Xian Ni Chapter 89 – Intimidating Magic Weapon

ObligatoryTLNote: If you find yourself getting lost, remember it is only a natural reaction, keep up with the chapters, eventually you may feel your doubts……… getting replaced with new doubts, so you don’t have to worry too much.


“Wang taking advantage of this place to practise, trying to keep wounding shots as a last resort, if you go back and not disturb my practise, then today’s matter, I will overlook it.” Wang Lin’s eyes were shimmering with cold light, as he said coldly.

The weird person’s face grew puzzled, opened his mouth and said a few words in sharp tone, Wang Lin frowned, he could not understand a word, so he clearly the weird person didn’t understand what he said.

Wang Lin slightly narrowed his eyes, slowly moving a few steps to the side, he came beneath a broken wall. The weird person seeing Wang Lin move immediately became vigilant.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and the broken wall mended at a very fast speed. The weird person, looked at Wang Lin’s fingers without blinking, his face gradually revealed a look of clarity.

Wang Lin with his fingers sketched a rough plan of the ruins on the wall, then he stared at the weird person, with his fingers he cut into the surface, dividing it into two.

Then, Wang Lin gestured towards the weird person when his fingers moved towards the right half, and then he gestured towards himself as his fingers moved towards the left half. After having done this, Wang Lin slowly moved his finger from right to left leaving a mark on the wall, and he stared at the weird person, with eyes full of killing intent, the meaning was self-evident.

“If you come to me again, even if Wang has to consume all his spiritual power, I will definitely kill you.”

The weird person face changed colour, he hesitated, touching his chest, his eyes revealing some lingering fear, he was quite afraid of Wang Lin’s flying sword, as it was currently floating infront of him, along with the sheath, he opened his mouth and said a few words in savage high tone.

Wang Lin frowned, the weird person did not understand Wang Lin’s intent, then again anxiously used large hand gestures, after half a day of racking his brains, the weird person jumped up and got near the broken wall, and with his fist instantly broke it, on his whole bad symbols flashed fiercely as the wall broke with a bang.

The weird person grabbed a few pieces of the rubble, his face as if he was reflecting on memories, he placed the stones around, and after that looked at Wang Lin with hope and yelled a few times strangely.

Wang Lin loosening his eyebrows, used gravity with his right hand and suddenly the weird person’s stones all floated and as if by some predetermined pattern fell to one side. Then using his hand seals, a white light emerged, suddenly a fog came to cover the place where the stones were.

“You spoke about this formation?” Wang Lin staring at the weird person said unhurriedly.

The weird person started dancing at once, revealing a quite excited look, he beat his chest, suddenly the symbols on his body flashed, and the ground shook, he shouted loudly, the ground in that formation slowly elevated, unexpectedly revealing a giant pit.

Floating mid-air the formation like a small mountain, as the weird person raised his eyes upward, and nodded to Wang Lin, and then hastily turned around to leave, did not go far, when he stopped, turned his head to look deeply at Wang Lin, roared out loud, and then simultaneously with one hand lifting the hill, gesturing to Wang Lin, he quickly disappeared back into the ruins.

Wang Lin stared at the weird person’s figure, he did not consider killing him, but this person’s yellow paper was too weird, Wang Lin unwilling to engage in a life and death struggle, chose to communicate.

As he was thinking this, suddenly his face changed, and killing intent appeared in his eyes, as the flying sword let out a buzzing sound emitted out dense chill. The weird person had returned!

“You have a death wish!” Wang Lin looking at the distant slowly appearing figure, said with a cold voice.

The weird person stopped, holding a round object infront of him which he swung again and again, his face revealed an expression of trying to make Wang Lin understand, but seeing as how Wang Lin’s eyes were still cold, he threw the object into the hands of Wang Lin.

Wang Lin deliberately took a few steps back, as the weird person’s small round object rolling on the ground, stopped not far away from Wang Lin.

After throwing out the object, the weird person grinned towards Wang Lin, and turned to disappear back with the yin cold qi.

At this point it was getting light, Wang Lin looked cautiously in the direction that weird person was, after a long time, coming back to his senses, he walked slowly towards where the circular object lay, and looked down.

It was only one-tenth of the size of a fist, it’s surface was covered with dust, and even some edges and cracks could be seen, as he was watching, Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly moved, he picked up a stone lying around and banged it against the bead, the bead rolled backwards at once.

A faint trace of spiritual power fluctuations shed from the bead at once.

“This is a magic weapon?” He hesitated, taking it into his hand, the bead floated, he carefully observed it for a long time, and finally his eyes flashed, as he without hesitation, gripping the bead in his hand, swept away with his soul, and urged forward his spiritual power.

Suddenly a trace of white smoke emerged from the round bead, this dense white smoke floating in mid-air, in a blink of an eye turned into an old man dressed in white, this old man had white hair, brown skin, and hawk like eyes, his body letting out a dangerous aura, he glanced casually at Wang Lin, exposing a mocking expression, he said slowly: “Do you dare battle with this old man?”

