Xian Ni Chapter 68

ObligatoryTLNote: You all coming here means that you have read and understood the warning given on the previous chapter’s tlnote. So, I won’t repeat it. So Enjoy.

Zhang Kuang shook his head and said: “Senior, in the Xuan Dao Sect, only you and I know of this matter, I did not tell anyone else.”

Zhou Peng’s eyes narrowed, instantly shot out his right hand to reach out and grab Zhang Kuang’s neck, shouting: “Zhang Kuang you lie!”

Zhang Kuang dared not fight back, getting red in the face due to the grip, seeing that Zhou Peng was having killing intention in his eyes, clenching his teeth, he said anxiously: “Senior, if you do not believe me, then you can see through soul technique! What I said is true, I didn’t really tell anyone else.”

Zhou Peng with his eyes flashing, snorted, releasing his hand he said: “I will believe you for the time being, you go to Wang Lin’s parents, bring them here and kill them, I will take their soul and refine them to make a pole and Spirit Return Flag, this flag as we search the area and find Wang Lin, then at that time using this flag, might entice him with his parent’s souls, as long as he isn’t at the Foundation building stage, then would certainly be able to restrain his soul.”

Zhang Kuang’s body shook, he had never heard of such a vicious spell, he hesitated.

Zhou Peng’s eyes narrowed, as he said in a gloomy voice: “Go!”

Zhang Kuang clenched his teeth, as he rushed out towards the village.

In Wang Lin’s mind, a murderous intent emerged, this was the first time that he wanted to kill.

“That’s right, kill, kill, kill, kill them all, you are too weak actually, it would make you stronger, kill the Xuan Dao Sect, slaughter their whole family, I was fond of doing things like this, ah, it used to put me at ease.” Situ Nan promptly said. [TLNote: The family thing may or may not refer to the Sect, since in a sect everybody is each other’s brother, and secondly when he says I used to, it actually was “I, your father”, in order to not break the flow i omitted the father reference, but keep that in mind, that Situ Nan is arrogant as heck.]

For the first time, Wang Lin didn’t object to Situ Nan’s idea, moving his body, silently floating, he caught up to Zhang Kuang.

Zhang Kuang’s pace had begun to slow down, at times he even stopped as he was somwhat reluctant, but eventually he took a deep breath, and with firm steps, going faster and faster, entered the village.

At this point, he looked around, suddenly turning his head fiercely, his face went pale, as behind him, Wang Lin’s body in a ghost like manner was floating mid-air staring at him with cold blue eyes.

Zhang Kuang hastily retreated a bit, then laughing strongly said: “Senior, you………you……..”

Wang Lin didn’t say anything, his mouth was turned into a sneer.

“Senior, I……..” Zhang Kuang seeing Wang Lin’s face, felt his heart thump, as he stepped back holding onto his storage bag tightly.

“Zhang Kuang, aren’t you looking for my family home? There it is!” Wang Lin pointed to his big house, as he said in a flat tone.

Zhang Kuang’s heart went crazy, as he plopped down on his knees, his face full of shame, as he loudly said: “Senior, I was wrong, that Zhou Peng forced me to come here, I……..” Just then he suddenly threw an object from his storage bag, it was a Jade talisman, he quickly moved his right-hand’s fingers, as his face showed a grim expression.

That Jade talisman immediately turned into a Flying sword, which flashing coldly rushed toward Wang Lin. Meanwhile, Zhang Kuang immediately started muttering, while repeatedly throwing out blocks of black wood from his storage bag, these wood blocks connected together to form a long whip.

This whip after emerging, immediately started flashing with a dangerous aura, possessing a hidden intelligence, and moving in a to-and-fro whip like manner. Zhang Kuang had no hesitation, as he wanted to flee immediately after throwing.

