Xian Ni Chapter 91 – Ji Yin Spiritual Force

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Teng Hua Yuan was cautiously walking in the jungle, spreading his strong yuan ying soul around, suddenly his face gained a happy expression, he noticed Wang Lin, was about to teleport, when at this time, a strange wind blew, and a ghostly voice wafted down slowly.

“Get Out!”

Teng Hua Yuan’s complexion became pale, without hesitation he immediately stepped back, and looked around carefully.

Suddenly saw a black fog wafting down from a distance, cold winds blew out from the fog, and a withered arm stretched out, silently it moved towards Teng Hua Yuan.

Teng Hua Yuan’s soul swept away, and he was frightened beyond his wits, its cultivation was mid Yuan Ying stage, he did not hesitate to back away again.

The withered arm gently flashed, turning into a big hand, and reaching out to catch Teng Hua Yuan.

Teng Hua Yuan smiled sheepishly, and then without hesitation, turned and fled, he could not possibly resist a mid YuanYing, although he already knew that in this jungle there were some strong forces, but he didn’t know that someone was actually mid yuan ying stage.

His body flashed, Teng Hua Yuan disappered from that place, the black fog let out a cold hum, then the big hand transforming back with a flash, disappeared.

Reaching outside the jungle, Teng Hua Yuan had just appeared, he looked pale, it appeared that the big hand was quietly following him, fiercely trying to catch him.

Teng Hua Yuan secretly cursed, from his storage bag, taking out a piece of animal hide, with his right hand pointed at the animal hide, the hide flickered with a yellow light and immediately rolled up, and moving his body Teng Hua Yuan moved at breakneck speed far away, in a bid to escape the big hands.

Nevertheless, he was still swept away by the wind of that big hand, he flew away spouting blood, not daring to look back, he quickly escaped.

The cloud of black fog appeared mid air, the blanket of darkness slowly shrunk, revealing a silhouette, it was a skinny man almost mummy-like, he looked at the direction of the escaping Teng Hua Yuan, did not chase and instead returned back to the jungle.

He floated calmly in the jungle, as if it was looking for something, not long after, he stopped in an open space, stared blankly down at the ground, waved his hands, the ground making a rumbling sound, split from under his feet, as if it was torn apart, exposing a long rift.

As soon as the crack opened, a loud shout could be heard from the underground, and out came a dark figure, as it rushed out as if about to escape. The Mummy-like man, let out a snort, and covering a radius of ten feet a cage appeared, as the dark figure screamed out in fear, hit the solid wall, bounced back, he no longer ran, but instead kneeled on the ground and began kowtowing.

The mummy-like man, said slowly: “Although I haven’t been around for a hundred years, but didn’t expect a person having a mortal body could build a corpse demon, since you have some intelligence and one of us mediators, I won’t kill you, but you must have a sense on how to interact amongst masters, help me find the other yuan ying.”

The corpse demon nodded fearfully looking at the mummy-like man.

The man with a wave caused the cage to dissipate, he stared at the corpse demon, and said darkly: “Come on, take me to find the owner of the yuan ying, then after I swallow the YuanYing, I may consider evolving you into Corpse devil.” [TLNote: This part became a bit muddled in translation so let’s wait and see what this man really wants]

Corpse demon hesitated, then with a surprised expression, immediately nodded fiercely, then jumping to his feet, ran away into the jungle.

The man with a blank expression followed.

At this time, somwhere in the ruins, at a place where sunlight didn’t reach, the blue skinned weird person was looking in the direction of Wang Lin, his face full of hesitation.

Meanwhile Wang Lin, although consumed a large amount of yin cold qi yesterday, but the quality was of ordinary level sixth-seventh grade only, and with this quality, even if the amount is big, after combining with the spiritual power, the growth will not be too much, and it is no longer suitable for awakening the points, Wang Lin with his eyes flashing, looked towards deep part of the ruins, his goal lay there.

