Xian Ni Chapter 66

Chapter 65: https://flowerbridgetoo.wordpress.com/2015/04/24/xian-ni-chapter-65-mourning-sect/

ObligatoryTLNote: Those observant amongst you might notice that I haven’t put up a title for the chapter. Well that is  because there isn’t any title allotted by the Author. I checked two or three raws and it was the same. Well, technically there was a title, but it was more like need moar votes, or something (relevant to the site that hosts these webnovels). So putting that aside, enjoy the chapter. Also, before you guys get confused in this chapter people are divided into groups called by the name of their leader (For example Wang Lin four people) means group of four including Wang Lin.

Liu Wenju got up and pulled out a piece of Jade talisman, after throwing quickly mouthed a few chants, at that time emitted from his mouth Dan Qi, suddenly the Jade talisman started spinning in mid-air.

The Old lady Wang, also took out a piece of Jade talisman, and as she threw it, the two talismans merged into one, and immediately seven coloured light fell from the Jade talisman, and in a circumference of ten metres the ground a facula appeared, eventually forming an aperture. [TLNote: Facula means a really bright spot]

Liu Wenju swept his glance over the four people and glancing at Wang Lin, said: “You four people, besides Wang Lin, each is responsible for a disciple, there will be huge fluctuations, ensure that nobody fall down. Also, Huang Long, you three too. Shangguan Elder, you two people along with Wang Lin, will be responsible for maintaining balance.”

With that said, he stepped into the aperture, Old lady Wang also entered into it.

The others immediately acted in accordance with Liu Wenju’s command, each responsible for a disciple, as they entered the aperture, as Wang Lin and the Two Elders formed a triangle in the aperture.

Liu Wenju took a deep breath, his hands moved rapidly forming technique, as he whispered: “Rise!”

The ground shuddered, as with a loud thud, the Aperture along with everybody on it took off slightly, then at an extremely quick speed, the brilliantly shining light flew away towards a distant place.

This pace was several times quicker than a flying sword, could feel the winds so high in the sky brushing against the face, several disciples felt overwhelmed, if not for the people in charge of keeping them safe, afraid that they would have immediately been carried away with the wind.

All the disciples were in a circle to withstand the tremendous impact and arranged in a complex formation, in the end the force would be distributed to Shangguan, Song Yu and Wang Lin, the three men. [TLNote: If this doesn’t make sense, don’t try hard, just imagine the people standing in a formation where the brunt of the force somehow is diverted onto the three people mentioned above]

Wang Lin was feeling an enormous impact force coming to him, his body almost staggered, horrified as he had to use gravity technique to immediately stop himself. Even so, he still felt tremors, as if there was enough power to fling him out.

He glanced at the two elders, Shangguan and Song Yu, he found out that both of them had relaxed demeanour, not even a bit of discomfort, Wang Lin thought inwardly, they are indeed Foundation building Elders, he cannot really compare.

“It is nothing special, Just a trivial spatial escaping technique, This old man used the spatial escaping technique in the past, Can help over ten thousand people fly. Don’t need somebody to maintain balance. This Old man alone was enough.” Situ Nan said immediately with disdain.

Wang Lin was dumbfounded, said to him inwardly: “Do not compare everytime, I know you are much older, okay.”

Situ Nan snorted and muttered: “When this Old man still had a body, would not have even paid attention to Juniors like you, But only you can hear me talking, and you think I would want to readily talk to you, Ah!” [TLNote: This line was a bit muddled up so take it with a pinch of salt]

A little while later, the Aperture sped up, Wang Lin could barely stand firm himself, secretly cursing, at that moment, not far away suddenly infront of them a dark cloud appeared.

The Cloud seemed weird and unpredictable. Bursts of lightning and thunder emerged intermittently. The speed was also very fast. Was about to hit the aperture, Liu Wenju’s face sank, whispered: “Shangguan, Song Yu, Wang Lin, you three stand firm.”

With that he took a deep breath, as his hands moved rapidly forming techniques, the aperture suddenly quivered. After that paused for a bit, then with a faster speed quickly drawing an arc, bypassed the dark cloud.

This aperture with a flickering stopped the crazy speedup, and at that instant had created an unimaginable impact force, the people standing in the circle fell down immediately, several disciples were even flung crazily, one was falling towards Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was barely able to hold on, with the sudden acceleration of the aperture, the great impact force combined with the force of the people falling, he lost his balance, and his body was rapidly thrown back.

A surge of cool air emerged from the mysterious bead strung close to his chest, the cold air enveloped Wang Lin’s body around in a circle and suddenly stabilized his body.

Now Wang Lin could see the falling disciple coming toward him, he could even see his horrified expression, Wang Lin without hesitation, grabbed his right hand and swinging it threw him back to the inner circle.

Having done that, Wang Lin breathed a sigh of relief, he knew that he was helped by Situ Nan, was about to thank him, when all of a sudden, there was a sudden loud sound emitted by the dark cloud.

“Heng Yue Sect friends, my Xuan Dao Sect’s Ancestor Pu Nanzi, you already know, right!”

Wang Lin turned back to see among the dark cloud a centipede intermittently appear, the Xuan Dao Sect’s Old man Ouyang, and at his side were seven-eight people, all having sneering expressions on their faces.

Amongst them were three people, who were letting out intense qi, staring coldly at Liu Wenju and the Old lady Wang.

Just now the one who had spoken was one of these three black faced man.

Liu Wenju looked vivid, said nothing, but nudging the aperture immediately pulled away, and sped away without looking back. In the blink of an eye, the huge dark cloud seemed like it had turned into a black spot.

After a long time, the scenery transformed, and barren fields gradually could be seen everywhere. The Aperture wandered around as if looking for a direction, then suddenly increasing speed, rushed towards the north, and at a barren hill, the aperture stopped and slowly started landing.

As soon as it landed, the Disciples one by one lay on the floor throwing up, pale and bloodless.

Wang Lin felt an unending dizziness, his stomach pit was twisting and turning.

Liu Wenju used one hand to form a technique, a green light shot out, and suddenly the barren hill started shaking, and a gap slowly grew on the ground, Liu Wenju without hesitation jumped down into the gap.

Old lady Wang swept around her vision, and then jumped in.

The rest supported by the elders and the seniors, entered the crevice and once they were all inside, the crack slowly closed.

After entering inside, Wang Lin swept away with his soul immediately, and found that except a few stone chambers there was nothing else, extremely shabby.

Liu Wenju after ensuring that everyone was there, said sternly: “Most of you can cultivate without the need for eating, for those with low cultivation, the stone chamber next door has some reserves of food, enough to last for several years. Me and Ancestor Wang will enter closed-door practise, cut off from outside affairs. So, regarding all the other things, you need to listen to how your Elders arrange things.”

The Old lady Wang said in a sinking tone: “The Heng Yue Sect, starting today, will go into closed-door practise for hundred years, a hundred years later we will take our revenge, all practise techniques, chants, any disciple after reaching the appropriate state, can go and get them from the Elders. Within these hundred years, unless a major event happens, no disciple is allowed to go out. Huang Long, you trio can also immediately start closed-door practise, if you try hard you can also reach Foundation building stage.”

The Huang Long trio nodded in agreement.

Liu Wenju’s eyes swept away, looking at the disciples, said: “Lu Song is responsible for arranging places of cultivation for disciples and the usual chores, Wang Lin, you come with me, I’ll arrange for you an exclusive place to practise.”


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