Xian Ni Chapter 63 – Powerful

Chapter 62: https://flowerbridgetoo.wordpress.com/2015/04/22/xian-ni-chapter-62-calamity/

ObligatoryTLNote: I liked this chapter, this chapter didn’t give me any headaches and the dialogue was simple yet exciting. Btw regarding the Situ Nan’s cultivation method, I did find some good names in the comments like Abyssal Ascension Method, Devil Rising Method. And my personal idea, Hell Piercing Ascension Technique/Secrets/Arts. [A method that shall drill through the heavens….cough…..wrong story].

Anyways, if you like any of these names or found some interesting name yourself or want to keep the name Hell Hole Ascension Method.

“Break for me! Break! Break!” Pu NanZi wearing a grim expression, flung his big hands crazily, unceasingly pounding down on the great peak, the loud banging sound spread throughout the sky.

People of the surrounding villages, towns, counties were all hiding in their rooms and scared to go out, some courageous, peeked out of their windows, only to see a great peak floating in mid-air, unceasingly smashing downward.

Again a white jade broke, and a Foundation building phase stage Elder fell down, spraying blood from his mouth along the way.

Pu NanZi threw a purple gourd, muttering words with his hands interlaced, the gourd immediately trembled and out of it came a dark red liquid, this liquid after coming out, flickered into flames immediately, enveloping the great peak.

“Break!” Pu NanZi’s voice boomed, the flaming great peak pounded down, cracks appeared in the barrier letting out light, close and numerous they spread around like lightning.

Once again two white jades broke as two Elders collapsed in quick succession.

At this time, out of the eight white jades, only four were left, besides the two JieDan stage Elders, the other two were Foundation building stage Elders, their faces had turned ashen, sweat was pouring off their body, no longer able to control their own body as it trembled, it was clear that they had already reached their limit.

At this time, Huang Long Zhenren had brought all the true disciples to this place, all the disciples were stunned and wore a surprised look. Wang Hao was also shocked, although his face was still pale but he was better than earlier, after he saw Wang Lin, he had immediately come to his side, looking at the scene, was speechless.

Pu NanZi hovering in the sky above, looked grim, this formless huge barrier was indeed tenacious, more than he had anticipated, he was clearly aware that this huge formation in front of him, if controlled by yuan ying, then can certainly be even more powerful.

Amongst other things, it is only able to barely defend, unable to attack, but if the person controlling is Yuan Ying then it would definitely be able to display horrifying strength.

At this moment, the White haired old man, seeing Foundation building youths collapsing one after the other, his heart dripped blood, he yelled out in a loud voice: “Ancestor Pu Nanzi, Xuan Dao Sect has always been on friendly terms with my Heng Yue Sect, don’t tell me that you really want to exterminate the entire sect!”

Pu Nanzi snorted and coldly said: “Liu WenJu, haven’t seen you for 500 years, you were a merely a Junior at that time, unexpectedly you have become the spine which Heng Yue Sect relies upon, having reached JieDan stage, but in the end you will have to die, in order to destroy this formation that you are protecting, but if you voluntarily open the formation yourselves, then things might not turn out so badly.”

The JieDan ancestor Liu WenJu’s face showed hesitation, the Old lady at his side, shouted angrily: “Ancestor Pu Nanzi, Forgive us for being unable to comply!”

Pu Nanzi laughed loudly, then looking grim shouted: “Nevermind, this Mountain protector formation, break for me!” With that he waved his right hand, the great peak rose slowly, then taking a deep breath, with a reddish complexion, he suddenly opened his mouth and spewed out a mouthful of Yuan Ying Qi, immediately the great peak swelled up several fold.

“Fall!”Pu Nanzi using a double hand technique mudra, pointed at the great peak, as it slowly pushed down.

The great peak letting out a humming sound, slowly pressed down one inch!

The Mountain protector formation let out a cracking sound, as the network of cracks increased, a white jade collapsed and a Foundation building stage elder fell down.

