Xian Ni Chapter 61 – Ancestors

ObligatoryTLNote: Thank you so much for the well wishes and your support, looks like it had a tremendous effect. Back to feeling fine, I guess a day’s rest did it for me. Also, this was the chapter that I had left unfinished. I am personally extremely thankful to Flowerbridge and would like you guys to thank him too, for finishing this chapter for me when I was ill. Also, thanks to Goodguyperson for editing the segments I had problem with. Also new terms in this chapter, I will be updating the glossary soonish.


After returning to his room, Wang Lin sat down cross-legged on the ground, swept away with his soul, leaving a trace around the room to warn him immediately if it detects anyone.

With that done, he took out the mysterious bead and meditated. The strange characters on the mysterious bead had all but disappeared three days ago, now there was a faint shape of leaves.

   In that regard, Situ Nan said that the water element out of the five elements had been fulfilled, now wood element was needed. Because of it, more than once, he had urged Wang Lin to leave Heng Yue Sect and go out to look for suitable wood attribute material, to quickly feed it to the anti-heaven bead.

Wang Lin regarding his cultivation, with his current understanding, he knew that he had reached the fourteenth level of Concentrating Qi, but the strange thing is that he didn’t need any formulas, just kept on refining and refining to reach this level, surely it was in large part attributable to Situ Nan.

Holding the bead, he was about to enter the dream state, a moment before he entered it, quickly put away the bead into the storage bag.

In the dream space, Wang Lin had just appeared when immediately Situ Nan’s dissatisfied voice sounded: “At the time of the competition, why don’t you just kill those people? With my temper, I would have just killed the males, fucked all the females dry, used that centipede to soak my liquor, and surely would have drunk to my fill. However, boy you did one thing that matched this old man’s apetitite, that was killing Sun DaZhu, yea, definitely my style, Wang Lin remember XiuZhen community is a very cruel place, a jungle, if you keep your simple and honorable mentality, perhaps would not have lived for long.”

Wang Lin remained silent for a while, the said: “Senior, should I continue to practise, am I ready yet for Foundation building? Junior doesn’t know the chants related to Foundation building.”

Situ Nan snorted and said: “I know the series of chants, but this Foundation building, entering it can be considered as quite difficult, you need to look for a quiet solitary place to do closed door practise, so the chance of success increases, moreover, your spring water and snow water are no longer suitable, for the moment that the Foundation is built, you need large amounts of LingQi, so you have to prepare some dew.”

Wang Lin nodded and said: “Although you say to prepare the dew, but it takes a lot of time.”

“Spiritual movement phase, in which is the Concentrating Qi is actually used to change your LingQi system, all this is in order to prepare for Foundation building stage, actually even now you can now dash to Foundation building, but I would recommend to try that after you have reached the fifteenth layer, your talent is no good, although I spent the last few decades helping you transform the Yuan Ying essence, but this thing goes against the heaven, If I still had my mortal body, then may also only barely achieve, at present, can only be able to slightly better your talent, unable to succeed completely.” Situ Nan sighed and said.

“In addition, your means of attack is extremely singular focused, besides the basic immortal spell Gravity, there is nothing else, this will no do, unfortunately to grasp my practice technique must be at Foundation building stage, once you quickly get to Foundation building, then I will pass on to you Hell Hole Ascension Method.” [TLNote: AKA 黄泉升窍决, Ok, roughly translated for now, anyone have any better ideas?]

Wang Lin was stunned and said: “Hell Hole Ascension Method?”

“Well, hehe, my method of practise is considered extremely top class even in my sixth rank XiuZhen country. Unfortunately, it requires a place that is very dark, otherwise the progress would be too slow. But, the spiritual strength that is cultivated has absolutely boundless power. Hmph, once you reach the peak of your cultivation, you can even challenge experts in the rank 7 cultivation countries. So, although you may go to the Scripture library tomorrow, but after reaching the Foundation building stage, you must practise the Hell Hole Ascension Method.” Situ Nan said proudly.

Wang Lin pondered a little, and nodded.

“Also Wang Lin, this anti-heaven bead you shouldn’t put it away into the storage bag, it would be good if you keep it close to your chest, so that even when you are not in dream space, I can communicate with you, and you can enter the dream state through me.”

The time slowly passed as he talked with Situ Nan, after two days of dream space time, Wang Lin woke up.

He sat down cross-legged on the bed, placing the mysterious bead close to his body, drank some LingQi liquid, then started breathing practise, the night passed silently, and the next morning, Wang Lin opened the door, moving his body a bit, took off leaving a rainbow behind as he rushed towards the main hall.

As he neared the main hall, Huang Long Zhenren walked out, after seeing Wang Lin, his face showed a kind smiling face, this smile was somewhat mild compared to the previous day, as he said: “Wang Lin, come with me.”

Then tossing his sleeves, clouds gathered beneath his feet as he flew out, Wang Lin quickly followed. A moment later arrived at the Heng Yue Sect auxilliary peak — Blue Pine Peak.

Passing by the stone platform from yesterday, Huang Long Zhenren did not stop, flying straight deep into the blue pine peak, stopped at a strange place and said: “Wang Lin, this place is Heng Yue Sect’s restricted area, here Foundation building stage Elder Master Zu does closed door practise, do not carelessly send out your soul to sense, lest it may provoke the Elder.”

Wang Lin quickly affirmed.

Huang Long Zhenren took a deep breath, then took out a piece of purple jade, throwing it into the air, quickly using hand pinch mudra, drawing a character in mid-air, murmured: “Open!”

The Jade lit up with a flash, a ring-shaped beam spread out with the jade as a center point, forming a semi-circular aperture that people can pass through.

Huang Long Zhenren without hesitation stepped inside, Wang Lin hesitated, then followed him to enter.

The moment he entered, his eyes widened. Old and simple buildings appeared clearly in front of him one after the other. Traces of power came from the sky, and he almost couldn’t breathe from the magnificence.

At the same time, several strong souls rushed over to him, and did a quick sweep on his body then left. After that, an old sound gently came from one of the buildings.

“Not bad, you’re Wang Lin right?”

Wang Lin was surprised, but he respectfully said, “Wang Lin greets the Elders.” At that time, Situ Nan’s voice rang in his brain, “Now this finally seems like a small sect. Ten in the Foundation Building stage, two in the Jiedan stage. Hmm, not bad.”

Huang Long’s face changed and yelled in a low voice, “What elders?! They are the Ancestors!”

Wang Lin had a blank expression on, but at that time the voice sounded again, “Whatever, these etiquettes had no use here. Wang Lin, because you’ve done a great service to the sect, you can choose any skills in the Hidden Scripture Building. This building is incomparable to the one in the normal academy, as it is the real place where we store our Heng Yue Sect’s books. There are all sorts of skills in this building, and even in the sects in the entire Zhao country, there won’t be any as all-around as our Heng Yue Sect’s Hidden Scripture Building. Remember to not be too greedy! Huang Long, bring him there.”

In Wang Lin’s brain, Sutu Nan said disdainfully, “Calling themselves ancestors when they are only in the Jiedan stage. Back in my mighty days, I flattered all sorts of Jiedan juniors, and some Jiedan female cultivators even wanted to take their clothes off and sleep with me.”

Wang Lin’s expression was as normal as always, and he pretended as if he didn’t hear Situ Nan’s words.

Huang Long quickly, and respectfully said yes, then pulled Wang Lin and walked to another building. Looking at the exterior of this building, it was filled with an aura of simplicity, and it seemed that it was from quite an ancient era.


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