Xian Ni Chapter 73 – Tian Shui City

ObligatoryTLnote: Nothing much I have to say, move on and enjoy the chapter. But this chapter was hell for me. So many new terms, I definitely think I got a lot of them wrong, so wait for me to confirm them later.


Wang Lin took a deep breath, in the past four years, he had reached the completed the fifteenth layer of Concentrating Qi in the second year itself, the next two years he had tried to break into the Foundation building stage, but unfortunately did not succeed.

But his body due to the repeated attempts to dash into Foundation building stage, the otherwise disassociation between his original cultivation and his dream state body gradually changed, and now he no longer seemed to be on the third layer, and now instead appeared to be on the eight layer. [TLNote: Emphasis on the word “appeared to be”]

“Foundation building……..” Wang Lin muttered, as his eyes flashed, he had made up his mind, from his storage bag, suddenly a huge extremely extravagant flying sword flew out, this flying sword seemed to have spirit, as it spiralled around Wang Lin in a circular loop, before stopping infront of his body.

Wang Lin riding the flying sword, suddenly moving his body, as he turned into a rainbow, leaving behind empty air, as in a flash his figure was out of sight.

Beasts lying on the ground, at this time, were showing a look of relief, as they quickly scattered.

Bypassing the Heng Yue Mountains, Wang Lin riding the flying sword, facing the cold winds of high altitudes, the mountains, jungles and villages on the ground one by one all passed by extremely fast below him.

Suddenly his home village appeared in his vision, Wang Lin glanced slightly, then immediately with great haste bypassed it too.

Heng Yue Mountains is the north point of Zhao region, located in a remote area and more or less a rural area, Wang Lin’s goal was about thousands of miles from here, the largest city in Zhao’s northern region, TianShui City. [TLNote: Tian = Heavenly, Shui = Water, and lolworthy offtopic comment, it shows up as Watertown in MTL]

This TianShui city, Wang Lin’s school teacher had told him about it, it was said to be very huge, with hundreds of thousands of Zhao Troops stationed, while growing up Wang Lin had an extreme yearning for it, and often dreamt of going there.

Before he had entered the realm of XiuZhen, Wang Lin had an ideal dreams, to excel in the District exams, go to the capital to become a high ranking official and bring his father and mother over.

As his old ambitions echoed in his mind, Wang Lin’s mouth turned into a smile, without slowing down, he quickly flew in the South-West direction.

Ten days later, Wang Lin somewhat lost, was standing on an highway with a frowning expression on his face, listening to Situ Nan’s mocking voice.

“I saw you fly for a few days, had thought that you would know the way, so you don’t actually know, ah.”

Wang Lin groaning softly said: “If mid way you upon seeing a forest hadn’t made me change directions so much, then I would have certainly reached TianShui city.”

Situ Nan smiled: “The Jungle was extremely huge, should have countless wood attribute vegetation, I only did that for your sake, ah.”

Wang Lin was about to speak, when he suddenly shut up, facing the highway, he could see a long wagon trail coming from the distance, slowly entering his vision.

Liu San was a mighty cargo escort in TianShui City, he was not very tall but gave off a sense of being powerful, he had perfected the Mountain Breaking Palm technique on his own, even in the TianShui City, he was a rare expert, even the owner of the escort business would give him special priveleges, would not readily make him go on escort missions.

But this time, delivering this red cargo had been too difficult to handle, not only was the distance too far, but he was specifically requested to deliver this cargo.

Liu San was a straightforward man, liked to make new friends while escorting cargo, basically he was also well respected by the greenforest dwellers. He was on horseback at the moment, squinting his eyes, he felt quite proud, had almost delivered this red cargo, although during the way ran into some petty thieves, but they weren’t even worth mentioning, the only time he ran into crisis when he encountered ten forest friends, at first they had already entered into battle formations, but upon seeing him, they had no choice but to pull back, this had made him feel quite proud. [TLNote: This para was hell, hell I tell you]

He closed his eyes, felt quite relieved in his heart, had now almost returned to TianShui city, reporting to his employer, his mission would be considered to be successfully completed.

“Great Escort Chief, this time after securing the delivery of the goods, how much do you reckon the employer would give us?” The one who said that was on the side of Liu San on a horse, an extremely robust youngsters who had asked grinningly.

“Escort Chief, this cargo is so valuable, we should receive atleast 10% right.” To the side of Yang Sen, was a Black-faced man, who had also come over at this moment laughing. [TLNote: So basically there are three people]

Liu San stared and said: “When the Employer used to suffer losses, could anyone have thought of such a thing, just wait for it.”

The Youngster was not afraid, patting down the horse, he said smiling: “Well, having heard this from the great Escort chief, I Yang Sen can rest assured.”

The Black-man laughed and was about to speak, when suddenly his look changed as he said in a sinking voice: “Escort chief, is that not an individual standing over there?”

Liu San looked, and saw a figure standing in the middle of the highway. He said in a sinking voice: “Yang Sen go up and ask what’s happened, if he is short of money to make the journey, give him some, he must be facing difficult time in the outside world.”

The corners of Yang Sen’s mouth curled upwards, as complying with the order, clamped both his legs, and the leisurely walking horse immediately rushed forward, not long after he was only a short distance from him, when not only did Yang Sen fail to slow down, he instead maliciously clamped down his legs, causing the horse to go even faster.

Liu San seeing this frowned, secretly thought that although Yang Sen is a good man, but usually handles matter overeagerly, without considering rights and wrongs, and likes to give others a demonstration of authority.

The black faced man smiled and said: “This Yang Sen is not afraid to spook that person, but this boy’s riding skill is indeed exquisite, he has a steady hand.”

Standing on the highway, Wang Lin looking lost, saw that a person had come riding a horse from the coming caravan, the speed of the horse was fast, and almost instantaneously reached him.

Yang Sen could see his face, looking closer he found that he was young, but looked calm, did not show even the slightest panic at his sudden rush, could not help but praise him in his heart, as he pulled the rope attached to the bridle, suddenly the horse with a neigh sound, raising his front hooves leapt to the side of Wang Lin, and came quite close to Wang Lin.

After taking a few steps forward, Yang Sen said in a high voice: “TianShui city’s mighty escort firm’s Yang Sen, friend, do you have something you need help with?”

Wang Lin glanced at him, then smilingly cupping his hand in another, said: “I would like to ask the direction to TianShui city, if I have troubled you, then please forgive me.”

Yang Sen hesitated, looked at Wang Lin for a few moments, especially at his hands and his temple, after a while said laughing: “With pleasure, the TianShui city is not too far away, but don’t know why Brother wants to go to TianShui city, ah?”

Yang Sen looked at Wang Lin several times, by this time the wagon trail had also come close, when Liu San asked: “Yang Sen, what’s the matter?”

Yang Sen turning his horse’s head, shouted: “Escort Chief, this is not a martial arts kid, just asking directions to TianShui city.”

Liu San pulling his horse’s ropes, quickly approached him, as he stared at Wang Lin, said in a sinking voice: “Friend, I do not know your name?”

Wang Lin cupping his hands said: “Escort Chief, I am called Wang Lin, first time out of the house so got lost, didn’t know the direction to the TianShui city, but hope that Escort Chief could give me one or two tips.”



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