Xian Ni Chapter 69

ObligatoryTLNote: Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. … Anger, fear, aggression; the dark side of the Force are they.

-Master Yoda, Star Wars

P.S. Sorry for the spooks, just blame it on my eccentric nature. Also, the next chapter will be done by Flowerbridge.

Situ Nan muttered a few words, he knew Wang Lin is anxious, so without wasting any more time, quickly said: “My Yuan Ying essence may help you to teleport once, but only once, ah, if you waste this Old man’s YuanYing essence too much, then it is estimated that it will not wait for you to reach Ying Bian stage and will dissipate on its own.” [TLNote: Ying Bian stage is Infant changing stage, as after multiple deliberations with Flowerbridge, we decided to keep it in pinyin to make it less creepy]

Then, Situ Nan no longer spoke, Wang Lin only felt an enormous chill as cold qi flowed from the bead and into his body, the qi density was too rich, several times more than at the time when he was on the aperture.

Circulating in his body, his flesh and blood froze instantly, suddenly, Wang Lin’s body could not help but become an ice sculpture, with his face suffering frost bite, gravity technique went chaotic.

Zhou Peng noticed Wang Lin’s change, especially since he saw him stopping, but he hesitated, he had realized that something was wrong, but he dared not go back to observe, and actually sped up.

At the moment that Wang Lin’s body turned into ice sculpture, Situ Nan shouted: “Focus your mind, I am going to teleport!”

Suddenly, a black swirling vortex appeared, Wang Lin walked into it and suddenly it closed, Wang Lin’s body quickly dissipated, whisked away cleanly.

Zhou Peng who had been staring at Wang Lin with his soul sense, gawked as Wang Lin had unexpectedly disappeared from his soul sense, not waiting for him to ponder about it, when suddenly five meters from his body a black swirling spot emerged, the spot grew quickly, growing three times, by nine times, quickly splitting into numerous black vortex spreading around.

Meanwhile, Wang Lin’s body appeared, his frozen body melting with visible speed, a cold voice came out from Wang Lin’s mouth.

“You cannot get away!”

Zhou Peng was afraid and apprehensive, his face had gone pale, clenching his teeth, he spit out a green light, this green light growing in mid-air turned into a big green python instantly, Zhou Peng wearing a fierce expression, bit his tongue, spitting out blood, in a flash, letting out a clear sound, immediately, the body of the big python swelled up rapidly, as he flung his tail towards Wang Lin.

“Boy, in your body there is still some left over YuanYing essence of this Old man, wasting it would indeed be a pity, don’t worry, let this old man borrow your body to cast a spectacular skill that had once made me famous.” Situ Nan lazily said, as his voice came slowly.

Situ Nan having finished saying, little blue dots showed up all over Wang Lin’s body, instantly they converged infront of Wang Lin’s body, forming a flickering greenish ball of light.

After this ball of light appeared, the sky darkened, a current of qi that could destroy heavens and drown the earth vigorously poured out, followed by a bursting sound as the light ball burst open, and circular shaped ripples quickly spread.

That python’s tail had barelyy touched one of the waves as it immediately froze, and starting from its tail, the ice started growing throughtout its body as it ploriferated unceasingly, turning the entire python into an ice sculpture as it finally fell from mid-air to the ground.

Zhou Peng spewed out a mouthful of blood, as his body was badly wounded, but the blood he spewed immediately froze, at the same time, his whole body started condensing, and his whole body together with the flying sword underneath his feet turned into an ice sculpture completely.

“It’s a pity that there are so few people, this Old man’s move suits multiple people, this much could be done easily, heh, boy, this is the practise of Abyssal Ascension Method, did you see how powerful it is?” Situ Nan said full of pride.

Wang Lin moved and caught Zhou Peng falling from mid-air, and keeping a constant pace, moving back in the direction of Heng Yue mountain, left rapidly.

After looking for an isolated place, Wang Lin floated to the ground, putting Zhou Peng on one side, as he said to Situ Nan: “Is Zhou Peng dead?”

Situ Nan said deliberately: “This kid is not dead, but will die soon, if you want a faster death for him, just crush the ice, then he will die.”

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, as he pondered a little, suddenly said: “You talked about Puppet technique before, tell me how to refine a puppet.”

Situ Nan laughed, as he was proud, he hadn’t told Wang Lin about this Puppet technique in detail, did not tell him about its origins, in fact it could be classified as part of the Devil’s Path, a truely vicious technique. In his view, Wang Lin lacks a vicious personality, to Xiuxian with such a personality, even ten lives would fall short, so wanted to slowly infiltrate and change Wang Lin’s character, seeing what just happened, felt that it was having effect.[TLNote: 魔道 translating literally to Devil’s Path or Devil’s Way; And when he said infiltrating he isn’t really using any special technique or forcing entry into his mind, just constantly pouring poison in his ears (again metaphorically)]

So Situ Nan was quite happy, as he said laughing: “This Puppet technique, you would need to do it yourself, I will teach you the steps, first you must find a secluded cave.”

Wang Lin grabbed Zhou Peng, quickly looked around to see if he could find something, a while later, he found a tree hole which he burrowed inside.

“I will now release the cold ice, Zhou Peng will be in a half-dead state, you will have to split open his abdomen, remove the five internal organs to use as sacrifice during refining.” Situ Nan said leisurely.

Wang Lin was stunned as he hesitated a moment and said: “Take the five internal organs to offer as sacrifice for refining? This…….”

Situ Nan chuckled and said: “This is a necessary step during Puppet technique, if you do not do it, then I have no other way.” As he secretly thought: “Boy, you’ve never seen blood, what is real cruelty, this puppet technique isn’t really complicated, but is an opportunity to open your mind, after all boy, later once you set upon the Devil’s path, and you will not be able run away.”

Thinking so, Situ Nan quickly snapped: “I just started and you are already hesitant, do not hesitate and think about how he was going to deal with your parents.”

Situ Nan finished saying, started rapidly dissolving the ice on Zhou Peng, as it transformed into green light, drilled into the mysterious bead on Wang Lin’s chest.

Wang Lin hesitant about it, thought that if he doesn’t completely resolve this issue, then will create problems in the future, clenching his teeth, as he thrust his hand into Zhou Peng’s chest cavity, as it split into two, strangely not even a drop of blood flowed out.

Controlling his nausea, in accordance to the steps stated by Situ Nan in his mind, using both hands to form several mudras, slowly soaking it in his soul sense, this short while felt to Wang Lin like a year, after Situ Nan proudly said to stop, he couldn’t bear but get out of the hole and vomit.

Situ Nan laughed and said: “Well, the first step is complete, now the second step is also an important step, you use your soul sense to envelop Zhou Peng, and after three days and nights of refining using the sacrifices, the puppet will be complete, as for the necessary mudras, don’t worry I will explain them to you one by one.

Wang Lin was pale as he bitterly nodded, taking a deep breath, he went back into the tree hole.


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