Chapter 79 Refining the Flying Sword

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Zhang Hu put all the sweet potatoes in his hands, into his mouth, after swallowing them he said: “Teng Jia city, is a relatively large XiuZhen clan, it is said to have YuanYing experts, if any XiuZhen person wants to enter the city, then he has to give up a low-grade LingShi, and if he decides to reside there, then has to give up one lingshi every month. Over the years, I secretly scraped some LingShi together, should be enough to live for six months.”

Wang Lin rubbed his chin and said: “Zhang Hu, will this Teng Jia city have trade fairs?”

Zhang Hu nodded and said: “Ah, every month a large-sacle trade fair is organized, all the nearby XiuZhenists come, are you going to exchange something?”

Wang Lin nodded and said: “Why, am I not welcome at the place where you are going? I don’t have many LingShi, will be depending on you.”

Teng Jia city, is a clan quite famous in the northern Zhao sector, the Clan ancestor Teng Sen had succeeded in breaking through JieDan into YuanYing in only these 500 years, therefore, did not participate in the fourth ranked foreign XiuZhen country battlefield.

He is also been offered high ranking posts by high officials, he is well respected and holds a mighty status.

Teng Jia City, it is precisely because of such an ancestor, even if it is not a big faction, no one wants to provoke it.

The Teng Jia city fair, provides a platform for a variety of XiuZhenists, causing the Teng Jia city to get crowded during the few days at the beginning of each month.

Due to so many people, naturally there will be friction, many people come with great ambitions, meeting each other, a fight breaking out is inevitable, keeping that in mind, the Clan Ancestor Teng Sen has ordered a ban on fighting.

Inside the city, fighting is prohibited.

After this order, the Teng Jia had gained an austere look, after the declaration of the order, Teng Sen had to get rid of trouble a few times, even once killed two JieDan masters, since then, anybody who came to Teng Jia city, strictly obeyed this prohibition order.

On this day, two rainbows could be seen flying in the sky, stopping outside the Teng Jia city, one of them said: “Wang Lin, flying and fighting are prohibited in Teng Jia city, so we can stay here.”

They were, Wang Lin and Zhang Hu.

Wang Lin’s eyes swept away, looked at the entrance to the Teng Jia city, this Teng Jia city is not very large, far smaller than a city, pretty similar to a town.

Outside the entrance stood two Teng Jia disciples wearing smiles, they were responsible for receiving the travelers and issuing access cards.

He used his soul sense, under Wang Lin’s eyes, their cultivation wasn’t a secret, they were on Concentrating Qi third layer, same as Zhang Hu.

Looking at the row of people waiting to enter the city, standing along side Zhang Hu, Wang Lin used his soul sense on all of them in his spare time, the people infront of him had varying cultivation levels with the highest being at the thirteenth layer of Concentrating Qi.

After a long time, Wang Lin and Zhang Hu’s turn finally arrived, at that point suddenly from the sky, a figure flying in from a distance emerged, emitting a strong aura, Wang Lin swept away with his soul, and was immediately startled, this person looked quite young, roughly about 30 years old, but had already reached the Foundation building stage.

The moment he arrived at the entrance, he flipped his sleeves, suddenly a strange wind appeared, and most of the people were scattered around by the wind, some with poor cultivation even fell down and rolled on the ground.

Zhang Hu was affected too, but was grabbed by Wang Lin, just as he was about to be pushed a long way away.

Wang Lin was also blown back a few steps, as maintained a calm expression, but looked coldly at the man.

The man snorted lightly as he strode towards the Entrance, pulling out a emblem from his pocket, the two disciples immediately showed a deferential attitude, and one of them even accompanied him inside.

“This man, what is his cultivation level? How come even the flipping of his sleeves so powerful?” Zhang Hu with eyes full of envy asked.

“Foundation building stage.” Wang Lin said lightly.

Then the two approached the gate, Zhang Hu quickly stepped forward and paid two low-grade LingShi and along with Wang Lin walked through the gate.

Zhang Hu had clearly been here many times, was familiar with city as he found an inn along with Wang Lin, after paying two LingShi, booked two rooms.

“LingShi is running out quickly, hope that the 500 years old ginseng can be sold for a good price, then we can divide it half.” Zhang Hu said with a smile to Wang Lin.

The two chatted for a while, the returned to their respective rooms.

Wang Lin sat down cross-legged in the room, took out the flying sword and sheath that he had taken from Zhang Hu’s master, after examining them for a while, his eyes flashed, threw out the flying sword, and formed hand mudra, from the flying sword a golden light dissipated instantly, suddenly it seemed that the flying sword was rejuvenated as it buzzed loudly, and seemed to want to run out of the room.

As the flying sword rushed to one side, it seemingly hit an invisible wall, quickly turned back and rushed the other direction, tried that several times but everytime was blocked by an invisible wall, the flying sword shaking fiercely, swung it’s tip and stabbed towards Wang Lin.

Wang Lin maintained a calm expression, casually took out from his storage bag, the Jade talisman that was his emergency measure to save his life, using hand mudram suddenly light shot out from the Jade seal, shooting a golden light, that caused the flying sword to suddenly become very afraid as it hastily retreated.

Wang Lin moved his right hand, the gold light no longer chased, and began hovering around Wang Lin’s body. Seeing that the flying sword, dared not come forward, and tried dashing against the sides with even more frequency.

Without blinking an eye, Wang Lin spit out from his mouth spiritual power, which quickly wrapped the flying sword, the flying sword suddenly flashed, and dodged fiercely, and immediately vanishing from that place, re-appeared near the door, and was about to rush out.

At that point, its colour had changed from black to blue, even its light became dim and its buzzing sound became weaker.

Wang Lin pointing out with his right hand without hesitation, as the golden light which had been hovering around his body, quickly rushed and caught the flying sword.

The flying sword buzzed sharply, under the pressure of golden light, backed away slowly, but soon once again flashed and disappeared, only to reappear near the window.

Instantly, the colour changing from blue to green, and appeared similar to what Wang Lin had seen during the fight when it had not entered the sheath.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, seems to have realized that this flying sword’s teleport is related to its colour, apparently if not controlled by the owner through his spiritual power, then each time it teleports, will consume a lot of power.

“The more spiritual magic it has, the harder would it be to refine it, even after killing the owner, it takes a lot of effort, to make an object into one’s own thing.” Situ Nan’s voice sounded out.

Wang Lin narrowed his eyes, this flying sword had spirit, and has the ability to transport, which he knew about before. His desire to refine this treasure became even more intense.

Seeing that the flying sword would fly out of the window, Wang Lin pointed at the Jade talisman with his right hand without hesitation, and immediately, a golden light shot out, two golden lights one after the other quickly stopped the flying sword, and even after teleporting the flying sword is unable to get rid of the golden light.


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