Xian Ni Chapter 67

ObligatoryTLNote: Yep, still untitled, actually the next few chapters will be untitled too. Also, a fair statutory warning for those who want to continue reading this XianXia webnovel, just like Ryoko Tanbo warned Koji Tonoh in Saya no Uta, “Your eyes are still untainted, you can still go back.” I will leave you this warning without saying any more as doing that would be spoiling my your enjoyment of the coming chapters.

P.S. For those who don’t know what Saya no Uta is or what its about, its basically a Visual Novel and as for what its about, instead of telling you about it, I will just say: “Your eyes are still untainted, you can still go back.”

P.P.S. And I maybe paraphrasing the actual dialog. Also, I almost forgot, for those who think my quality fluctuates, well it’s not precisely the quality but more my style, I keep going back and forth between localizing and literally translating the text. Some sentences which you might find weird are the chinese text translated literally.

The Old lady named Wang, nodded and said: “Yes, Wang Lin, if during practise you need to ask any questions, may at any time ask us two any questions.”

Wang Lin hesitated and said: “Disciple has a matter, if Ancestor Wang agrees.”

The old lady Wang frowned and said: “What matter?”

Wang Lin looked up and said: “Disciple wants to go outside on a trip.”

The Old lady immediately denied: “No, for now your main tasks is to practise and not to go out.”

Wang Lin pricked his brows in challenge, and said: “Disciple must go out and finish some small tasks, would certainly come back to practise with peace of mind.”

The Old lady’s eyes stared at him, was about to speak, when Liu Wenju pulled her and said gently to Wang Lin: “Wang Lin, Ancestor Wang is worried about you meeting danger outside. Can you tell me, what it is you want to do?”

Wang Lin confessed: “Disciple has not met his parents in a long time for so many years, this closed-door practise will certainly not be a short one, my parent’s would not be alive by the end, so I want to go home to look.”

Liu Wenju pondered a bit, then glancing at the Old Lady Wang, took out a jade talisman, and said: “Well, you go and come back quickly then, just take this Jade seal, it may boost your speed to a Jie Dan level master, but only once. You save it as an emergency life-saving measure in times of crisis.”

Wang Lin surprised, quickly took it and carefully put it in his storage bag, he had only a few magic weapons, to be precise only two, one is the immortal talisman that he got from Zhang Hu, and the other is this Jade talisman.

“This is the technique to open the door, remember it well.” Liu Wenju held out a piece of Jade seal, and after giving went along with the Old lady Wang to the closed-door practise area.

After saying goodbye to others, Wang Lin used the technique on the Jade seal, suddenly a crack appeared above the cliff, Wang Lin took a deep breath and jumped out.

After coming out of the Sect’s hideout, Wang Lin stopped for a moment, setting in motion his entire body, he lifted off using gravitation technique, turning into a rainbow as it slowly disappeared over the horizon.

“Finally have come out, Wang Lin, do you really intend to go back, Ah?” said Situ Nan in Wang Lin’s mind.

Pondering a little, Wang Lin said: “Won’t be coming back for a short while, there are some pending things that I need to arrange at my home.”

“I guess, once you complete the Wood element, the time difference in this anti-heaven bead will increase, now it is ten times, perhaps at that time, your cultivation speed will increase just as much.” Situ Nan said analyzing.

As the two conversed, Wang Lin was moving fast, piercing through the air leaving behind a rainbow.

A day later, reached the former Heng Yue mountain ranges, Wang Lin was afraid of drawing attention, so lowered his speed, and the next morning, was back at his small village.

From afar, the village looks the same as before, not much has changed, but his own compound has gone from a small tile-roofed house into a big courtyard and infront of the gate is pasted a big luck talisman. Although it is still not dawn, from a distance, several dogs barking and roosters crowing could be heard.

Within the village early in the morning, mist of smoke could be seen rising, as families have to get up early to cook.

Wang Lin standing in the village, facing his courtyard, in his mind the past five years flash by, and his parent’s expectant eyes still had been lingering in his heart.

He hesitated about it, did not go back but outside the village found a tree, sitting cross-legged on its crown, concealed himself in the leaves.

He doubted whether Xuan Dao Sect would really be seeking his parents in revenge, so did not plan to meet his parents until this was settled to avoid worrying them.

As time passed, and soon Wang Lin had been stranded outside the village for a month.

This whole month, had always kept his soul spread out, Wang Lin suddenly moved and his eyes flashed, as he thought: “They really came!”

Two swords flew in from afar really quickly, floating to the ground, revealed silhouettes, one of them wearing a loose black robe, covered all over, unable to see face, but from its body, a stench was emitting, enough to make people nauseated.

From the Black robe, a sound appeared to disseminate full of bitterness as it said: “Zhang Kuang, Do Wang Lin’s parents really live in this village?”

The man beside him, with a face like Guan Yu, extraordinarily handsome, chiseled face, full of masculinity but only in his eyes, lay hidden greed, as they flashed while he whispered: “Senior, that really nasty Wang Zhuo, used to ridicule Wang Lin in every possible way before, and I thought he would tell me Wang Lin’s family’s specific address but unexpectedly that kid didn’t make even a squeak. Fortunately, I am smart, checking the Heng Yue Sect’s secret disciple roster, and found that Wang Lin’s family to be living in this village. But I do not know which house.”

With that he thought inwardly: “Wang Lin we used to be of the same sect, I was apprehensive of you, but I am now of Xuan Dao Sect, ahem, that treasure in your hand, I would do anything to snatch it.”

That man with his whole body wrapped in black robe, was the Xuan Dao Sect Senior Zhou Peng, his hatred of Wang Lin had reached the limit, wished he could bite his flesh, drink his blood, his worldly reputation, had been all destroyed at the hands of Wang Lin, now his face is full of black ash, cannot wash away, had to use black robe to wrap his whole body, ashamed to be seen by people.

This black ash is still okay, can atleast hide it, but this terrible stench emanating from the black ash, even he himself vomitted upon smelling it, let alone others.

He snorted, and said darkly: “Zhang Kuang, you said Wang Lin so quickly became a master from trash, because of the liquid?”

Zhang Kuang tried to suppress the odor, but because the distance was so close, his stomach was turning, but did not dare to show on his facce that he was half way to the point of vomitting, quickly said: “Senior, How would I dare cheat you, Ah, that liquid I also gave you, didn’t you look, when I had traded with Wang Lin for Concentrating Qi chants, I had received from him, I Zhang Kuang, swear that if I lie, in this life may never reach foundation building stage.”

Zhou Peng took off his hood, exposing his dark face, this time his eyes flashed viciously, as he said grinning: “Well Zhang Kuang, if everything you say is true, in my Xuan Dao Sect, will ensure nobody messes with you.”

Zhang Kuang’s face lit up as he nodded but instantly bowed, as his eyes flashed coldly and thought inwardly: “How can it be that I Zhang Kuang would need to depend on others, Humph, as long as I am able to gain a firm foothold in Xuan Dao Sect, given a few years time, I would certainly reach foundation building stage.”

The moment that Zhang Kuang bowed, the corners of Zhou Peng’s mouth turned up in ridicule as he suddenly said: “This thing about the liquid, did you let anybody else know?”


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