of the yin cold variant, the practitioners of my corpse yin sect also happen to have yin cold variation, since you had come to these vast jungle ruins, presumably to to absorb to find place of yin cold qi, amongst the places that have yin cold qi such as Heaven, Earth, Xuan, Huang, this is a Huang Yin place, if you go to Corpse Yin Sect, it would be highly beneficial to you, because in Corpse Yin Sect there is a place used for closed-door practice that has Earth Yin quality Yin Cold Qi.

Wang Lin half narrowed his eyes, as he said: “Since Corpse Yin Sect has Earth Yin quality Yin cold qi, then why did you chose to make a breakthrough here?”

Wu Yu looked deeply at Wang Lin, even though he looks like a youth, he is extremely cautious, despite all his complains, he maintains a casual look.

Hearing Wang Lin’s question, he smiled and said: “Little friend, this old man swore on his yuan ying just a moment ago, oh, the corpse puppet and live persons are different, the strength has a certain limit, we must absorb Huang Yin quality Yin Cold Qi, so I brought him here.”

At this point, the statue violently shook as if there was an earthquake, and deep cracks started appearing, a ka ka sound emerged, as the cracks grew more and more, appearing as it would collapse, Wu Yu looked pale, and said anxiously: “Little friend, if you want to borrow my Corpse Yin Sect’s cultivation area, then I will use my unique secret technique to send you, the Corpse Yin Sect won’t suspect you, there’s not enough time, you need to consider this quick.”

The moment he finished, the entire statue again shook violently, cracks appeared throughout the body of the statue and some parts even began to fall.

Wang Lin’s mind whirled, he knew that if he didn’t leave from here, and wait until the corpse puppet to arrive, then he will certainly be putting himself in danger, the corpse puppet seems fond of killing.

Thinking so, with no time left, he nodded at Wu Yu.

Wu Yu took a deep breath, he moved his hands to form seals, making mudras unceasingly, a pentagonal halo slowly appeared before him.

Seven coloured light was flashing from this halo, and a hint of suction force coming from it.

At this point, the statue broke with a thud, the Corpse puppet said in a cold voice: “Master, this time you are now in my sights, where will you run.”

Wu Yu’s face became pale, waiting for the transmission spell to complete, he screamed at once: “Little friend, go quickly, whether this old man escapes, would all depend on you.” Then his body disappeared, as he floating cross-legged drilled into the stone statue on the side.

Meanwhile, Wang Lin moved, rushed into the seven coloured pentagonal transmission halo, which was fluctuating at this moment, secretly showing signs of collapsing.

The weird person hesitated, but in the end rushed into the transmission spell with Wang Lin.

At this point, the statue suddenly collapsed, the Corpse puppet’s face had an expression of ridicule, was about to speak, when he suddenly looked at the transmission spell, his face changed colour immediately.

Meanwhile, Wang Lin, after entering the transmission halo, felt as if on a circular path, he felt his body stretched infinitely, on his side were numerous points of light, not twinkling like the stars.

Looking back he saw the weird person behind him having a look of surprise on his face, looking left and right, discovered Wang Lin staring at him, he rushed to Wang Lin, bared his teeth, his eyes were not vigilant but there was a trace of loss.

After an unknown period of time, at the front of the passage, appeared a bright light, as this light kept growing and after reaching the whole passage, there emerged a strong suction force, Wang Lin and the weird person were quickly sucked inside.

Corpse Yin Sect, amongst the devil’s way sects in Zhao territory, although not as powerful as the number one devil’s way number one sect, Tian Dao Sect, but it is superior in mysteriousness, it would be no exaggeration to say that Corpse Yin Sect is Zhao territory’s number one mysterious sect. [TLNote: Mysterious sects are known so because they are mysterious, on a serious note, Tian = Heaven/Sky, Dao = Way, you guys can figure out the irony]

How many disciples the sect has, where did the entrance to the sect lay, and how many YuanYing masters it has, those sort of things, nobody of the outside world knew.

There were even rumours that Corpse Yin Sect have long been dead many years ago, the whole sect eliminated, with not even a single one left alive. [TLNote: Offtopic again but, …. the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to make the world believe that it didn’t exist]

All in all, this was a very low-key sect, but it was low-profile, not forgotten, and this was only because of the thing people remembered Corpse Yin Sect for.

And that thing, was the cultivation method of Corpse Yin Sect!

The Disciples of Corpse Yin Sect, get a one chance in a lifetime to engage in refining ritual of a corpse, once successfully refined, then for his whole life would not change.

This was a cultivation method brimming with miraculous colour!

The Corpse Yin Sect’s Disciples, in addition to their practise, also focus on the corpse puppet’s cultivation, this cultivation method is said to be full of miraculous colour because, 500 years ago, a Corpse Yin Sect Ancestor reached Late Foundation building stage, at the same time, on the side, the Corpse Puppet reached Yuan Ying stage unexpectedly.

