Xian Ni Chapter 92 – Corpse Yin Sect (1)

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok another series of chapters linked to a common theme, you know the drill. Enjoy.

Wang Lin lightly smiled. He did not have a lot of enmity towards the weird person anymore. Seeing that he was so extremely fast, Wang Lin couldn’t help but want to extend his hands and feet. So, without saying anything, he stamped with his feet, increasing his body’s speed to the maximum and shot out like a rabbit.

Between the two, the distance got shorter, the blue skinned weird person saw Wang Lin rushing towards him, and with battle desires in his eyes. He instantly laughed and after seeing that he didn’t use the small green sword, his battle desire also surged, so forgetting his original intent, without hesitation tore off a yellow paper from his body, within moments cyan qi emerged outside the body, which was sucked into the weird person’s mouth, the cyan qi drilled into his body, and suddenly from the weird person’s whole body, an imposing aura appeared.

His eyes revealed a dignified expression, he opened his mouth and let out a few weird sounds, seemingly trying to say something to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin knew that the weird person’s yellow papers were extremely weird, when he was extremely injured, he had torn off a yellow paper immediately and got healed, since then, Wang Lin had developed a strong curiousity towards this yellow paper.

Now he had torn off another yellow paper, and his strength had been suddenly doubled.

Wang Lin without hesitation, waved his hands, spiritual power circulated in his whole body, Wang Lin also grew an imposing manner!

A trace of blue energy hovered around him, the yin cold qi disseminated, his body revealing the ultimate jiduan ice-cold colour. [TLNote: Jiduan means extreme related to Ji realm from previous chapter]

The blue skinned weird person’s eyes flashed, fretting expression appeared on his face, as he spit out a word that Wang Lin could understand: “Jin!” Then he shook a fist, on his arm a strange symbol flashed, his blood vessels swelled up, as he stepped with long strides and turned up his fist! [TLNote: Jin means Strength]

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, yin cold spiritual power came out from his body, turning into a huge fist, and hit the weird person, at the moment of contact, the weird person got into a weird stance, moving a foot, displaced his center of gravity towards the left, breathing with varying lengths, suddenly got surrounded by strong gusts of wind, and a constantly shaking whirlpool appeared, blowing all the stones and weeds around the both of them, far away, leaving a ring shaped patch.

Wang Lin’s expression grew a bit red, as he involuntarily retreated back three meters. He suddenly looked up staring at the direction of the weird person.

The blue skinned weird person had been shocked by Wang Lin to the core, he clearly felt the spiritual power emerging from the fist meeting him, producing strange terrifying variations, that fast spread to the whole body from the arm, followed by bouts of extreme cold.

Were it not for the strange symbols blinking few times in a row, which barely controlled the yin cold qi, then afraid that his whole body would have been frozen.

Looking at his right arm, which had been completely turned into blue crystalline form, as he feared the flesh and blood of the right arm had completely changed, he looked at his arm, with his face pale, looked deeply into Wang Lin’s eyes and spit out a word that Wang Lin could understand: “Ji?”

Wang Lin did not speak, he did not know what Ji meant, so he shook his head. [TLNote: Just because he understood the word spoken, doesn’t mean he knows what it meant]

The weird person hesitated, and then with his left hand tore another yellow paper, white colour qi emerged, and forming over his right arm, it turned back to normal, but Wang Lin noticed, that his right arm still trembled.

He looked at Wang Lin, snorted, then making a few growling sounds, began to leave quickly. Wang Lin watched the weird person go away, sat down cross-legged, and recalled the fight.

The weird person’s inherent strength is very strange, it does not seem like spiritual force, but a special type of energy.

“Jin?” He thought back to the word that the weird person spoke while meeting his fist.

The weird person’s strength notwithstanding, Wang Lin was very satisfied with his first time use of mutated spiritual force, it could actually change the internal physical structure, Wang Lin named it the Ji Yin Spiritual Force!

“Ji?” This was the second word that the weird person spoke after seeing his spiritual force, that he could understand!

“It’s time to move on, presently only on the fifth layer of Abyssal Ascension method, need to get out of here!” Wang Lin muttered to himself.

“I must find Earth Yin place!” Wang Lin knew that he had to find Earth Yin place, the Abyssal Ascension method depending on forcefully opening the points, but by brute force the success rate is low, the success rate can only be increased by finding a very high-quality yin land!

Although the ruins were rich in yin cold qi, but Wang Lin analyzed that the highest quality in this place would be Profound Yin Tenth grade only, even if his analysis is wrong, then atmost breaking through it will reach Yin Absolute level first or second grade.

Amongst the four types of Ji Yin places, there is very little difference between Xuan Yin and Huang Yin, but between Heaven and Earth Yin were totally different, Earth Yin’s Good level second grade was equivalent to Xuan and Huang Yin’s Absolute level first grade!

As for the rare Heaven Yin, even if the quality is ordinary level first grade, but it is equivalent in effectiveness to both Huang and Xuan Yin’s absolute level yin!

As he was brooding over this, Wang Lin suddenly lifted his head to see the weird person returning, after he came, he gestured for a long time towards Wang Lin, first pointed all around, then made breathing movements, and then shook his head fiercely.

