Xian Ni Chapter 83 – Seizing Foundation (3)

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ObligatoryTLNote: Ok there are plenty reasons for this being late, foremost being that it was too damn long (atleast from my perspective) and I felt too drowsy after doing it, so I postponed the release to after I wake up (so that Flowerbridge can also release his chapter by that time).
As for the many webnovel suggestions you guys put up for my alternatives, they are interesting, but I really don’t want to interfere with a project that is already being translated by a translator, it leads to unnecessary disputes. As for Kuang Shen, I read the novel that is translated so far, except the overtly pink scenarios here and there, it is fine (and the chapter a week deadline is good), I know that the TLer is AWOL, but I don’t know how the group would react to a “Machine Translator” doing their project’s chapters without permission, moreso when such permission is impossible due to said TLer being AWOL. So, for now, I will continue doing Xian Ni and random stuff on the side (I did Chapter 1 of another story in my free time). If you guys see this as me stealing time away from Xian Ni, well that isn’t exactly true. Because even I need breaks time and time again.

So, with that said, enjoy the chapter.

Two days later, Wang Lin was filling his water reserves on one side of a brook, while keeping a discrete lookout on all sides, suddenly his eyes moved, as he cursed: “Truly lingering like a Ghost”

Taking out the flying sword, putting back the gourd, he jumped across the river, and ran deep into the jungle.

A moment later, Teng Li was careful to not use any magic, having caught up, at this moment he cut a very sorry figure, his body had lost its lustre, he had lost large patches of skin, as he dragged along his right hand, with his shoulders hung down.

Disheveled, looking ashen, with monstrous anger in his eyes, his hate for Wang Lin had gone beyond everything, ever since childhood, he had never been in such a embarrassing and awkward situation.

All of this, was thanks to Wang Lin.

Two days ago, that strange vine, had almost brought him to the verge of death, how could a vine have so much power, having received his moisture, the vine began to grow. [TLNote: The City’s Name is Teng Jia where Teng means Vine, Teng Li means Vine Li, and a Vine made him its bitch…..]

If it had been just that, his great flying sword would have dealt with it, but this vine, if cut off one, it becomes two, as it kept on increasing.

Even the thunder balls that follow the flying sword, were unable to eliminate the vines.

Wang Lin was also sneak attacking with his strange flying sword from time to time, his right arm had gotten a big wound due to Wang Lin’s flying sword.

Teng Li had no choice but to use his life-saving emergency weapon that was given to him by his old man in Teng Jia city, it was an extremely powerful Yuan treasure, this Yuan treasure had only one use, ever since he got it, he had never encountered a crisis where he could use it, but two days ago, he knew that if he doesn’t use it, then he would die.

Under the huge might of that Yuan treasure, most of the vines were destroyed as the rest retreated underground, taking advantage of this chance, Teng Li quickly rushed out.

Even remembering it now, he felt a cold sweat, he hated Wang Lin’s guts.

In particular due to the fact that Wang Lin didn’t encounter him head on, every attack of his, was with that strange flying sword, which was almost impossible to guard against, leaving him no choice but to consume his spiritual force, and keep released all day his flying sword to spiral around him for self-defense.

After looking around the river carefully, hesitating a little, he squat down near the river and drank, after five-six days of continuous pursuit, he had become thirsty.

The river water was sweet and refreshing, Teng Li felt good, and picked up some more to drink but suddenly a green flying sword appeared silently infront of him, and directly rushed towards him in a stabbing motion.

Teng Lin without batting an eye, quickly retreated, as he quickly let out his own flying sword, which engaged the green flying sword, issuing a “Clang” like metallic voice, the small green flying sword obviously lost, as some scratches appeared on its body, with a flash, it suddenly disappeared.

“Damn, let me catch you, I will let you have a taste of all the possible torture in the world, and then refine your soul alive, this I Teng Li do swear.” Teng Li had just seen the little green sword slowly land, causing him to loudly yell out curse words.

Wang Lin was running inside the jungle, with a red complexion, and blood dripping from his mouth, as he flipped his right hand, a small green sword appeared, looked sad as he saw the scratches on the blade, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed coldly, and without saying anything, he quickly left.

After five days, Wang Lin and Teng Li, had run deep into the jungle, and that night, Wang Lin suddenly came to a stop.

“Boy, did you notice, some heavy spiritual fluctuations in the north-west, go take a look.” Situ Nan quickly said, these days, and every day, Situ Nan had been helping out Wang Lin survive this crisis in the jungle.

Wang Lin without hesitation, turned around and moved to the north-west, and soon arrived at the place of spiritual power fluctuations.

Seeing the scene infront of him, his pupils contracted immediately.

In the moonlight, he could see giant trees uprooted everywhere, and scattered around, a clear patch of land, a rotting corpse without even the slightest sign of vitality, lay on the ground.

On top of his head, a grean ball was floating in mid-air, gathering the spiritual powers from the surrounding areas, it was forming a whirlpool.

“Green Dan? I did not expect that in a third ranked XiuZhen country, there are people who practise green dan of the devil’s way.” Situ Nan hesitantly said in surprise.

“What is Green Dan?” Wang Lin asked.