He was ready to explore deep into the ruins, after all he wanted to see what the limit for quality of the yin cold qi was in the end!

After all, the higher the quality, the greater the chance of success of awakening the points!

Then at midnight, Wang Lin used a hand seal with his right hand, then moving yin cold qi quality testing ball, he went deeper into the ruins.

After walking for a bit, the red coloured ball floating mid-air, suddenly flashing a few times, with a “pop” sound split into two.

The moment that two red balls of light appeared, Wang Lin’s face grew happy, he knew that this represented that quality of the yin cold qi here was beyond ordinary level and had reached the good level.

As he moved forward, the two red light balls slowly flashed as the quality improved.

Good level second grade, third grade…….until fifth grade. Wang Lin stopped, infront of him was a wide road, the ruins spread out on both sides of it, but it can still be seen, that millions of years ago, this would have been a prosperous city.

Calculating the distance, Wang Lin estimated he had only covered one-thousandth of the entire area, therefore he immediately increased his pace without hesitation.

The two balls emitting red light, in the silent ruins, appeared especially dazzling, Wang Lin spread out his soul along the way, looking highly focused.

The quality grade on the two balls slowly kept climbing, good level sixth grade, seventh grade, eight grade.

Sun rose and Sun set, on the fourth day, Wang Lin was very deep into the ruins of this mysterious city, Wang Lin expected that at his current position, even if he has not yet reached the centre of the city, he should be very close, after all he was walking in a straight line.

Along the way, there were many pits on the ground everywhere, these pits filled with rainwater, had gone stale, in which were some strange snake like creatures which sometimes leapt from the pits exposing their poisonous fangs as they rushed towards Wang Lin.

Besides that, all around the buildings were in seriously bad condition, till far away, hardly any building could be seen rising beyond ten meters.

The ground overflowing with weeds, some parts of the ground had turned into mud swamps, in which were some strange creatures, Wang Lin was sneak attacked by one such creature, from then on, he maintained vigilance.

Nevertheless, even after going in so far, the quality of the yin cold qi did not rise too much, and up till now, reaching only upto Good level Eight grade.

On the fifth day, late at night, Wang Lin coming out of a swamp, saw infront of him, a huge building, the building had collapsed, but a bustling scene from some countless years ago could still be seen.

There was a prominent, hundred meter deep crater with a diameter of a kilometer.

This was a very strange pit, according to common sense, the inside of this pit should be filled with rain water and other creatures, but this giant pit didn’t have any liquid whatsoever.

Wang Lin walked forward, although the night light was dim, and the yin cold qi everywhere affected vision, but he could still see at the bottom of the pit, there were numerous cell shaped caves.

As soon as Wang Lin neared the pit, the balls of light floating mid-air suddenly flashing, quickly merged together, after which the two lights had now transformed into three, this showed that quality of yin cold qi in this place had reached Profound Yin quality!

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, he didn’t rush to jump inside immediately, but walked around the edge of the pit, staring at the three balls of light as he walked, found that as he reached the direct opposite point of his original location, the three balls of light merged back into two balls.

Wang Lin understood, that the improvement in the quality of ji yin is due to the pit. [TLNote: Explanation for why I used Ji Yin instead of Extreme Yin, is below]

Wang Lin touched his chin, hesitated for a minute or two, but did not immediately jump inside to test, but sat down cross-legged and waited for dawn.

Before long, it soon got light, the yin cold qi dissipated, Wang Lin immediately stood up and jumped into the pit, as he fell to the bottom, the small green sword appeared flashing an eerie cold light.

Wang Lin looked up to the sky, it was common sense, that a place this deep, over the countless years would have been surely filled with rainwater.

Wang Lin slightly narrowed his eyes, appearing in his view were dense cell shaped caves on the pit floor.

Although it couldn’t be ascertained how deep these caves were, it was clear that all the rainwater had flowed down them, and Wang Lin squatted down to touch the ground outside the cell caves, it was slightly moist which confirmed his analysis.