Wang Lin was stunned, taking a few steps back, he carefully looked at him, the old man’s cultivation was at fifteenth layer of concentrating qi, he touched his nose, with his eyes flashing, he increased his spiritual power.

Circulating his spiritual power, the Old man’s body’s momentum rose sharply, and finally stopped at mid foundation building stage, with his dark hair floating without wind, the old man floated, his eyes full of bloodthirst as he said: “You, dare to fight with this old man?”

Wang Lin was completely shocked, the effect of this magical bead was too unpredictable as he was pondering, once again increased the flow of spiritual power.

The Old man’s eyes flashed extremely brightly, his imposing attitude grew immensely, sounds of wind and thunder, after the increase, Wang Lin could no longer see through its cultivation, and just a glance was enough to scare him, at this time, the Old man took a deep breath, and taking the mannerism similar to a peerless master, looked around disdainfully, putting his hands behind his back, with a lonely expression on his face, said indifferently: “A person below JieDan stage doesn’t have the qualification to fight against this Old man, Go Away!”

Wang Lin retrieved the spiritual power back to within himself, the old man vanished into smoke, and within the bead a clicking sound is heard, and some cracks are added onto the bead.

Wang Lin looked at the bead in his hand for a long while, speechless, regarding the utility of this magic weapon, he was truly convinced at last! This was a magic weapon, it is almost indistinguishable from a real expert, the changes in the old man, the temperament, speech and even the movements are akin to a “master”, especially the phrase, “A person below JieDan stage doesn’t have the qualification to fight against this Old man, Go Away!”

With such powerful expressions and imposing attitude, Wang Lin admitted that any one would find it difficult to call it fake, after all the Old man carried a heavy atmosphere, most people who see his eyes, would think he is a real peerless master!

And as for the level of cultivation, the more spiritual power is poured into the bead, the greater the Old man’s strength. To frighten people, in fact, this would be the primary choice!

“This was probably that blue skinned weird person’s intent, he took the formation so in order to not let me feel bad, gave me such a treasure.” Wang Lin putting away the magic weapon, chuckled to himself.

At this point, he analyzed, the blue skinned weird person must not be using magic weapons, so in the city ruins there must also be other treasures.

Now the ruins of the city, had become in Wang Lin’s eyes, mysterious treasure trove.

“A light beam that can heal any injuries, Illusion type magic weapons, mysterious weird person, in the end how many secrets does this place have?” Wang Lin touched his chin, at this time, the sky was bright, he tried to practise arranging formations, then sat down to breathe in yin cold qi dew, sitting still, breathing and breathing.

Time flew by, and two months passed.

On this day, Wang Lin was sitting cross-legged in his room, breathing in the yin cold qi, after two months, his body had formed a strong yin cold qi mass, at this time, he was ready to awaken the first point of Abyssal Ascension Method.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, the Abyssal Ascension Method he had studied thoroughly, regarding the techniques related to opening of the three points he had also memorized.

The three points that are to be awakened, respectively are, Dantian in the Lower abdomen, the Ocean of Qi in the Chest, and the Ancestral orifice in the brain.

These three points respectively need to be broken three times, so through this cycle the cold Dan is formed, in simpler terms, taking Dantian for example, according to the summarized description in Abyssal Ascension method, after the culmination of the first layer, the Dantian straightens out, and in order to break through to the second layer, it has to be broken down and awakened again to reopen it.

The basic principle of Abyssal Ascension Technique is that without destruction there can be no construction, first to break down, then to lay down.

Wang Lin pondered for a moment, according to the method’s technique, the mass of yin cold qi should be mobilized towards the dantian, in order to start the awakening of the first point.

Under his control, the mass of yin cold qi, moved faster and faster, waves of pain came from the lower abdomen, Wang Lin had memorized the exercise description, he knew that this was normal reaction before reconstruction, the pain signals that the reconstruction is coming closer.

This pain, not something that an ordinary person can endure, it like a knife piercing the lower abdomen, constantly twisting and cutting. Large drops of perspiration dropped from his forehead, Wang Lin in a matter of only a few seconds had become soaked in sweat.

Turning sharply the yin cold qi mass, swirled, yin cold qi slowly spread around, when looked from the outside, blue frost could be seen forming gradually on Wang Lin’s abdominal region.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth, the pain was getting more intense, the yin cold qi swept through Wang Lin’s body at once.

At this moment, with the swirling yin cold qi mass, a deep black hole appeared, the moment it appeared, the yin cold qi mass like herded cattle, rapidly sank into it.

The spiritual power in his body, was also getting swallowed similarly, recklessly coming out from all parts of the body, sucked in by that black hole.

A bizarre change appeared in the black hole, the spiritual power and the yin cold qi normally stay out of each other’s turf and don’t interfere with each other, but after entering the black hole, both as if fighting over the black hole’s turf, started fiercely attacking each other.

Gradually, the yin cold qi and spiritual power, began devouring each other and fusing together, finally forming a distinctive variation of spiritual power, in the slowly rotating black hole.


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