“It’s fourth ranked XiuZhen country JieDan form that is unique to Devil’s way, this green dan is also called Exploding Dan, it is different from the ordinary gold dan, although a person can have only one gold dan, but green dan has no such limitation, I remember a fourth ranked XiuZhen country Madman, who had tens of thousands of Green dan, although he was only in JieDan stage, but even Yuan Ying and Ying Bian experts of the fifth ranked XiuZhen countries are reluctant to provoke this madman, must know that beside increasing cultivation, a major function of these green Dan is to explode, and ten thousand Green dans exploding would be no small matter, hehe.” Situ Nan explained.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, as he suddenly said: “This man in front only has a few green dan, did you notice?”

“Him? Not bad, this person is obviously dead, should have had some knowledge of demon magic, presumably during his lifetime would have been a fourth ranked XiuZhen country Devil’s way intermediary, probably moments before his death, casted some secret technique causing him to become demon corpse.”

That demon corpse discovered Wang Lin obviously, but he did not rise up, just slightly raised his right index finger, a green lazer shot out from his fingertips rushing straight to Wang Lin’s eyebrows.

Wang Lin quickly retreated dodging the green laser.

That green light kept chasing, but after moving back and forth, suddenly condensed together in one place, transforming into an unreal silhouette, as it kept staring at Wang Lin, making ambiguous sounds.

“Go away…….this place……you……..die…….” After that the shadow flashed, and scattered into numerous green dots as they disappeared, the strong spiritual power fluctuations also disappeared without a trace, completely masked.

Wang Lin carefully went back without batting any eye, as he quickly left, his eyes flashed coldly, did not continue to run away from Teng Li, but standing a bit far way, he spread his soul sense, and waited for Teng Li to come to him.

Teng Li’s flying sword continuously wandered around his body and cut down all obstructions infront of him, suddenly his look changed, revealing a slight grin, he pointed with his left hand, and his flying sword immediately shot out and rushed forward.

After Wang Lin’s figure came into his vision, Teng Li’s heart thumped, he cautiously looked around, found nothing out of the ordinary, but Wang Lin’s unusual behaviour caused him to be careful, as he sneered: “Why isn’t he running.”

Wang Lin, pointing with his right hand, the green flying sword appeared in front of him, as he quickly threw it out the flying sword thrusted forward. At the same time, he flipped his hand, and from his storage bag, a piece of jade talisman flew out, Wang Lin using a hand seal mudra, spit out LingQi from his mouth, spraying it on the jade seal.

Suddenly, four golden characters, emerged from the Jade talisman.

Teng Li grinned, bit his left index finger, letting a drop of blood fall on his flying sword, the flying sword suddenly shook, letting a strong red colour, it immediately transformed into a giant sword, several thunder balls emerged, but a lot less than they were before.

The giant sword, immediately let out cold chill in the air, as Teng Li swung his left hand, the giant sword cut down swiftly.

Wang Lin’s green flying sword had teleported behind Teng Li and was about to pierce through him, when from his storage bag, suddenly a small goblet flew out, instantly becoming big and turned translucent as it attached itself to Teng Li’s body.

As the small green sword stabbed the goblet, suddenly faint ripples emerged on the goblet’s surface.

As the giant sword was cutting down at this time, Wang Lin made the four characters that had come out of the Jade talisman face the giant sword, and after that he retreated quickly, and soon arrived at the place where the demon corpse was there.

The four golden characters collided with the giant sword, and cracked open, there was a spiritual power tussle between them, but there were too few characters, as the sword hit again and again, the characters had all exploded, the Sword half-paused in mid-air then cut down at an extremely fast speed.

A ka ka sound could be heard from the ground, unable to bear the sword’s pressure, several giant trees got uprooted, seeing the giant sword coming, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, a blue light emerged from his chest, and rapidly spread throughout his body, as he teleported.

From being almost close to the tip of the sword, Wang Lin appeared a hundred meters away. A ray of blood, shed from his forehead.

The sword with a big bang, cut down. Then suddenly, an ear-piercing ghost’s cry screeched, echoing all around, and the corpse let out a strong aura converging into a silhouette, which quickly moving under the flying sword, rushed straight towards Teng Li.

Teng Li’s face changed, he had some doubts before, but he didn’t know that there was a monster like this, he retreated quickly, while the thunderballs along with the flying sword fell down on the demon corpse body.

The thunder balls were extremely powerful, as they immediately blasted the corpse to high heavens, the corpse let out a few sounds, as the explosions landed on several parts, at some places dark bones could be seen.

Teng Li sneered again, he moved his left hand’s finger, suddenly appeared a dozen more thunder balls, as they fell, the giant sword also cut down.

Wang Lin’s expression darkened, he hadn’t thought that this corpse was so weak, and was about to escape.

The Demon corpse also saw things going bad, in such a life and death crisis, he immediately let out a screech, and spit out Green Dan, and the green dan immediately after appearing, immediately exploded with a big bang.

Great ripples immediately spread out with the corpse as a center point, all the surrounding trees turned into ash, Teng Li standing close by, bit his tongue and then sprayed out a mouthful of blood onto the goblet that was attached to his body.

The giant goblet flashed, then from its translucent state immediately turned into a condensed real state, as it looked ancient in appearance with several characters looming around.

When the shock waves collided with it, the goblet flashed intensely, persisted only for a moment, then cracked open.

During the time the goblet resisted, Teng Li had taken out several magic tools, and the moment that goblet cracked, several defensive layers appeared outside his body.



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