And looking around to carefully observe, seeing that there was no danger, he sat down cross-legged and waited for the night to fall.

As the sun set, night enveloped the earth, darkness flooded the ruins, a variety of birds and beasts run away in flocks, did not want to remain here in the night.

The ball of light infront of Wang Lin changed and after turning from one to two, also changed from two to three.

Ordinary level fourth grade, sixth grade, eight grade, tenth grade, good level first grade, third grade, sixth grade, tenth grade, breaking into profound level!

At this time, the midnight has not even arrived and yet the quality of yin cold qi has already reached Profound Yin level, first grade!

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed his surprise, he spread around his soul, gradually he found an oddity, the place where the yin cold qi quality rose, there was a great relationship with the cell shaped caves on the ground.

He saw even a trace of yin cold qi escaping from the ground caves, rapidly integrating with the yin cold qi in the surroundings.

Over time, the three balls flashing with red colour, flashed again and turned to display Profound Yin Second Grade! Finally midnight approached, and the quality reached Profound Yin Fifth grade!

Wang Lin no longer hesitated, and immediately started breathing in the specified manner, breathing in the yin cold qi.

With the slightest yin cold qi condensing in the qi ocean in the chest region, Wang Lin found the difference in the quality, as the yin cold qi condensed in the chest region, its purity exceeded a dozen times compared to before.

Qualitative changes can cause quantitative changes. It can also be said where before he would have had to absorb yin cold qi dozens of times, but now even in just twice the time, he could achieve the same result. [TLNote: For sake of accuracy I kept this sentence as is, but I can explain, for example take time X, where previously he needed 12X time to do a Work Y now he just needs 2X time to do a work Y]

Soon, in the qi ocean in his chest region, yin cold qi formed a whirlpool, the whirlpool moved faster and faster, and like the last time, his dantian underwent a change again.

Within a radius of hundreds of feet, the yin cold qi immediately began flocking to Wang Lin.

With the increase of the size of the whirlpool in the qi ocean, the speed and the range of the absorption became more and more crazy, a moment later, reached the previous time’s limit of a 1000 feet.

But continued to grow, 1200 feet, 1400 feet, 1500 feet.

Within a ten mile radius, the yin cold qi began flowing, as if it was being pushed by a ghost like creature, flowed like crazy into the pit, and swallowed by Wang Lin.

With the yin cold qi entering the whirlpool, it continued to expand, Wang Lin could gradually feel him losing control, he immediately grasping the opportunity, dashed it against the qi ocean opening, and began the process of awakening the point!

The yin cold qi whirlpool like a drill, tried to pierce the qi ocean opening again and again, slowly the qi ocean point began showing signs of opening.

These signs were extremely important, if comparing the breaking open of qi ocean point to breaking a tough wall, then on the wall, cracks are already appearing everywhere, and on the verge of collapse.

Over time, about an hour later, the qi ocean chest point was completely overwhelmed, and with a bang collapsed completely.

A large number of body’s hidden potential energy, emerged from the qi ocean point, as if coming out of a erupting volcano, as it rapidly integrated with the yin cold qi forming a trace of high quality yin cold spiritual force.

Now within the Dantian, Wang Lin’s own spiritual power immediately became unstable, and trembling it rushed out, directing it go rush out, taking advantage of the currently formed yin cold spiritual force not being in large quantity, immediately surrounded it and started devouring it.

Whenever traces of yin cold spiritual force would be formed, it would be immediately swallowed by Wang Lin’s spiritual force, and gradually as it devoured more and more, Wang Lin’s spiritual force also grew, and yin cold spiritual force increased it’s quality sharply.

And at the qi ocean point, a nebula could be seen, slowly rotating, and a current of blue broad and deep spiritual force slowly spread out.

Wang Lin could feel inside his body, this extremely strange spiritual force, his eyes flashed, as he lightly pointed to the rocks on the side.