Although this disciple went missing in the end, but his appearance took the Zhao cultivation community by storm, particularly those with poor cultivation, who longed for getting into the Corpse Yin Sect.

But despite how many people sought out the gate to Corpse Yin Sect, just like misty clouds, nobody could find.

At the extreme west of Zhao territory, there is a vast plain, which is enveloped by yin cold qi all year round, even amongst xiuxian practitioners, there are very few who come here.

Because besides being enveloped by cold qi, even if YuanYing experts were reluctant to draw near this nine earth qi, if someone below YuanYing gets near, then he would even get injured.

Since originally there were such huge restrictions, it would be ideal for hidden treasures, this idea occured to a lot of practitioners, then under the lead of several Devil’s way great owls, massive amounts of devil’s way practitioners arrived and after suffering through numerous setbacks, finally managed to break the restrictions and go in.

But what made everyone astonished was that this plain, unexpectedly, didn’t have even the least bit of remarkableness, one group of followers of the devil’s way tunneled into the underground, but didn’t achieve anything in the end.

The treasure hunt, turned into a complete joke, and was mocked by the Right Way Alliance. [TLNote: The Right Way or the Eight-fold path as described in Buddhism]

Gradually, due to it’s powerful restrictions and being devoid of any treasures, it was soon forgotten by all.

At the center of this plain, was a fog shrouded piece of land.

Within the mists, there is a very broad area of marshes and swamps, under which is a huge cavern, the cave is easily accessible with countless branches, every branch being connected to a smaller cave, which in turn connected to other smaller caves, extending numerous branches, again and again, almost the entire plain ground, all densely occupied with large and small caves.

It is here that the gate to Zhao territory’s Devil’s Way mysterious Corpse Yin Sect lay.

In the middle of a large cave, about the size of several heng yue sect halls taken together, where eight purple giant logs were raised to form a majestic formation, a faint trace of spiritual force emerged from it, without any beginning or end.

The eight slender giant logs bore an ancient symbol pattern, which looked awe inspiring. From between the eight slender giant logs, several fluorescent coloured lights connected, these lights could be seen interlaced together, forming an aperture, which was further connected to forty-nine apertures.

Behind these eight slender giant logs, were sitting eight cross-legged youths, behind each of which was a floating coffin.

At this moment, the formation within the eight slender giant logs, five apertures flashed, followed by a youth who wearing blue shirt together with his coffin, appeared in the formation.

One of the Youth on the Eight slender giant logs, opening both his eyes, looking indifferently at the people within the formation, said in an emotionless voice: “From Where?”

The blue shirt teenager quickly bent over, and said respectfully: “Second ranked XiuZhen Country Lu Corpse Yin Branch, Lin Yi, here to attend the promotion test.”

The Youth glancing at the blue shirted youth, said coldly: “Go inside the 18th hole, on your right hand side.”

The youth immediately cupping his fists in another, went out of the formation, looking around, calculating in his head, moving his body went into one of the countless tunnels.

The Youth nodded slightly, no longer speaking, closed his eyes.

Over the next few hours, several people came out of the formation in quick succession, whenever high level people would arrive, thirteen apertures would light up, amongst the eight youths, the moment that thirteen apertures lit up, two of them opened their eyes.

As time passed, suddenly the apertures within the formation lit up, this time the quantity was six.

A Youth opened his eyes, stared at the formation, at this moment, all of a sudden light flashed within the formation, and immediately another seven apertures lit up.

“Huh?” At this point another youth opened his eyes, both of them stared at the formation.

Then the formation flashed again, the number of apertures lit up rose to thirteen, then instantly grew to twenty-eight.

“It seems that there are seniors coming up.” Two more youths opened their eyes. Four cold eyes, full of respect, looked at the formation.

At that moment, the LingQi spreading from the formation retreated suddenly, as a roaring sound came from within the formation, the number of apertures lit grew crazily from twenty-eight, as one after another apertures lit up.

The remaining four youths opened their eyes at the same time, their faces barely restraining their shock, as the number of apertures lit up to forty-eight, at which point the eight youths, quickly without hesitation, went down to one knee, with their hands in a weird pose, they loudly shouted: “Welcome Ancestor……”


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    Eight giant tree on the complexion changed and changed, shock tolerance attitude swept away, his eyes reveal almost fanatical worship of the body from the knees down on one knee into prostrate on the ground, looked firmly fixed matrix method. You know, if this FIGHTING lit forty aperture, so on behalf of a female corpse to those who were in high status, if the aperture over forty, that a high status, but also to those who are represented by Yuan Ying ancestor.

        With this idea, eight people naturally have such a performance.

