Xian Ni Chapter 72 – Seizing Foundation

ObligatoryTLNote: Another day, another chapter, enjoy and for those who have read stellar transformations, they might be able to better appreciate/relate to the second half of this chapter.

The middle-aged man glancing down, mused: “This place is rather strange, there was a sudden burst of LingQi two years ago, which attracted a lot of beasts, but often times there is only meagre LingQi so beasts often wander away.”

The teenager’s eyes lit up, as he suddenly said: “Senior, there should be a treasure here then, right?”

The Middle-aged man chuckled and said: “There were some Elders who felt that there was some treasure here, and had come to explore, but eventually came to the conclusion that there must be some underground spirit cave which is emitting the spirit and is commonplace, and there really isn’t any treasure.”

Teenager sighed disappointedly. and murmured: “Too bad, if there was a treasure, it would have been so much better.”

The middle-aged man burst out laughing and said: “Well, the hour is late, I will just grab a black quartz beast with high spirit, and we will go back.” With that the middle-aged man’s soul swept away and from the large crowd of beasts on the ground, found seven or eight black quartz beasts, which he observed one by one.

Then, suddenly all the beasts on the ground, seemingly spooked, stirred up immediately and even immediately started growling.

Little by little, all the beasts had started growling, letting out low roar after low roar, all the beasts had been letting out their roars in the same direction, in the direction of the moss-covered cliff.

The middle-aged man was stumped for words, as was just about to caution his fellow disciples on the side, suddenly an enormous soul sense appeared, and immediately swept around, the middle-aged man’s face changed, with his concentrating qi on the twelfth layer, his soul was practically transparent infront of this soul sense, and he didn’t even have the power to retaliate.

The lady Xu on the side was also pale, the sword light at her feet in a flash seemingly losing its lustre fell down to the ground, she cried out in alarm, and held tightly the teenager as she fell from the sky.

The sword light at the feet of the middle-aged man was also blinking, he nearly lost control, and using all his strength, quickly rushed out and grabbed the two people to land on the ground, this one action was enough to cover his whole body in sweat.

After landing, he immediately cupped his hand in another, and said politely: “Junior Xuan Dao Sect’s disciple Li Hai, was unaware that mighty senior was doing closed-door practise, so begs forgiveness for these transgressions.”

The lady Xu was also reflecting over it, just that soul sense had made her feel uneasy, then quickly said in a respectful tone: “Junior Xuan Dao Sect disciple Xu Fei.”

The teenager was pale, standing behind the girl, holding on to her clothes, not even daring to speak.

The beasts on the ground, felt this soul sweeping away, their eyes showing surprise and fear, as they lay motionless on the ground.

“Xuan Dao…….” A great voice with vicissitudes seemingly emerged from all directions, with a tone that was pleasant to hear but one can neither like nor dislike.

The Middle-aged man secretly cursed, if he was alone, then he could have potentially fled immediately, but if he alone escapes leaving this little brother and junior sister, then he would be held to account by Master, can only hope that this senior wouldn’t wish to create misunderstandings with the Xuan Dao Sect nearby, besides their trio hadn’t really done anything to provoke him, so he was hoping that this matter could be resolved peacfully.

There was a silence after those words, the middle-aged man’s heart was thumping, clenching his teeth, secretly thought that if the ancestor turns out to have murderous intent then he will not attend to the others and will try to first preserve his own life.

The lady Xu’s forehead was sweating profusely, she was very nervous, seeing the always leisurely third senior scared pale and trembling, made her even more nervous, hesitating for a long time, with a subdued and soft voice, she said: “Senior, Junior confesses that I did not do anything that would annoy you, you…….”

Before she finished speaking, the great voice with vicissitudes suddenly said in a surprised tone, hesitating a bit before asking: “Did you just say that you were surnamed Xu?”

The lady hesitated and then respectfully said: “Disciple is surnamed Xu.”

The sound remained silent for a long time, then sighing ghastly, said: “All of you, Leave!”. Then suddenly appeared an invisible hand, and slapped out all the three people, the three were unable to restrain their body, as they were thrown far back.

Middle-aged man’s face became miserable, he was feeling horrified to the core, just in that moment, his body was unable to resist, if the Senior really wanted to kill him, then he would really be beheaded.

Feeling scared, he grabbed the little brother and the junior sister, and as soon as the restraints were released, quickly flew away, he was worried that the Senior’s mind would change, so with strength born out of desperation, turning into a rainbow he disappeared into the sky.

After the three of them left, suddenly a crisp sound came out from the moss-filled cliff’s direction, a block of stone came off, revealing a dark cave.

A man with long hair down to his waist, slowly walked out, his face was white, and his eyes sparkling, the moment he walked out, all the beasts on the ground, immediately started whining and trembling, their eyes crying out for mercy.

The man with long hair looking about twenty or so, was wearing a cold expression, he glanced at the beasts for a bit, but didn’t speak, facing the direction of Xuan Dao Sect, he felt mixed emotions.

He, was the Wang Lin who had gone closed-door training for four years! [TLNote: Offtopic but had to do it, Thank you Captain Obvious]

“Concentrating Qi stage has already been mastered, but achieving the Foundation building stage is really difficult, even after numerous attempts, still no success, Situ Nan, you said that you have a method so that the foundation could be built really fast?” Wang Lin’s eyes flashed as he talked to himself.

“Yea, have you decided? Want to use my method?” Situ Nan said with a proud smile: “I told you before, that although foundation building is difficult, but using my methods, can guarantee success.”

In Wang Lin’s eyes coldness flashed, as he said: “Foundation building stage experts, depending on my current level of cultivation, cannot even compete against them, let alone capture them alive.”

Situ Nan said laughing: “You do not need to worry about that, I will handle it this time so that you are able to enter foundation building stage, at worst I would have to use a spell one more time, I will help you capture the foundation building experts, however try to find those who have just recently entered the foundation building stage so my YuanYing essence isn’t unnecessarily wasted.”

Wang Lin hesitated a bit, sighing he said with a forced smile: “Situ, this way of viciously seizing their foundation, is purely harming others for sake of one’s personal benefit, after their foundation is seized, that person will certainly die, or is there any other way.”

“You, how many times have I told you, the world of XiuZhen follows the law of the jungle, being selfish is a matter of normal course of business, how will you be able to reach Ying Bian with this mentality? Well, it’s fine if you do not want to use this method, if you can get the best possible wood attribute material, to upgrade the anti-heaven bead, then practisign with the LingQi from the upgraded wood attribute material, would be sufficient to build the foundation. Or you could have a YuanYing expert help you, otherwise don’t even think about it.” Situ Nan said discontentedly.

Wang Lin remained silent for a moment, and said: “How do I know when someone has succeeded in building the foundation.”

“Simple, often in Sects, as long as there is a YuanYing master, then by himself can help the disciple cultivate to foundation building stage, if this Old man still had a body, would have been able to help you. In our country, the status of YuanYing stage is equivalent to Foundation building, though not exactly, but enough so that the sects are able to use them to help the disciples build their foundations.” Situ Nan said snorting.


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