Instantly, there was a flash of blue light, and the stone became an ice sculpture, letting out yin cold qi.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, and immediately kicked the frozen stone, the stone broke apart with numerous ka ka sounds.

Wang Lin carefully looked at it, and immediately felt shocked, he was alarmed to find, that the internal structure of the rock had changed, from the inside to the outside, there were countless fragments of tiny veins of ice.

In other words, under his spiritual force, the body of the stone was not only frozen but even its internal structure was changed, and it turned into an ice stone!

Wang Lin did not know that his spiritual force, after the series of devouring and integration, had generated a multitude of strange changes, which even Situ Nan if he were awake, would be unable to figure things out.

In mythical times, apart from dividing boundaries based on cultivation, there was a separate spiritual force realm for spiritual force which was divided into three mysterious realms, Ji, Dao, Shi! [TLNote: Ok at this point I just have no words (seriously feel like cursing out loud though)…. however do note that Ji = Extreme and until now I was translating Ji Yin as Extreme Yin, so I guess I will have to change that, also Dao is Road/Path/Direction, and Shi means Beginning or Start]

These three realms are not that apart from each other, but once one of them is formed, then it won’t change for one’s whole life, unless someone resets his cultivation.

But entering these realms, the difficulty cannot be said to big neither can it be said to be small, but it is mostly dependent on chance and accidentally reaching them.

In the mythical times, among these three realms, the somewhat extreme practitioners would not choose the ji realm, because although that realm has very high attack power, but it has many shortcomings, the most fatal being, that ultimately one’s spiritual force can only walk the ji path, and becomes incompatible with all other attributes, this becomes an issue when one seeks to break through the Yuan Ying stage into the Spirit Forming stage.

During the Spirit forming stage, one needs the connect with the heaven and earth, and forming a cycle, rather than taking the Ji route.

Nevertheless, the benefits this realm carries are a lot, it can be said, that at the same level of cultivation, no one can resist, the might of Ji realm Spiritual Force.

Once one is able to cultivate to Late Yuan Ying stage, even if one is not able to enter the Spirit forming stage, but it maybe possible to hold the stable position of the number one master below the spirit forming stage.

Most importantly, as the cultivation improves, the Ji realm Spiritual Force becomes extremely strong, and magic weapons become irrelevant, due to one’s spiritual force, in the same level of cultivation, becomes a powerful weapon itself.

As for Dao realm, it is the most coveted realm for all pracitioners, legends state that as long as spiritual force enters this realm, then one can quickly reach the spiritual forming stage.

It is because of this, that the Dao realm became the ancient practitioners target of pursuit as well as dream.

As for the Shi realm, if we compare Ji realm to death, then Shi realm is life! It is not something that practitioners below the Spirit forming stage can comprehend, and even for the Spirit forming stage practitioners the Shi realm is an unattainable realm.

The three spiritual force realms, are illusory, and in particular after the ancient mythical times, there was disillusioning, and the rumours about the three spiritual force realms, dissipated gradually.

Practitioners began to XiuXian, without understanding their spiritual force, only focusing on the XiuWei realm. [TLNote: XiuWei = Traditional Practise, I had been using practising for this term all along, but I might as well use the original term here for screwing up your mind a bit more]

Wang Lin did not know that his spiritual force, after absorbing huge quantities of Ji Yin had transformed and had developed into the Ji realm!

The reason for all of this, is that Abyssal Ascension Method is one of the very few cultivation methods that focuses on the Ji realm of spiritual force for its techniques.

But the method taught by Situ Nan to Wang Lin is significantly different from the Abyssal Ascension Method of Ancient mythical times, as it could not withstand the passage of time, and as for most of the later generations, they did not mind the deviations.

As for the spiritual force reaching the threshold of the Ji realm, in fact, a key reason, could be the Heaven revolting bead…….

Wang Lin looked at his fingertips, his eyes flashed, at this moment, he raised his head, and leaping lightly flew out from the pit, seeing that, the blue-skinned weird person as if like blue lightning, also moved rapidly.


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