Xian Ni Chapter 76 – Weird Flying Sword

ObligatoryTLNote: I couldn’t really have the heart to leave you guys hanging on that cliffhanger. So, enjoy the last chapter of the day. Btw if you want to blame someone, blame the author for introducing so many cliffhangers in his story.


Liu San jerked back, gnashing his teeth he said: “You really are a spy!”

Yang Sen’s eyes were filled with rage, as he stared at Wang Lin, with clenched fists. As for the black-faced man, he had just seen how Wang Lin had taken the brocade box, he knew that this was not the mortals way.

Middle-aged scholar also hesitated, looked at Wang Lin with complex emotions and sighed.

“You Dare!” Song’s complexion changed, as his voice thundered. He then leaped up in the sky, and walked forward with his right hand in grasping form, intending to catch Wang Lin’s head.

Seeing Song move, immediately caused Liu San and the others to be confused, Liu San slightly hesitant, did not stop him, as Yang Sen and the others also stepped back, giving up Wang Lin.

Wang Lin wasn’t looking up, he opened the case and saw a skinny ginseng, laying horizontally, this ginseng had small branches, but they were unusually fine, a yellow paper was stuck on it, obscuring the ginseng’s lingqi.

As Song approached, he was about to twist off Wang Lin’s neck when suddenly he felt shocked, as his body was seized by invisible hands, and thrown back heavily, after falling a long distance, for a long time could not move his body.

Seeing the strange scene in front of them, everyone was shocked, Wang Lin did not tear off the yellow paper on the Ginseng, after glancing at it, said leisurely: “Although you see an old friend, but you don’t come out to meet?”

A rustling sound emerged, as from inside the jungle, a solemn youth slowly walked out, his body had an invisible air, as the black clad men were pushed aside by this power. In addition, the three floating fireballs, at this time quickly returned to the youth’s side, and began spinning around his body.

The black people upon seeing the young man, respectfully said: “We greet the great master.”

The stern young man did not look at Song who was vomitting blood but stared at Wang Lin, and said in a sinking tone: “I know that I haven’t seen anyone with your face in ten years, who the hell are you?”

Wang Lin looked at the youth, but did not speak, pulled out a yellow paper from his storage bag.

Looking at the yellow paper, the solemn youth’s look changed immediately, carefully reading it he glanced at Wang Lin while frowning and said: “What is this, I do not know, Friend, please hand over the ginseng to me, these things are of great use to me.”

Wang Lin hesitated, looked at the person deeply, his heart felt a bit puzzled, his soul swept away, suddenly felt the air to be very strange, he sneered inwardly a lot, throwing the ginseng in his hand, he said: “Nothing, Wang got the wrong person.”

The youth’s complexion changed in a flash, grabbing the ginseng, he said in a sinking tone: “Thank you, farewell!” With that he turned, and was about to leave, when suddenly a cloud emerged in the sky, with the appearance of this cloud, a freakishly strong wind appeared, blowing away the escorts one by one.

The cloud moved and rapidly fell, while the wind grew increasingly violent, a middle-aged man dressed in white smugly emerged from the cloud, treading the strange wind, he dropped from the clouds.

As soon as he appeared, the escort next to him, letting out a miserable hum immediately exploded turning into mist, and all the several escorts’ bodies exploded in quick succession turning into mist.

This strangely creeping mist in the air, quickly condensed to form a shimmering Golden Blood bead.

Middle-aged man sucking in a breath, immediately swallowed the blood bead, with a slightly ruddy complexion, he touched his mouth in satisfaction and with flashing eyes said: “Zhang Hu, even though you have met an acquaintance, why do you dare not recognize him?”

Zhang Hu’s face rapidly became cold again, as he respectfully said: “Master, Disciple does not know this person.”

Wang Lin looked usual, his soul swept away, he felt shocked, this middle-aged man had already reached the state of perfecting the fifteenth layer of Concentrating Qi.

Middle-aged man smiled and said to Wang Lin: “You, Do you know my disciple?”

Wang Lin calmly said with an indifferent tone: “I do know, but do not know how.”

Middle-aged man hesitated, carefully looking at Wang Lin, he suddenly grinned: “No difference, although you are only on eight layer of concentrating qi, but if i drink your blood then I should be able to increase my level of cultivation.” [TLNote: Thanks to Rei for the correction]

Zhang Hu’s face changed, as he stopped directly in front of the middle-aged man and said hastily: “Master, he is a childhood friend, but please…..please let him go.”

The middle-aged man eyes flashed coldly as he said darkly: “Go away, go and collect the mortal blood essence for me, you don’t carry weight around here.”

Zhang Hu was about to speak, when suddenly the Middle-aged man sneered and mouthed off complicated and difficult words, Zhang Hu became pale, as his body twitched, and blood poured from his orifices, and large drops of sweat dripped from his forehead.

Wang Lin raised his eyebrows, used his gravity, which turned into a big hand heading towards grasping the middle-aged man, the middle-aged man fretted, snorted coldly, then opening his mouth, spit out green light, the green light flashing, turned into a small sword, and chopped off the big hand.

Wang Lin had by then completely mastered gravity technique, so with one hand he grabbed Zhang Hu and with the other he grabbed the flying sword.

The little green sword vibrated immediately, as its green light flickered and flashed. The Middle-aged man’s look changed, as he quickly withdrew a black sheath from his storage bag, and without hesitation immediately threw it, and using a few hand mudras, let out a red light.

After that sheath came out, the small green sword which was caught by the hands of gravity technique shook, actually it instantly disappeared and reappeared outside the grip of the big hands, as it quickly combined with the sheath.

Wang Lin looked calm on the surface, but inwardly his heart shook, this was the first time his gravity technique had failed him, a cold look flashed, as from his storage bag, several pieces of black wood came out, these blocks after appearing immediately connected with each other to form a snake-like whip, flying fast as lightning.

“Wang Lin, this flying sword is weird!” Situ Nan’s voice sounded in Wang Lin’s ears.

Seeing that the flying sword started entering the sheath, immediately made a buzzing sound, as if facing a great deal of resistance, after sinking one-fifth into the sheath, was no longer able to progress further, suddenly the sword turned from a green colour to blue, and detaching from the sheath, it flew off trying to cut off the galloping snake-like whip.

This snake-like whip, Wang Lin had taken from Zhang Kuang, he had researched it during his closed-door training, and under Situ Nan’s directions refined it to make it his own.

Wang Lin controlled the whip-like Snake as it leapt over the flying sword’s attack, and went straight towards the middle-aged man.

Middle-aged man sneered, without being flustered by the snake-like whip, with one hand directed the flying sword, muttered a few words, as the flying sword weirdly disappeared and as if by teleporting appeared in front of the middle-aged man, and cut off the whip’s approach.

The Middle-aged man grinned loudly, from his mouth spit out a golden Blood bead, this bead after appearing, immediately turned into golden silk thread as it drilled into the flying sword.


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