Xian Ni Chapter 71 – Four Years

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ObligatoryTLNote:Chapter titles are back, yay…..In other news, thank Flowerbridge for releasing his chapter early today, just so I could release this chapter early. This would be the last chapter for about 10-12 hours, so see you later folks, goodnight.

Lying down on his bed in his room, Wang Lin because of practising was not feeling sleepy, so he sat up, and looked outside the window to see the moon shining in the dark night, flipping his right hand, he pulled out a gourd, and drank a big mouthful.

Lying down on his bed in his room, Wang Lin because of practising was not feeling sleepy, so he sat up, and looked outside the window to see the moon shining in the dark night, flipping his right hand, he pulled out a gourd, and drank a big mouthful.

“To break through Concentrating Qi and reach Foundation building, the LingQi requirement is too high, so its better that I begin preparing the dew.” Wang Lin said to himself.

“Yes, boy, are you looking for the wood attribute material to feed the anti-heaven bead?” asked Situ Nan.

“First need to locate a place nearby to undergo closed-door training, while practising will try to achieve Foundation building stage, and try to maintain a lookout for Zhou Peng situation, if all things stay normal, then will get out of here.” Wang Lin said after pondering a little.

The night passed silently, and over the next few days, Wang Lin always remained at the side of his parents, after living for half a month with his parents, Wang Lin said goodbye, as his parents reluctantly bid him farewell, his figure turned into a rainbow disappearing over the horizon.

Having said goodbye, Wang Lin was feeling quite melancholy, he did not know himself when he will come back next time, will it be a few years or will it be a lifetime……

Originally he had wanted to do closed-door practise in the small hole shaped cave in the cliffs, but Wang Lin, thinking carefully abandoned that thought, his priorities are different from others, he must have a water source, so even if the place is heavenly good fortune cave, he would not chose, moreover a major factor is the distance to the heng yue mountains as too close is too dangerous.

Wang Lin after looking around in a wide range, found a cave under a barren hill, it had a groundwater source, surrounded by a lot of wild animals feces, he carefully entered the cave, after determining that there was no other outlets, without another word, immediately used gravity to control some rocks and blocked the cave.

As a result, the area was completely sealed, and Wang Lin began his second closed-door practise.

The time flew by, the time hurries by in the mountains, one year, two years, three years, four years without noticing, four years have passed. [TLNote: Blame the author not me for the way this sentence for written…..Ok I may have some blame but still.]

In the serpent shaped hill, Wang Lin had almost faded from the memories of everyone from the Heng Yue Sect, for the most part everyone thought that he died in the outside world, regarding this, Liu Wenju and the Old lady Wang were feeling quite regretful.

Lu Song was quite happy, because he had become the Senior of the small number of true disciple left in the sect.

As for Huang Long,etc, Wang Lin was not too deep in touch, but only after he came into the spotlight was he focused, but now that Wang Lin did not return for four years, he was gradually forgotten.

Wang Lin during the first year of closed-door practise stayed in touch with Zhou Peng, so he knew that Xuan Dao Sect’s Foundation building stage and above masters are all engaged in the back side of the mountain, therefore nobody noticed Zhou Peng’s abnormalities, in addition to that the status of being a Senior, in the Xuan Dao Sect, almost no one dared to provoke him, this facilitated the investigation of the situation, Zhou Peng also managed in secret the opinions forming regarding Heng Yue Sect in the minds of the disciples in anticipation, the matter concerning Wang Lin, also gradually faded out of people’s memories.

Outside the cave that Wang Lin had been doing closed-door practise, orginally had casually piled up stones, but later covered it with climbing vines, densely covering up everything so that even on a closer look, it would be difficult to find a clue of the existence of the cave.

For these four years, it had also become a gathering place for animals, some exotic animals also frequented here, attracted by the atmosphere around the cave.

On this day, in the sky two rainbows could be seen, revealing two men and one female, three people harnessing the sword light to come here, the leader was a middle-aged man, wearing a black dress, with electric eyes, his body stopping in mid-air, the slightest trace of Qi elegantly circulated out and just like immortals, at his foot a small green sword, gave a daunting appearance.

“Third Senior, this time you have to help me select a quartz beast with lot of spirit, ah, next month there will be a competition at the back side of the mountain to fill the quota, and If I have a black quartz spirit beast sword, then I am sure to win.” standing to the side of the middle-aged man, was a Woman with a charming feminine face, white teeth and bright eyes, and who said that in a beautiful voice pleasant to the ears.

This woman would feel familiar to Wang Lin if he sees her, because four years ago, she was the girl who had a crush on Wang Zhuo, in these four years, that inexperienced teenager has blossomed into a woman with beautiful eyes, sparkling charisma plus became much more fascinating than in the past.

The Middle-aged man looked absent-mindedly for a while, after a long time, slowly regaining his senses, nodded hastily: “Junior Sister, come on, you must strive to enter the back side of the mountain, this time I will help you catch a black quartz spirit beast, it would also help in closed-door training for a bit.”

A teenager standing beside the Woman, at around eight or nine years of age, holding tightly to the woman, said with a pale face: “Brother, Sister, you are flying too fast, I can’t keep my eyes open, and since we are in this place, come on.”

The lady Xu cracking a smile said: “Little brother, didn’t you absolutely insist on coming along, and when you are told you don’t practise enough you don’t believe, even this much speed is unbearable to you, Ah.”

The middle-aged man looking back at the duo, said in a sinking voice: “Little brother, though your qualifications are excellent but you can barely stand pain, how will you XiuXIan.”

The teenager was clearly very afraid of him, immediately said obediently: “Third Senior, I know that I was wrong.”

The lady Xu, flicking the teenagers forehead, said with a smile: “Little brother, you just wait a bit, once we catch a black quartz beast will return to the sect.”

The teenager nodded hastily and said: “Sister, you are a genius in the Xuan Dao Sect, in just four years from the fourth layer have reached the seventh layer of Concentrating Qi, once you take the black quartz spirit beast to make the sword, will definitely become an expert in the sect, and after that, if Li Shan bullies me, you will have to help me, ah.”

The woman shook her head, said smiling: “If you want to call someone genius then it would be Brother Liu Feng, he is meet the qualifications of becoming a Senior, soon will break through to the thirteenth layer. Also, Senior sister Liu Mei, I heard she also reached the twelfth layer. They are the original disciples from Xuan Dao Sect, so naturally they have the qualifications to enter the back side of the mountain, and I am different, I came from the Heng Yue Sect, so it is necessary for me to participate in the competition for winning the quota for that place, in the hope that I win.”

The Middle-aged man on the side snorted dissatisfiedly: “That Liu Feng fellow, was just because of him entering the back side of the mountain that he was able to practise so fast, in the past if the Ancestor had not settled on Heng Yue Sect’s back side of the mountain causing them to come over, how could have Liu Feng cultivated so fast without the ancestor’s help. Even with good talent, if there is not much LingQi, it will take years to break through.”

The Lady Xu smiled, changing the subject she asked: “Third Senior, you see this place, I remember that four years ago, this place was totally different, why in just four years time, have so many exotic beasts gathered here.”



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