Ridicule could be seen in Wang Lin’s eyes as he used Gravity technique to wrap his body, moving forward, and instantly moving sideways, used gravity technique to grab the flying sword, at the same time, suddenly Zhang Kuang felt a pain in the neck, as if invisible hands were tightly pincering him, his eyes bulged, his face went purple, involuntarily released the hand mudra as he grasped his neck.

Murdereous intent could be seen in Wang Lin’s eyes, as with a loud “click” sound, Zhang Kuang’s head bent, eyes filled with despair, blood freely flowing from his mouth, and as Wang Lin released the gravity technique, Zhang Kuang’s body fell to the ground, twitching a few times, then died.

After Zhang Kuang’s death, the flying sword immediately trembled and turned back into a jade seal, and was quickly grabbed by Wang Lin.

As for the black whip, at this time, it also seemed to have lost its support, turned back into black wood, Wang Lin emptied Zhang Kuang’s storage bag, and dragging away Zhang Kuang’s body, cast fireball, as with a flare the corpse burnt clean, he quickly retreated and rushed to Zhou Peng’s location.

Zhou Peng had to wait for a long time, in his heart was cursing Zhang Kuang for being too slow, and was about to go and see himself, when suddenly his face changed, felt a surge of spiritual power fluctuations coming from the direction of the village, was about to go and take a closer look, when suddenly a wave of killing intent rushed toward him.

Zhou Peng was secretly surprised and thought: “Who on earth killed Zhang Kuang? That Zhang Kuang’s qi has vanished, certainly he is dead.” Before he could analyze further, Wang Lin’s figure appeared before him.

Zhou Peng’s face changed colour, as without hesitation, moved his body to retreat backwards, dashing about wildly to run away. He cursed in his heart: “Zhang Kuang, oh, Zhang Kuang, you caused me to die, why did this Wang Lin come back so suddenly?”

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed coldly, this Zhou Peng he must capture, wrapping his whole body with Gravity technique, he pursued rapidly.

Zhou Peng did not dare look back, taking out a flying sword, immediately embarked towards the Heng Yue Mountains.

“You cannot get away!” Wang Lin’s voice seemed as if it was the voice of nine hells, to Zhou Peng as his whole body shivered and his all over his body his hair stood up, looking from the corner of his eyes, was horrified to see Wang Lin coming closer, anxiously he shouted: “Wang Lin, you and I have no grudge, what do you want!”

Wang Lin sneered and said coldly: “There’s no grudge?” you need to understand this clearly, Zhou Peng, today you shall die.”

Zhou Peng was cursing in his heart, clenching his teeth, pushed his sword to the limit, as he secretly thought: “As long as I reach the sect, no matter how powerful Wang Lin is, he won’t be able to kill me.”

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, as with his gravity technique, he formed a hand to reach out and catch. Zhou Peng banked the opposite side of the “Capturing Dragon Hand”, the flying sword at his feet sank down, nearly evaded, but still the flying sword was enveloped by the Wang Lin’s Gravitation technique which had turned into a huge hand, and all of a sudden making some turns swayingly, gradually stopped.

Zhou Peng looked grim, as after the flying sword stopped, he ran away again.

Wang Lin was a bit nervous in his heart, his gravity technique had a range, if he goes beyond this range then the effect will diminish a lot, as it is going now he won’t be able to catch up and only will be able to watch as he enters the sect, then not only would he be in danger, but even his parents would get hurt.

He immediately said to Situ Nan: “Ancestor Situ, is there no way for me to catch him at once?”

Situ Nan said in a deliberate manner: ” There is…….but……..”

Wang Lin frowned and said: “Situ Lao Er, if that Zhou Peng escapes, then my parents will be dealt with, from then on will no longer bother with the affairs of the world, as for the XiuXian, it doesn’t even matter.”

Situ Nan said immediately: “You impatient boy, I just spoke slowly, If I had my old temper, then would have slapped to death such an unworthy disciple.”

“Disciple’s ass, hurry up!” Wang Lin was so anxious, that he forgot his deferential tone.


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