Xian Ni Chapter 90 – First Indications

ObligatoryTLNote: Whew, these longer chapters really take a heck lot more work to push out. But anyways, the next chapter will take much more time to come out because I would start working on it tomorrow AND because it is almost 4 times the size of a normal chapter. Also, I heard you guys wanted some action……..


At this point, the first layer of Abyssal Ascension Method was successfully completed.

The Dantian point was opened.

Wang Lin calmed down, outside the Dantian was yin cold qi mass, one-third of which was mobilized which began attacking the Dantian.

The yin cold qi did not enter the Dantian, but the entire dantian surrounded by the black hole, starting from the outside started sending impact inside.

Hitting again and again, repeatedly “suffering huge casualties”, but yin cold qi had its “morale high” as always, but in an “exceedingly brave manner”, time and time again, launched ferocious attack against the Dantian.

After a long time, the Dantian region of the black hole was overwhelmed, as it began to show signs of collapse, Wang Lin immediately again mobilized one-third of the yin cold qi, and with a bang, completely destroyed the Dantian opening.

Soon the pain hit, as the Dantian opening collapsed, the mutated spiritual power immediately flowed through the Dantian, dissipating into each and every inch of the muscles and bones. Wang Lin without blinking an eye, once again started mobilizing the yin cold qi to awaken the opening once more.

This time the requirements were much higher than the first time, seeing the yin cold qi seeming to be insufficient, Wang Lin mobilized another one-third, replenishing the yin cold qi flow, immediately forming a black hole several times bigger than the previous one, forming a dantian whirlpool, spinning fast.

The vortex moving faster and faster, as it pressed to awaken the opening more urgently, the time quietly flowed through the night.

Wang Lin was also in the later stages of awakening of the opening, the yin cold whirlpool was now moving at great speed, because the speed was too fast, one could see only a nebula swirling at the dantian location,it seemed to be rotating slowly but actually it was rotating at speeds faster than visible to the naked eye.

Until midnight, the big yin cold qi was very dense, at this time in Wang Lin’s body, the black hole was rotating at fast speed, and outside his body, all the yin cold qi within ten feet was getting sucked in like crazy.

It was as if these ten feet, had become a meat grinder for yin cold qi, continuously absorbing nearly infinite amounts of it.

This great dense yin cold qi was getting absorbed into Wang Lin’s body, and immediately getting added to the swirling black hole at the dantian, with it growing slowly, almost breaking through Wang Lin’s limits, inifinite growth. Wang Lin was immediately taken aback, wanted to stop but actually discovered that the whirlpool was beyond his control, could only look at it helplessly as it grew unceasingly. A trace of anxiety appeared in Wang Lin’s heart, as there were no records in the description of Abyssal Ascension Method regarding what was happening with his body.

Wang Lin did not know, that Abyssal Ascension Method is called a devious method, precisely because of its strange changes, some of the practitioners benefit greatly from the changes, while others lose their cultivation and die.

With Situ Nan being dormant, Wang Lin had to rely on himself to resolve this.

As the whirlpool grew, it also increased its violent suction, its range rapidly increased from ten feet, it was a vicious circle, the more widely spread the range, the more yin cold qi it gathered, the faster it grew as a result of which the more it grew its violent suction range.

20 feet, 30 feet, 50 feet, 70 feet, 100 feet……

Within a radius of 100 feet, yin cold qi came quickly as if seething with excitement, this change in the hundred feet radius had triggered the yin qi flow within thousands of feet, and it was as if an invisible hand was moving it closer.

Wang Lin had completely lost control of the whirlpool, he did not know how much time had passed, as the Dantian with a bang was awakened.

This was the second time his Dantian region had been awakened, so same as in the first time, a black hole appeared, and the yin cold qi whirlpool immediately sank into it, Wang Lin’s body changed, and within a radius of 100 feet immediately began sucking in yin cold qi.

If the whirlpool was just using Wang Lin’s body to absorb endless amounts of yin cold qi around, after the appearance of this black hole in Dantian location, the absorption turned into swallowing completely!

The moment that all the yin cold qi in a hundred feet radius was swallowed, it became a vacuum zone, immediately causing widespread changes in a large area, the range of the swallowing also increased rapidly, from 100 feet, to 150 feet, 200 feet, 300 feet, 500 feet, 700 feet and eventually more than 1000 feet.

At this point if you view from the sky, you would see a very strange picture, all the yin cold qi, like a rolling tide, and gathering towards the centre……..

Deep in the ruins, the blue-skinned weird person was clutching a beast’s body, tearing the flesh and blood from it, as he had just swallowed a piece of meat, he turned his head to stare in the direction of Wang Lin, fear could be seen in his eyes, as he hastily dropped the food in his hand, and ran like a scared rabbit from the direction of Wang Lin.

He did not go far, when his pace slowed down, only to discover that the yin cold qi was rapidly moving forward, circulating from all directions, he hesitated a bit, then kept on moving forward until he was at a distance of 3000 feet, at that time he stopped, he was surprised at his own strong tolerance.

As for Wang Lin, his Dantian straightened out, the mutated spiritual power immediately gathered in the dantian black hole, and started fusing together.

The moment that his spiritual power fused, by virtue of his control over his spiritual powers, he was finally able to regain a slight bit of control over the vortex, but with this degree of control, he couldn’t stop the yin cold qi from swirling at the Dantian.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth, this yin cold qi devouring whirlpool is not going to stop, but controlling the yin cold qi in the dantian increases unceasingly to start the third time of opening the dantian, decided to enter into Abyssal Ascension Method third layer!

