Xian Ni Chapter 75 – Meeting again an old friend

ObligatoryTLNote: 8 out of 10 people will be able to guess who the person is, but even so, please don’t spoil it for those who aren’t able to guess it. And yes, unfortunately, the text is often times too unwieldy to yield good results from MTL, so if you find the text to be poor quality occasionally, then it’s only because I couldn’t make sense of the raw text.



Liu San hesitated, he had never seen such a look on the middle-aged scholar’s face, Liu San with his eyes flashing and rubbing his hands, slightly moving to Wang Lin’s position, said in a sinking voice: “Sir, what will happen to little brother? Whether he is also involved in this plague of blood?”

Wang Lin looked calm, didn’t say anything, looked indifferently at the middle-aged scholar, when he heard Situ Nan’s calm voice.

“This little kid is amusing, this technique of face reading maybe mysterious to mortals, but for me and others engaged in XiuXian, appears as someone showing off with meagre skills, this Old man just a moment ago, transmitted to his consciousness memory of huge slaughters, hehe, this is what he is unable to bear.”

Middle-aged scholar for a while just kept streaming with sweat, looking into Wang Lin’s eyes, at this time his face showed fear, hearing Liu San’s words, he hastily said: “Regarding Little brother…….Little brother is unrelated, his future prospects cannot be estimated, my Wang Art of Face reading is not working, cannot see……..cannot see through.” With that he bowed again and again making a bitter face.

The scene he had just seen, had completely blown him away, that was simply Asura Hell, mountains of corpses, seas of blood, and everyone was obviously not mortal, flying apsaras trying to escape, omnipotent beings, the middle-aged scholar grew up learning the art of face-reading, was well informed, knew that in this world there are immortals in existence, if one gets involved in their business too much, afraid that only disaster awaits him. [TLNote: For those who don’t know Asura means a Devilish being]

Liu San frowned, was about to speak, when suddenly heard a scream in the distance, as a gigantic head, drawing an arc mid-air, thrown from a distance after landing rolled a few times, and stopped near the fire.

Liu San’s complexion changed, he recognized that this man was responsible for patrolling in the Escort firm, he stood up immediately in a fierce manner.

Yang Sen grabbed the head, clenched his fists, and said sobbing: “Er Gou, Brother vows to avenge you!”

At this point all the escorts have drawn their weapons, killing intent flowed all around.

The black-faced man standing besides Liu San said with flashing eyes, in a deep voice: “The way that courageous people come, these people do not understand the rules and manners associated with it.”

“Jie Jie” A dismal laughter came along drifting, along with a rustling sound, a dozen black-clad men, crawled up from the ground, shaking off the dust aside, while looking at the escorts indifferently.

“Mountain Breaking Palm Liu San, hand over the cargo, and we will leave immediately, otherwise no one shall be left alive.” A skinny old man emerged from the black-clad men.

Liu San’s face was as if it was submerged in water, as he shouted: “I was wondering who it was, so it was you Vulture Song.”

The Old man smiled Jie Jie, as he said grimly: “Surnamed Liu, don’t tell lies in the face of honorable men, you are escorting this red cargo, as a secret cargo contains 500 years old Ginseng, this thing you hand over, and let it go at that, no need to hurt all the people here for such trivial things.”

Liu San frowned, looking around the crowd, he thought: “This vulture Song, how did he come to know about the Ginseng? It seems he had planted spies.” With that his eyes suddenly swept away, glancing at Wang Lin he sneered.

The black-faced man could barely tolerate his temper, taking a few steps forward with clenched fists, said in a sinking tone: “There’s no Ginseng here Old man, do not argue like a child, even if there was, then with your level of martial arts would not have been able to snatch it away from my hand.”

The black faced man taking the hint, quietly walked up behind Wang Lin.

Wang Lin frowned, suddenly middle-aged scholar came forward to stop the black-faced man as he shouted: “What are you doing, little brother is not a spy.”

The black-faced man hesitated was about to speak.

At that time, vulture Song started laughing loudly: “Surnamed Liu, I am no match for you, but today, we brought our big brother Dang Nian who personally undertook this task, you’re a dead man.”With that said he took a step back and yelled out loud: “We respectfully welcome Big brother Dang Nian for gracing us with your presence.” Saying so he immediately crawled back, his manner extremely deferential.

The black-clad man all around were all wearing crazy expressions, crawling they followed Song and shouted out loud: “Welcome big brother Dang Nian.”

A cold voice suddenly came from all directions: “Surrender GInseng or die!” As the voice fell, a fist-sized fireball, suddenly appeared from a hidden place, having an intensely high temperature, hit an escort, who without even enough time to yell out, as soon as he came into contact with the fireball, turned into one black pile of ash.

At that moment, everybody froze, and some even forgot their weapons as like ashes, they fell to the ground.

Yang Sen’s eyes revealed a look of horror, as he said stupefied: “This……..What is this hidden weapon?”

The heatwave didn’t stop until the person was turned into charcoal, all around the escorts were scared watching their brethren being roasted unable to maintain their appearance.

Liu San’s face was also showing his shock, unconsciously stepped back, looking fixatedly at the pile of black charcoal on the ground, was speechless for a long time.

The black-faced man’s eyes were showing fear, as he said trembling: “Immortal…….Immortal Spells?” This black-faced man had gone to take the admission test for an Immortal Sect, although he was rejected causing him to join a Jianghu Sect, but his memories of that time had left a deep impression, seeing the fireball, he could immediately relate.

Song said with a look of pride as he exclaimed: “Yes our Big brother Dang Nian is immortal, you still do not want to quickly give up the Ginseng?”

All the escorts, now had their eyes on Liu San, they were pleading with their eyes, if opponent was a mortal, they would have the courage to fight, but if he was immortal, ah, and he is on the enemy’s side, at that moment they lost the will to fight.

Liu San was having a bitter expression, was about to speak when three fireballs quietly appeared, floating motionlessly in the air.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, he was interested, seeing the power of the fireballs, the person casting it is no more than third layer of concentrating qi, he stroked his chin as his soul swept away, suddenly on a tree not far away, he could sense the person casting.

“Huh?” Wang Lin was stunned, the person casting was about twenty years old, cultivation at the peak of second layer, and ready to break into the third layer. This youth had a gloomy expression, his face had quite a few deep scars, at first glance looked ferocious, but it felt familiar to Wang Lin.

Middle-aged scholar sighed and said: “Liu San surrender, come on, even if the employer comes to know, will not blame us, if the opponent is an immortal, how can we mortals resist.”

Liu San hesitated, but reluctantly took out from his bosom a palm sized brocade box, and put it on the ground.

The brocade box as soon as it reached the floor, suddenly floated up, and instead of going towards the plunderers, went flying backward, and into the hands of Wang Lin.


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