Xian Ni Chapter 77 – JiMo Old Man

ObligatoryTLNote: Finally, our MC is unable to go one-punch man mode, so we get to see a real fight. Enjoy the chapter and keep up the support.

Wang Lin frowned darkly, he was about to take back the snake-like whip, when suddenly from the small red flying sword emerged a shadow, surpassing the main bod’s speed, it chopped down in a flash.

The snake-like whip, divided into two turned back into blocks of black wood, as they fell from the sky.

The middle-aged man revealed his killing intent, flipped his right hand, shooting out a red light, then merging two fingers, pointed at Wang Lin, suddenly the flying sword turned, aligned it’s tip towards Wang Lin, and emitting an eerie chill, instantly rushed forward.

Wang Lin frowned, grabbed Zhang Hu and threw him back, meanwhile he also retreated quickly.

At this time, the flying sword sparkled red, and the shadow appeared again, shaking slightly shot out from the tip, Wang Lin could only feel the sword shimmering when by that time the shadow had already approached him.

Wang Lin’s face changed, flipped his right hand, and threw out a piece of Jade seal from the storage bag, this jade seal, this jade seal immediately turned into a translucent blue screen, this curtain appeared instantly, as the shadow of the flying sword approached it, the sparkling red colour amidst the blue curtain caused it to tremble, as webs of cracks appeared, it was clearly unable to bear.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, and spit out LingQi from his mouth, the curtain suddenly changed colour from blue to green, the translucent screen also became turbid.

The cracks quickly healed, was able to block the attack of the flying sword, but in the jade seal a click could be heard as a fissure appeared on it.

“Huh?” The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes, looked deeply at Wang Lin and said with a neutral tone: “It seems like you are not at the eight layer, even if you are at the foundation building stage, give up any hope of escaping from under my flying sword.”

With that, the middle-aged man pointed with one finger, revealing a imposing colour, the flying sword trembled slightly, letting out an insect-like cry, the sword quickly went back into the sheath, sinking to two-fifth deep position, the colour changed from blue to black, then the middle-aged man let out a low shout, causing the flying sword flew out of the sheath immediately.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed coldly, this was an uphill battle even xiuxian wise, but his spells are bizarre too, even though they haven’t been fighting for long, he is already at a disadvantage, could become dangerous for him any time, looking at the colour of the flying sword turn black, obviously its strenght has increased, even the jade seal of defense taken from Zhou Peng would not be able to resist.

He no longer hesitated, and pulled out from his storage bag, an ancient jade talisman, rising slowly, as it paused infront of Wang Lin. This Jade talisman after appearing, immediately began exuding a majestic aura.

This Jade talisman, was the one that Liu Wenju had given Wang Lin as an emergency life-saving measure.

Wang Lin without hesitation, immediately spewed out a mouthful of LingQi, and formed his hands into mudra. A tiny golden symbol suddenly projected from the Jade talisman.

Wang Lin looked casual, as he coldly stared at the middle-aged man, letting out killing intent.

The middle-aged man’s pupils suddenly shrank, slightly hesitant, then clenching his teeth viciously, he spit out two golden beads, the two golden beads immediately turning into silk threads, drilled into the flying sword.

At this point the black flying sword had become slightly golden, after circling around in the air a bit letting out whistling sounds, let out a strong roar, as it pierced through the air rushing towards Wang Lin, a black whirlpool, appeared intermittently around the flying sword.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold, did not look at the black flying sword, he pointed with one hand at the Jade talisman infront of him, and from the golden symbol that was sparkling brightly, appeared in total nine symbols arranged in a row.

At this point, the black flying sword suddenly appeared, Wang Lin quickly formed a mudra, and saw that three symbols flashing rapidly, ended up surrounding the flying sword, a symbolic golden link could be seen forming between the three symbols, as if forming a prison, it had stopped the flying sword’s fierce attack.

The flying sword trapped like an animal, let out a screeching cry, and unceasingly hit against the three symbols which flashed upon each impact.

Middle-aged person’s face changed drastically, said stunned: “This……..This is a Dan Treasure?”

The so-called Dan Treasure, Wang Lin had heard about it from Situ Nan before, all the talismans prepared by JieDan level experts, were collectively known as Dan Treasure, naturally, if the person making the talisman is Yuan Ying, then they will be known as Yuan Treasure.

Immediately, fear appeared in the middle-aged man’s eyes, immediately withdrawing his scabbard, he retreated backwards immediately.

Wang Lin sneered, he changed his mudra, and immediately, the remaining six symbols lined up and rushed towards the middle-aged man.

Fear could be seen in the middle-aged man’s eyes, while rapidly retreating, threw out numerous jade talismans from his storage bag, wanting to fight for even a little chance of escape.

These Jade talismans after appearing, but before they could take effect, were hit by the golden symbols, and burst open before they could even play the slightest role in obstructing.

Despair appeared on the Middle-aged man’s face, as he said shocked: “Friend, would you like to become JiMo old man’s disciple…….” [TLNote: This sentence might be mistranslated, please see the raws: 中年人露出绝望的表情,惊声道:“道友,下是即墨老人坐下弟子……”]

Before he could finish, the golden symbols had already reached him, like lightning the first symbol pressed on his chest, the middle-aged man’s face became bright red as he quickly collapsed, spewing out blood.

The second symbol followed, the middle-aged man bled profusely from the head, as his chest is silently penetrated.

The third symbol also arrived soon, crashing with the middle-aged man’s body, as it fragmented and along with his storage bags turned into ash and only the sword sheath quite worn out, fell from the sky.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, and with one hand pointed at the Jade talisman, and the three symbols immediately retreated and went back inside the Jade talisman.

Also the black flying sword trapped amidst the three symbols, after the middle-aged man was killed, finally reduced it’s shock frequency and eventually grinded to a halt.

Wang Lin reached out with a hand, the three symbols shook, and two dissipated, only one went back to Wang Lin and into the jade talisman.

Wang Lin cheerfully put the Jade talisman back into the storage bag, originally this Jade talisman had only a single use attack, but during his four years closed door practise, under the guidance of Situ Nan, the attack of the Jade talisman had been divided into nine, although the power was reduced, but it could be used more than once.

After that, he took a deep breath, his forehead was still sweating, this fight, ever since Wang Lin started Xiuxian, was the first time he faced difficulty, his eyes flashed as he used gravity to form a big hand, grabbed the sheath and the flying sword, and examined them carefully.

“Wang Lin, it’s not that I didn’t want to get rid of the middle-aged man a moment ago, rather my yuan ying essence is limited, cannot be wasted a will, besides in the future you will have to look after your own growth, engaging in some life and death battles should do you good, no harm in it.” Situ Nan’s voice was serious which was rare.

Wang Lin nodded and did not speak, he was quite interested in playing with the treasure in his hands.

“This flying sword is quite curious, but just now this baby didn’t display it’s true potential, But compared to the flying sword, the real treasure is the sheath.” Situ Nan explained.



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