        Slowly, the two appeared in battle formation, gradually pour real. One person-about twenty, looks solemn, calm demeanor, wore a gown of black cloth, the more significant upright.

        Behind him, followed by a blue-skinned weirdo, countless strange symbols all over the body, especially conspicuous, is his body against nine character sheets.

        In the moment that they have appeared, the slightest chill of the air comes out.

        Eight people who suddenly have a light Hey heard, followed by the others are all cheeky surprise color, eyes flashing.

        This man, it is Wang Lin, the moment he appeared, suddenly mouth spit out a green, green flash between hovering around the body, chilly, its tip pointing around the giant tree above.

        Soul swept away, Wang Lin heart a little security, eight people around the giant trees on both are condensable gas on the fifth floor of the repair, if he feel Murder, may beheaded eight people in an instant.

        Frankenstein fools do not know why, a change in the delivery channel to see chaos around the action, Wang Lin stood quietly behind him, staring at the sign on the giant tree, thoughtfully silent.

        Eight giant tree over this time have stood up, one of the young people look strange, Bao Quan said:? “The older you are.”

        Wang Lin to come here on the road, my heart has been thought the rhetoric, this time he looks calm, cold swept the other one, lightly: “The next Wang Lin, troubles soon informed Shishu comfortable night, Wang had an important say so . ”

        Young surprised a moment, and several others looked at each other and said: “? Predecessors, I waited Zuobulezhu matter, as you are with me to see deacons elders”

        Wang Lin nodded his head, out of the matrix method, fools in the back to keep up.

        Youth body jumped, falling from the giant tree, behind the coffin along floated askew.

        “Predecessors, please.” Then, the body of a youth movement, flying four weeks in a hole.

        Wang Lin apart from anything else, with the inside.

        Along the way young people secretly looked Wang Lin, see of the more respectful attitude, self-cultivation sector strength to speak, Wang Lin to build the base of the repair, naturally gain the respect of youth.

        Dumb especially behind Wang Lin, but also attracted the attention of most of the young people.

        Similarly, Wang Lin also looked at each other, especially on the other side behind the coffin a little more attention, exudes waves of cold air inside the coffin, there is a layer of fog blocked hidden soul, but Wang Lin is currently close to the base building mid-repair is, breath a look, they found a clue.

        There is a corpse in the coffin, looks dry, such as wood, like sleeping, pay attention to it at the moment, Wang Lin, this mummy suddenly opened his eyes, eyes despite muddy, but hidden Murder dew.

        Young seems to have felt, a film coffin, within which the mummy immediately closed his eyes, then youth Wang Lin smiled and said: “The older generation, my family division corpse puppet is a gift, it said to be in time to collect and clean the extraterritorial battlefield , the five senses are extremely sensitive soul does not say, it is murderous too, I take a great of effort, only sacrifice refining success. ”

        Wang Lin nodded and said: “You actually have to build the base body puppet initial repair, yes.”

        Youth Hearing this, my heart jing, look to Wang Lin’s eyes are slightly different, you know corpse puppet store coffin, but there blocking the consciousness of the role, you can actually see at a glance the other corpse puppet repair, Obviously not an ordinary building base, might have been reached to build the base late.

        The thought that he is more respectful attitude, a little hesitation, asked: “? Predecessors, behind one of your tools ……, your corpse puppet”

        Wang Lin, calm demeanor, nodded.

        Youth face curious color, carefully read Dumb long time, surprised: “The older you this spiritual corpse puppet so abundant, is how such a spiritual sacrifice refining corpse puppet, only night that a flying ancestor then? brake only have. ”

        Wang Lin looked at each other, noncommittal.

        Young continually looked Dumb, Dumb impatient look, directed at a young bared teeth, mouth Walawala shouted a few times.

        Young Dumb heard speak, suddenly startled, speechless: “? Predecessors, your corpse puppet phrase has evolved to be able to speak to the level of”

        Wang Lin frowned, too many other words, ask incessantly.

        Youth is like no notice, along the way to ask a variety of problems, even if Wang Lin did not answer, he did not care, talking to himself.

        Less than a quarter of an hour away from the corpse puppet talking about youth, the same has been said of his door, and then by the same door when it comes to his master, but also by his master spoke Shizu, and so on, Wang Lin despite impatience, but also from the other side hear the female population were probably dead.

        “To say we Zhao Yin were dead, that’s a no, the four five comprehension States, down to twelve comprehension for the country, almost all of we here as a transit point, for example, the twelve comprehension country female corpse were the promotion test, that is, we are here …… ”

        Cave channel is growing, has been to the outlet at the other end, the youth kept complaining of Zi.

        Wang Lin really can not stand each other talking, seeing outlet in the head, immediately accelerate fly past, out of the channel, to show in front of him was a smaller cave than before cave.