Under Wang Lin’s direction and guidance, the mass of yin cold qi within the dantian to immediately start dashing against the dantian opening as it collapsed in a flash, turning into a blue awn to dissipate as it slowly appeared as a dark blue crystal, this dark blue crystal became turbulent with the arrival of the Yin Cold Qi attacks, and it became more and more dark, eventually turning into cyan.

The third time opening of the point was easily completed. A cold Dan appeared in Wang Lin’s dantian. From the cold dan, numerous tentacles extended, spreading throughout the body of Wang Lin.

The mutated spiritual power in his body, with the appearance of the cold dan, underwent rapid change.

At this time the yin cold qi was still strong, Wang Lin had a intuitition, that if he let the yin cold qi be continuously swallowed, then after becoming full there would be a big explosion, this intuition became stronger with the passage of time, as a faint feeling rose up in his body.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth, his face revealed a look that he was ready for any sacrifice, as he marshalled the yin cold qi to breakthrough into the fourth layer of Abyssal Ascension Method!

Situ Nan had emphasized that in this cultivation method, the first layer, fourth layer, and the seventh layer are very difficult to practise, since it is the time when the three points are broken for the first time, that is, Dantian, ocean of qi, ancestral orifice, being those three points.

The original requirement of the Abyssal Ascension Method, was that after consolidating the three layers, the cold dan in dantian, should reach a certain level of cultivation moisture before attempts to breakthrough further are made.

But presently in Wang Lin’s body the spiritual force has fused with the mass of yin cold qi, an arrow that has been strung must be shot, therefore, decided to break through to the fourth layer of Abyssal Ascension Method!

Chest position, Qi Ocean opening!

The swirling mass of Yin cold qi slowly rose from the Dantian, and after a long time finally came to the position of Qi ocean opening, and immediately started spinning like crazy.

The Qi ocean was like a bottomless pit, kept absorbing the yin cold qi from the vortex, the attempts towards awakening the opening failed again and again, as the time passed, it was getting brighter.

Within the radius of thousand feet, the yin cold qi slowly dissipated, and finally disappeared.

Wang Lin’s chest area, Qi ocean remained the same, in Abyssal Ascension method, the success rate for awakening this point was described as very difficult, as it also left a deep impression on him, even after a hundred hits it didn’t budge, with each failure causing loss of yin cold qi due to it flowing outside the body.

The hundred hits had caused a large consumption of yin cold qi, plus it being broad daylight leaving him with no yin cold qi within thousands of feet and no substitute, so the remaining yin cold qi was slowly absorbed by the cold dan in Wang Lin’s body.

This night, Wang Lin had absorbed too much of the yin cold qi into his spiritual power, with the resulting fusion causing it completely change into yin cold spiritual power.

With the amount, Wang Lin could clearly feel that the yin cold spiritual power had almost doubled inside his body, and he was at the peak of early foundation building stage.

He opened his eyes, recalled the experiences of the night, although he was scared, but much of it was the part of his method of cultivation, as he reflected on the advantages and disadvantages.

The night had inadvertently triggered a metamorphosis in his practise, it opened a way of thinking to Wang Lin.

The advantage of this kind of practise, could be clearly understood, but the downside is that the risk factor is too high, even a little carelessness could cause him to explode, but with this experience Wang Lin, believed that by the next time, he would certainly have a planned step by step method to reduce the risk to a minimum.

“It seems that I must change my temporary place of residence, although he absorbed a lot of yin cold qi, but it was not of high quality, it could not meet the increased requirements of success in awakening the point.” Wang Lin muttered to himself, he faintly recognized the requirements of awakening the point, it was definitely recorded in Abyssal Ascension Method, that the higher the quality of the extreme yin, the greater will be the success rate of awakening the point.

Wang Lin thought back to a few months ago, when he had tested the quality of the extremity of yin, the tower shaped building —- where the light source resides, had reached good level first grade, therefore in his heart, decided it to be perfect.

At the same time, in the sky outside the jungle, suddenly a dark body exuding an aura enough to destroy heavens and drown earth, he remained silent, and his face was dark, as he stared at the jungle beneath his feet, strongly revealing killing intent.

“Li Er, Grandfather will definitely take your revenge.”

It was the Teng Jia Ancestor Teng Hua Yuan, although his curses had led the way, but unfortunately as if there was a fog blocking him, he could not determine the specific direction, only knew that his target was in the jungle beneath his feet.

Speaking of this jungle, it was a last resort for Teng Hua Yuan, actually he did not want to go, he could clearly feel that within the jungle there were formidable things, that he dare not mess with.

But he refused to live with Teng Li’s death, Teng Hua Yuan secretly wondered, that although he is entering such a territory, but he is looking for the enemy, surely it would not be powerful enough for hiim to be held accountable.

With slight hesitation, he clenched his teeth, then moving his body rushed into the jungle.

Deep in the jungle ruins, a piece was quietly lifted from a coffin, a withered hand flashing dark purple light, extends outward slowly, gripping firmly, suddenly a purple thunder ball, condenses out from his hands, exuding a dangerous aura.

“The deadline of hundred years draws near, my master, the previous time you discarded your mortal body to evade, this time you can not run away!”


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