Xian Ni Chapter 81 – Seizing Foundation (1)

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ObligatoryTLNote: No marathons during weekdays, so you guys will just have to endure. Also, for those interested, in order to put off getting burnt out from too much Xian Ni, I have decided to take up side-project(s), they will mostly be done during my filler time, with no fixed schedule other than “I felt like doing it, so I did it”, the Xian Ni daily chapters will continue until I say otherwise. The story/stories will be of VRMMO genre, some might like it, some might hate it, some might curse me, some might praise me, I just have one thing to say to them: “I am doing it because I feel like it.” Precisely, the reason I even started doing Xian Ni, I guess. I won’t be making separate posts for them, I will try to set up pages for them similar to how more professional blogs do it. I might leave a link for them now and then at the top of Xian Ni chapter updates, so keep a watch out.

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There was an ancient sword that was too blurry to distinguish clearly, and carried a devilish aura around itself, making people simply unable to stop getting engrossed in it, after a long time, Wang Lin regained consciousness, his eyes flashed as he seemed to have realized something.

Three days later, Teng Jia city bloomed, there were many cultivators coming and going, Zhang Hu and Wang Lin had long left the inn and were wandering the city.

Zhang Hu was going to sell the ginseng and after discussing it with Wang Lin, had left alone.

Wang Lin was strolling around in the city, looking at the stalls, at a stall there were plenty of magic weapons that he liked, but the asking price was too much, Wang Lin being cash-strapped, had to leave.

As he walked along, suddenly he stopped, before him was a XiuZhen stall, littered accross it were flying swords and jade talismans, along with a wire-bound book.

On the book was written in small print: — “Basic Formation spell research notes.” [TLNote: I do hope that you all know the Formations from Stellar Transformations, yea the same thing, also for those who don’t, think of the mountain protector spell, yea that was a formation]

“Formation spell?” Wang Lin touched his chin, picking it up to have a look, it was a very thick booklet, about fifty or sixty pages, and the letters inside were densely packed written in really small print, along with some illustrations.

“Ten LingShi, If don’t want to buy, then don’t mess with it.” The stall owner who was a thirty year old man, said casually lifting his eyes.

Ten LingShi were all he had, after Wang Lin pondered a little, turning it over in his mind a few times, seeing that the stall owner was getting impatient, he took out ten lingshi, and holding the formation spell book, turned to leave.

After circling around various stalls, Wang Lin saw a lot of Wood attribute materials, but most of them were expensive, there was a piece of iron wood, which was going at sky-high price.

The day passed before he realized, before it got dark, Wang Lin went back to the inn, as he reached outside the inn and was about to go in. Suddenly, he stopped, and raised his eyebrows.

At this time, the inn is usually very busy, but today it was very quiet, unusually quiet.

Wang Lin swept away with his soul, suddenly his face changed, the entire inn was covered with a mysterious fog, and the fog blocked Wang Lin’s soul.

Wang Lin without hesitation, suddenly retreated back with an explosive force, wrapping his whole body with gravity technique, flew tens of meters away, just like an arrow.

“Huh? Pretty fast reflexes.” With a slightly puzzled voice, sounding carefree, out of the inn came a person twenty five-six years old, with dashing eyes, and scimitar like eyebrows, he was white like snow, the end of his sleeves, were embroidered with a tengtiao. [TLNote: Teng as in TengJia city]

He looked at Wang Lin who was retreating rapidly, sneering he said: “Teng A and Teng B you two take care of Zhang Hu, break his cultivation and put him into jail, I will go and return with the clever boy.

As his voice faded, two ghosts suddenly appeared in front of him, like out of thin air, gradually gaining form, into two wrinkled old men, one of them said in a deep voice: “Little Lord, these two people are after all in our Teng Jia city, so doing this would break a rule that old man set, if old man asked……..”

The white youth frowned and stared in the direction of the escaping Wang Lin, and said: “If my great grandfather asked, then tell him the facts, this Zhang Hu colluded with outsiders and killed his teacher, after doing such an evil thing, how could I let them go?”

Then he slammed his sleeves, moving his body, he instantly launched, and rapidly chased the fleeing Wang Lin.

The two old men watched the youth leave, then they turned back into ghosts, and disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin pushed himself to the limits, reaching his top speed, flew away, in an instant arrived at Teng Jia periphery, would be able to get out shortly, when suddenly a voice sprang from the walls, as several figures appeared on the wall: “Flying is strictly prohibited in Teng Jia city, Friend stop!”

Wang Lin without hesitation, with the current crisis, he refused to let the LingQi liquid be exposed, with a flip of his hand, took out a LingQi gourd, drinking a big mouthful, there was a sudden increase in his spiritual power, he took a deep breath, his body shook, but soon, like lightning he rushed out at twice his previous speed.

The several TengJia disciples were trying to block, had their complexions change one after another. Wang Lin waved his hand, with his gravity technique spreading around, he threw sideways all the disciples blocking his path.

Like an unstoppable force, Wang Lin rushed out of the TengJia city, behind him, due to his antics, more than one hundred TengJia disciples, using all sorts of magic, had caught up.

Wang Lin was bitter, he was perplexed by now, he didn’t know what happened in the inn, obviously the white youth was waiting for him to return to the inn, if he hadn’t escaped immediately, afraid that it would have been disaster for him.

As for Zhang Hu, Wang Lin could hardly protect himself, so he just hoped for the best.

Outside the Teng Jia city, Wang Lin rushed southwards, behind him were numerous Teng Jia disciples, also coming in hot pursuit from the direction of the Teng Jia city, was a rainbow with a huge aura, as it passed by the numerous teng jia disciples in a flash, and rushed towards Wang Lin in a chopping motion.

The flying sword condensed into a huge entity, it emitted a strong killing intent, as it cut down from the sky. At this split-second, the surroundings transformed, countless violet thunder balls suddenly coacervated in the sky, falling together with the flying sword.

Wang Lin had a creepy feeling, Situ Nan screamed as he said: “Fuck, this is a Yuan Treasure, Wang Lin, focus your mind, I will teleport you.”

Instantly, blue crystals emerged from Wang Lin’s chest, as they rapidly diffused, diffusing the whole body, then the huge entity landed on the ground, letting out huge bursts of roaring sound, making a huge rift, the violet balls following the sword fell within a radius of hundred metres forming thunder waves.

Wang Lin’s body was gone before the sword landed, and reappeared about 300 metres away, Wang Lin without hesitation, fled fast.

Situ Nan said with a frail voice, as he cursed: “This little bastard youth, actually is late stage foundation building, if you were also at the foundation building stage, then this old man would have been able to display some spells taking advantage of your body, but at present you are in Concentrating Qi, even with my help, can atmost kill an intermediate stage foundation building person.”

Teng Li frowned, but immediately stretched out laughing: “Below the JieDan level, you are the first to escape unscathed from my Teng Li’s sword, if I had not already promised JiMo brother, I would not have wanted to kill you.”

Wang Lin without looking back, escaped fast, this time he had consumed too much spiritual power, as he took out a gourd and quickly drank a mouthful, with that, his speed suddenly got somewhat faster.

Teng Li’s eyes flashed coldly, as he said in a grim voice: “Let me see if you can teleport more times.” With that he pointed his right hand, suddenly the sky got dark and a big sword appeared again.


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