Xian Ni Chapter 74 – Plague of Blood

ObligatoryTLNote: Yeaah, let you all gonna read and make your own impressions. Btw in case someone does not realize, Plague of Blood is a euphemism for mass slaughter.

Liu San carefully studied Wang Lin’s face, then suddenly asked: “Are you a student going to give the exam?”

Wang Lin remaining neutral, shook his head and said: “Not for exam, but to learn some craft, going to the TianShui city to make a living.”

Although Liu San looked a bit slow, but this question that he asked had big implications, the time for final exams for approaching, student candidates from surrounding villages and towns would often flock to the city, however, they would usually be carrying writing tools in boxes, although this person infront of him didn’t look like a martial artist, but if he had admitted to being a student, then he would have needed to pay extra attention.

But Liu San was now put at ease, as he said laughing: “Well, we are going back to city, our meeting was destined, friend, come with us.”

Wang Lin wearing a grateful expression, cupping his hands, said: “Thank you Escort Chief.”

The black faced man caught a glimpse of Wang Lin, said laughing: “Boy, can you ride horseback?”

Wang Lin smiled, shaking his head.

Liu San pointing to the cart behind him, said smiling: “So what, you after coming outside, must have had a difficult time, young fellow, come up, after four days of travelling, we will have reached TianShui City.”

Wang Lin cupping his hands, climbed up on the cart without hesitation, looking back he saw that following it were more than ten similar horse-drawn carts packed densely and numerously, sweeping away with his soul, found that the inside of the cart to be empty, it had no purpose, so he sat down cross-legged.

Yang Sen pulling up his horse, came next to Wang Lin, and asked: “Friend, why have you come outside without any luggage?”

Wang Lin shook his head and sighed as he said: “Encounted a thief, it was a disaster.”

Yang Sen looked at Wang Lin for a long time, the said comfortingly: “You were good to have been able to save your life, these days, it is not safe, ah.”

As he continued chatting, Wang Lin’s look changed suddenly, looking up, he saw not far away in the jungle, with his soul sense found two men hiding in ambush, staring at the convoy.

Passing through the jungle, Wang Lin did not see those two men do anything, so Wang Lin hesitated a little, but no longer paid any attention.

Having finished the day’s journey, the sun set down, as the night fell, Liu San shouting loudly said: “Boys, tomorrow we will enter into TianShui City’s area, when the time comes, the Employer will send aid, today we could not find any place to stop and rest, so we shall rest here, tomorrow early morning we shall set off, wait until we return to TianShui city, then I will take you to the Bin Red Chamber to find some nice young women to play with.”

All the men laughed as they climbed down their horses, with the horses tied together, the convey formed a circle. With that done, the people then started pitching up tents, some slept, some drank, and some stood by the fires, overall it was very lively.

There were three to five people who were patrolling in shifts.

Near Wang Lin’s carriage, Yang Sen had piled up some firewood, as they exchanged the day’s happenings, Wang Lin felt Yang Sen had quite an appetite, as he also bragged on about interesting things that happened with him on escort missions.

Wang Lin listened with rapt attention, causing Yang Sen to feel even more delighted in telling, and as the whole convoy went to rest, Wang Lin also drew the chats to a close.

Three people were sitting by the fire, apart from Escort Chief Liu San and the black-faced man, there was a middle-aged scholar wearing a blue shirt, who had a pale complexion, a wide forehead and piercing eyes that revealed his wisdom.

Seeing Wang Lin, Liu San laughed and said: “Sir, this is my little brother, whom I told you about, who is going to TianShui city to make a living.” Then he said to Wang Lin: “Little brother, this is Mr. Wang in our Cargo escort firm, since you are also surnamed Wang, it seems you are like relatives, you chat well, ok. Mr. Wang is quite knowledgeable, ah.”

The Middle-aged scholar smiled gently and said: “Liu San don’t boast too much, my meagre skill, cannot be regarded as amounting to much.”

Liu San turned his eyes and said; “Who says that, Mr. Wang if your ability is meagre, then mine is non-existent, little brother, this Mr. Wang is a living deity, knows astronomy, geography, and especially the art of face-reading, he is truly great.”

Wang Lin looked at the Middle-aged scholar with one eye, his mouth turning to a smile, cupping his hands he said: “Mister has a lively spirit, his two eyes reveal intelligence, it is clear evidence of him being intelligent, people from ancient times have held the view that if you look at a person’s spirit, then you would be able to see his appeal, these words are surely not false.”

Middle-aged Scholar looked surprised and said: “Is little brother also having belief in the same principle? I see that you have the air of a scholar, but hidden beneath is a dragon, with limitless prospects, ah.”

Wang Lin smiled and said: “My school teacher had made me study the art of face reading, after learning for a long time, naturally would be able to learn a few words.”

Middle-aged scholar laughed, the black-faced man on the side, suddenly said: “Mr. Wang, why don’t you calculate my future for me, and see if I have any prospects of getting married, ah.”

Liu San laughed as he said in a scolding tone: “How many times have you asked during the whole journey, Mr. Wang in order to read faces has to expend a lot of effort every time, so forget it.”

Black-faced man ignoring Liu San’s words, was looking expectantly at the middle-aged scholar.

The middle-aged scholar hesitated a bit, then as he smiled and nodded he said: “Ok, today I will calculate it for you, Yang Sen you also don’t need to beg me repeatedly, I will also calculate yours.”

Having said that, he closed his eyes, then opened his eyes all of a sudden, although Wang Lin maintained a neutral expression, his heart was beating fast, his soul swept away, found that from the middle-aged scholar a small trace of spiritual power, was flowing in a weird pattern, eventually condensing at the middle-aged scholar’s eyes.

Staring at the black-faced man, the middle-aged scholar, he muttered some chants, and calculated while pinching his hands quickly, a trace of red rose in his face, as he said frowning: “Liu Laowu, a dark cloud covers your forehead, and a plague of blood looms, will soon encounter a robbery, if manage to overcome, then in three months, you will get married.”

Black-faced man was surprised, as he smiled and said: “A Robbery? Okay, we escorts, are always living on the blade’s edge, a plague of blood is unavoidable.”

Middle-aged scholar turned and stared at Yang Sen after a long time, his face changed: “Strange, how can you also have plague of blood?”. Then he looked at Liu San, and looking gloomy he said: “Wrong, my ancestral art of face-reading has never been wrong, old Liu, you also have plague of blood.”

Then looking serious, he got to his feet, looking around his complexion sank grew more and more, “Old Liu, this looks bad, I viewed everyone, they all have plague of blood on their faces, this is definitely not a coincidence!”

Liu San squinting his eys, looked around then said in a sinking voice: “You mean to say, that we all will suffer, this close to the city, a plague of blood and plunder?”

Middle-aged scholar nodded, as his eyes moved to Wang Lin, suddenly hesitated as he rubbed his eyes hard, carefully looked attentively, suddenly his face changed, on his face a red colour emerged, as his mouth spit out blood, his face wore an expression of horror, pointing to Wang Lin, he said stunned: “You……”



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