Then he pointed to Wang Lin, then to himself, then made some gestures. Wang Lin gradually seemed to understand what the weird person wanted to say, seemingly wanted him to go with him, Wang Lin pondering a bit, nodded.

The weird person moved fast, running around quite well as if he was familiar with the area, as he went along evading dangerous swamp pits all around.

Even once went into a crack in the ground only to come out the other side, Wang Lin found that this shortcut accross the swamps, was littered with animal bones.

Two days later, they both arrived at a remote corner of the ruins, in the past two days, they had stopped to rest only once.

Here, Wang Lin noted, not far away stood, a tower-shaped building in complete shape, and on the top of the spire, there was a bead with a diameter of two meters!

Wang Lin’s look changed, this stone bead and the bead at the edge of the ruins, looked almost exactly the same.

He looked at the weird person, agilely climbing up the tower-shaped building, standing next to the stone bead, moved his hands to form hand seals, a moment later, from the stone bead light overflowed everywhere, as a straight beam immediately moved towards the center point of the ruins.

Seen from a distance, it was as if the light travelled with no end in sight.

Once this was done, the weird person jumped down, and waved towards Wang Lin, and the two left.

Time flew by, Wang Lin along with the weird person came to another location where another stone bead was located, although most buildings had collapsed, but these stone beads remained intact.

One after another, stone beads are turned on, the lights all pointing to the center of the ruins.

When the final stone bead that Wang Lin had seen first, was turned on, the entire city for a moment, had become completely different.

Wang Lin silent along the way was calculating, these stone beads were total eight in number.

The weird person sometimes looked up to the heavens, his face full of anxiety, as he along with Wang Lin went to the vertical center point of the ruins, during this time the two did not take a break, and finally when dusk came on the fourth day, they arrived at the center point of the city!

Eight light beams coming from a distance, all gathered here. Weird person after reaching here, stopped, laying down to prostrate, his face revealing an expression of piety, as if his mouth issued sounds similar to songs.

As his voice became increasingly acute, the earth trembled, and a huge statue of about 100 meters height, slowly rose from the ground, when it had been raised upto half height, it gradually stopped.

The statue was a carving of a man with long hair, the man looked ancient, with brilliant eyes, holding a hundred meter pike in his hands, he looked with an expression of disdain over the entire world, as he looked far away into the distance. Around his body was coiled a huge dragon, spreading open its jaw sinisterly, as its appearence was eye catching while its scales could almost fool one to believe it was real, as it shocked the eye and astonished the heart.

The Eight light beams condensed onto the statue, which after getting reflected formed multiple multicoloured rays, at this moment, the statue’s eyes started shining brightly, Wang Lin even felt an illusion as if this long haired man was alive.

After the statue came out, in the eyes of the weird person was a reverent expression, he waved to Wang Lin, then pointing to the big dragon’s forehead, gestured in an urging manner.

Wang Lin pondered a little, then without hesitation with a few jumps, climbed on top of the dragon’s head, the moment he stood here, he immediately felt coming from his feet magnificent yin cold qi.

Wang Lin sat down cross-legged, with his right hand formed a seal, as a ball of light appeared, it immediately turned into four red balls with the glow concentrated to the limit, and with a loud thud, the balls of light dissipated, Wang Lin felt huge quakes in his mind, he knew that this meant, that the quality of Ji Yin Cold Qi here had reached the absolute limit of Huang Yin, which was ----- Absolute Level Tenth Grade!

Feeling surprised, he immediately started breathing, which formed thee whirlpool to start swallowing, but this time the area did not reach the previous time’s range, but only a few meters around, seen from a distance, around Wang Lin, there could be seen a circle of red light, enveloping the dragon’s head.

Wang Lin sat there, for five days!

During these five days, the weird person had been waiting below and watching, as the time passed, his anxiety grew, as he continued to look up to the sky, it seemed that the rising of the statute would lead to trouble generally, he apparently kept all his nine yellow papers in torn off state.

The Qi ocean point was broken through on the third day, as it collapsed and restructured, on the fifth day’s morning, Abyssal Ascension Method’s fifth layer was completed.

Going a step further, Wang Lin could condense a second cold dan, then could reach late foundation building stage, Wang Lin was determined to persevere. Even if he was now, in mid foundation building stage, Wang Lin did not pay heed.

Next, he began to try and improve the quality of his spiritual force and integrate it with absolute yin tenth grade quality yin cold qi.

As he directed the integration, he observed the spiritual power, gradually, he found the colour of the spiritual power becoming more and more deep, as it rapidly grew from the previously light blue colour to dark blue.

He didn’t know that his spiritual powers, were getting closer and closer to Ji realm!

At this time, the outside world suddenly changed, and dark clouds came tumbling down as if played by like a fiddle in one’s hand, black mist emerged, gradually uniting to form a black coffin, which slowly descended.

An illusory silhouette appeared above the coffin, as the body quickly condensed to become more real.

A hoarse voice could be heard from the sky.

“You mean the owner of the Yuan Ying, is hiding within the statue?”

The weird person on the ground looked pale……


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