        Inside the cave there are five huge stone pillars, each pillar are inundated with a mass of huge blue fireball, a trace of slightly hot breath blowing.

        NOW middle pillars, sitting one old man, old man Hefatongyan, ruddy hair no wind automatically float slightly, with his breathing, in the fireball around pillars and smell a trace of green gas, drill into the old man distributed to them within an instant they drilled, sit down quickly into his columns.

        This cycle back and forth, strange and unpredictable.

        Wang Linfei into the cave at the moment, the old man suddenly opened his eyes, eyes opening and closing between the naked flash, cold stare Wang Lin looked carefully about it.

        Wang Lin soul swept away, the old man has to build the base in the mid cultivation.

        At this time young people have quickly entered the cave, he saw the old man, at once respectful Bao Quan said: “Elder, the older generation just out from the Chuansong Zhen, opened forty-three aperture, he wants to see the night ancestor.”

        Hearing this, the old man looking for a change, sweeping away the cold attitude, Wang Lin looked strange, Chen Sheng said:? “The fellow, who gave you my corpse negative cases open method”

        Wang Lin looks as usual, said: “! Wu Yu”

        I heard the name, old man looking at the change, and immediately his feet and asked: “?? Missing for hundreds of years Wu Yu ancestor him …… you are his people.”

        Wang Lin looked at each other and said:. “Disciple”

        Old man down deep breath, Wu Yu Zhao corpse in the negative cases high seniority, if the other party is saying is true, it must not offend the other himself, thought of this, he quickly smiled and said: “So is the Shishu reformed, younger wood redundant I do not know Shishu high name please? ”

        Wang Lin smiled and said: “The next Wang Lin, Shishu like to call, do not dare.”

        Wood redundant laughed, turned around and sweep the young one, with a straight face shouted:. “What did you do, go back, Wang Shishu ancestor by me to the night there.”

        Young quickly said yes, after turned and whispered a few words in his mouth silent, leave quickly.

        To be young leave, wooden redundant warm invitation to Wang Linfei on pillars, he smiled and asked: “? Wang Xiong, I do not know why this did not get back together ancestor ah”

        Wang Lin much deeper meaning of looked at each other, random, said:. “There are some problems of his old corpse puppet, anxious to deal with.”

        Wood redundant nodded and said: “Wu Yu ancestor’s corpse puppet, which was second only to the night flying Mating ancestor, the more high-grade corpse puppet, the more prone to problems, but presumably to Wu Yu ancestor of the repair, processing These things easy. “So saying, he constantly looked Wang Lin, would like to see from the other face of clues.

        Unfortunately, Wang Lin, start to finish, are calm demeanor, wood redundancy little one, he said:. “Wang Xiong wait, I’ll contact the night ancestor” Then he shot storage bags, wielding a jade Jane, get your breath back in the hands of a little one, forward a throw.

        Yu-Jane flashes a few times, quickly drill into a channel around.

        Done all this, looked Wang Lin Wood redundant behind Dumb, was about to speak, when Wang Lin spoke, he looked at the blue fireball on four 周柱子, somewhat surprised and asked: “Wood Brother, this blue fireball exudes atmosphere, yin with yang, not all things ah. ”

        Wood redundant laughed and said: “Wang Xiong, this blue Balrog fire is several hundreds of years ago Dan Ching Union saver are based on the master, and later through the night comfortable ancestor of Lian Ji, be my female corpse were another treasure For me and other practitioners, many benefits, especially the corpse puppet, it is a considerable benefit. ”

        Wang Lin looked at the blue fireball, a lead right hand, suddenly a blue smoke from a fireball shed, blown Wang Lin palms, he attentively observed a little chill spiritual power of a spit, suddenly blue smoke issued Chi Chi sound, instantly narrow, eventually become a little blue ball floating in the air.

        Wood redundant looking slightly changed, Wang Lin looked deep, smiled and said: “Wang Xiong, this hand smoke condensate into a real, not a deep chill of the air, easy to do, it seems that you are very Shishu Wu Yu is love. ”

        Wood redundant last vestiges of doubt the heart, but also to expose the other hand chill moment this spiritual power dissipated in an instant. He did not know, were practicing female corpse out of the chill of the air, and Wang Lin body chill spiritual power, seemingly similar, but actually, it is not heaven and earth.

        Just then, suddenly surrounded by columns on blue fireball suddenly a dark shed bursts of smoke, soot fast these condensed together to form a fantasy figure, while the huge bulk from the shadows coercion next.

        Wang Lin, a contraction of the pupil, the other under coercion, suddenly a kind of feeling of getting scared, look at wooden redundant, then it is immediately kneeling on the ground, and looked extremely respectful.

        “You are a disciple of Wu Yu Young?” A dark voice came from the shadows slowly mouth.

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