The great peak pressed down an inch again, another foundation building stage elder vomitted blood, and wearily fell down.

“Break!” Shouted Pu Nanzi, the great peak pressing down, went a further three inches, the blue pine peak could be seen shaking, rocks tumbling down made a rumbling sound, dust flew upwards, the great peak unexpectedly pressed down a dozen metres.

The stone bridge connecting the Heng Yue mountain to other auxilliary mountains, broke and fell down the mountain.

Meanwhile, Heng Yue Sect’s Mountain protector formation formless barrier no longer able to withstand, letting out a sound similar to a mirror breaking, the entire barrier fragmented and dispersed in an instant.

The remaining two white jades crack open, Liu Wenju and the Old lady fell down, their faces bearing bitter expressions, remaining speechless

Pu Nanzi snorted coldly, his body slowly floating down from the sky, the great peak continues to float mid-air, slowly letting out pressure.

“Who is the one called Wang Lin?” Pu Nanzi after coming down, looking cold said casually.

Wang Lin had retreated into the crowd of disciples, didn’t expect that the first thing this Yuan Ying expert would do is to find him.

As all the disciples stared at him, Pu Nanzi’s eyes swept away, stared at Wang Lin, pricking his eyebrows, thought inwardly, this youth should be Wang Lin, which he had heard about from his junior Ouyang repeatedly before, in the exchange, everybody had lost against him, he had quite intended to win him over.

Pu Nanzi was salivating over Heng Yue Sect, during the exchange he had originally thought that with Zhou Peng, would have certainly able to win in the tournament, and Heng Yue Sect would have been seized without the need for losing face.

But the emergence of Wang Lin, had disrupted his plans, thus he was forced to use his own great strength to forcibly capture.

“Are you Wang Lin?” Pu Nanzi asked coldly.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, bowing respectfully, said: “Disciple Wang Lin greets, Xuan Dao Sect Pu Nanzi Ancestor.”

Pu Nanzi nodded, turning to Liu WenJu and the Old Lady, opening his mouth said: “Your Heng Yue Sect’s Yuan Ying ancestors, have all been killed in their struggle to become XiuZhen star in foreign battlefields, this Heng Yue Gate, you cannot preserve, rather than let others snatch it away, give it to us Xuan Dao Sect.”

Liu Wenju together with the Old lady agonizedly looked at his face and said in a low voice: “Senior, please look at how the two sect had been on good terms, not…….”

Not allowing Liu Wenju to finish, Pu Nanzi interrupted and said impatiently: “Go! Besides the humans, you can’t take away anything, if you talk too much, I wouldn’t mind exterminating your whole Heng Yue Sect!”

The Old lady was angry and was about to speak, when Liu Wenju quickly grabbed her, taking a deep breath, said respectfully: “The Junior obeys, but this Heng Yue Mountain, Heng Yue Sect Millenium Gate, this Junior has no right to give away to Senior, can only agree to lend, if in the future……..”

Pu Nanzi sneered, interrupting him again, then said arrogantly: “Lend? Ok, this is borrowed by my Xuan Dao Sect, for a hundred thousand years now.”

Disciples are all silent hesitant to speak, their faces bearing sad expressions, as there was a moment of silence. Some disciples’ eyes flashed as they were beginning to think for themselves.

Pu Nanzi’s eyes swept away, to the fallen Huang Long’s body, he said: “You, leave behind the Zi Yue Immortal sword, this sword, my junior Ouyang has taken a fancy to.

Huang Long humiliated clenched his fist, looking at how the Old lady and Liu Wenju not speaking, sighed helplessly, took the Zi Yue Immortal Sword and threw it aside.

Pu Nanzi grasped with his right hand, the Zi Yue Immortal sword, as it dropped into his hands, suddenly it shed its sword shape and turned into a Purple dragon. [TLNote: Like I said Zi = Purple, Yue = Peak/Mountain so go figure.]


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