Xian Ni Chapter 58 – Conclude

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok, maybe I was too lazy with the chapter title, but I guess everyone gets the point. The arc ends and it signals the beginning of a new one.

Old man Ouyang looked contemptuously at Wang Lin and said: “You’re only a Junior what could you trade to me? Hmph, well if you can give me a Heng Yue Sect Zi Yue immortal sword, I might barely be able to give you a drop of poison in charity!” [TLNote: Zi Yue could also be understood as Peak Purple or Purple Mountain. For those interested, here is how the sword is described in raws: 恒岳派紫岳仙剑之流]

Wang Lin frowned, sneered inwardly, then using Gravity technique at its limit, to try and firmly bind.

Old man Ouyang’s face changed, shouted: “Junior, How dare you!” With that he flipped his sleeves, and suddenly an ancient flying sword appeared, this flying sword after coming out seemed at easy even in the face of wind, and in a moment, changed into a big heavenly sword, from an unexpectedly high altitude, it came down with huge power in a chopping motion!

At this moment when the Sword came out, Ouyang’s eyes were emitting killing intent, he thought that this disciples was too amazing, it he left him be, he would seen grow up to be a huge threat to Xuan Dao Sect, it is better to take this opportunity to destroy his ability to practise.

Huang Long Zhenren’s face sank, he saw what the old man Ouyang was intending, immediately took out a Heng Yue Sect Zi Yue Immortal Sword, to try and prevent it, when Wang Lin laughed loudly, using Gravity technique at its limit, from the original invisible hand, it immediately took a tangible form.

Two Big hands emitting white light appeared in the air, swirling around in circles, all the clouds in the sky had at this time been scattered at random.

Suddenly a big hand changing direction, grabed the centipede’s head, while another went to stop the pressure of the gigantic sword.

The speed at which the gigantic sword was chopping down suddenly reduced. Old man Ouyang’s face changed, his face wore an expression of horror.

The two Elders clenched their teeth, disregarding status, one Elder spit out from his mouth seven coloured lights transforming into rainbow which mid-air turned into a ribbon, as it rapidly swirled toward Wang Lin.

At the same time, the other Elder used a Jade seal, which shed out faint wisps, which branched out into 7-8 wisps, surrounding Wang Lin, soon after stopped, suddenly just like essence enters the bone, they all charged towards Wang Lin. [TLNote: Couldn’t understand the analogy, feel free to understand and enlighten me: 顿时如髓入骨般冲向王林。]

An intense heat wave immediately started blowing, Wang Lin remained calm, divinding the power of Gravity technique, a big hand started rotating rapidly around his body, a visible air current could be seen making the surrounding wisps flicker.

All of this transpired really quick, Huang Long Zhenren shouted angrily, using a hand pinch mudra, the Zi Yue Sword emitted flash of lightning, letting intense piercing sound, with the target being the rainbow coloured light.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Wang Lin rushed quickly to the side of the thousand-legged centipede, and started controlling it with big hands using his Gravity technique, no matter how much the big centipede struggled, it could not break free. Wang Lin placed his right hand on the centipede’s head, used his spiritual force, suddenly the centipede felt huge pain, and spit out a black liquid.

It all happened in just a few seconds, the audience couldn’t even react, the two Elders had been fighting together, Dao Xu is known for being sharp-eyed, after seeing the centipede spit out poison, was worried that Wang Lin didn’t have any poison vial, so tossing his sleeves, he threw out a white vial and shouted: “Senior Disciple Wang Lin, take the poison with this!”

Then he took out a flying sword, and engaged both the two Elders who were releasing wisps.

The three Xuan Dao Sect Elders, thundered angrily, were entangled by the Heng Yue people, unable to stop Wang Lin.

Wang Lin seeing the centipede spit out poison, with rapid speed, caught the white vial, focusing on the centipede poison, his spiritual force emerged instantly, and the centipede poison suddenly started trickling in.

Old man Ouyang raged and yelled: “Heng Yue Sect, you go too far!”

Huang Long Zhenren took back his Zi Yue Sword, the other elders also took back their spells, the two groups of people could be seen standing mid-air.

Wang Lin looked apologetic, this centipede poison was the medicine that his father needs, to treat his stubborn illness, he knew that this was an unwise move, bowing he said: “Elder Ouyang, this centipede poison is very important to me, I have a thing, consider it to be in exchange for the centipede poison.” With that said, he threw out a seemingly ordinary looking Jade bottle. This Jade bottle, inside it was filled the river water from the back side of the mountain.

Old man Ouyang looked gloomy, after taking it was about to speak, the suddenly focused on the thing in his hands, carefully looking over it, he frowned and said: “We heard that some 500 years ago, Heng Yue Sect Yuan Ying founders had set a place as their residence, this place was rich in LingQi with concentration of it several times compared to other areas, this liquid here, afraid it is from that place right?”

The bottle was exuding the LingQi contained in it, Huang Long Zhenren glanced at the Jade bottle, touched his beard, he said smilingly: “This kid had the gall to take out a bottle of water.”

Old man Ouyang grunted, the weighing the Jade bottle in his hand, said: “Associate Huang Long, your Heng Yue Sect has such good disciple, ah! Goodbye!”

With that he cast a look at Wang Lin, pondering a little, he said: “Disciple Wang, regarding the centipede poison I can let it go, but the Heng Yue Sect no longer has its Yuan Ying founders to look over it, so it’s no longer such a good place to reside, you try to look out for yourselves, ok!”

With that, he patted the Centipede’s head, the thousand-legged centipede stared fiercely at Wang Lin, then his body shook, and he quickly flew to the north.

Vaguely, Wang Lin could notice that from the thousand-legged centipede, a pair of beautiful eyes were intently staring at him.

He was momentarily surprised, the words of Old man Ouyang were still reverbrating in his mind, as for the owner of those beautiful eyes, Wang Lin was not eat ease enough to see.

Xuan Dao Sect had gone back, the whole Pine peak was quiet, Huang Long Zhenren’s eyes swept away, as he smiled and said: “In today’s competition, Heng Yue Sect was victorious! All the Disciples will be rewarded, each person will be receiving spirit pills from the Dan Fang, to practise, all should set Wang Lin as an example!”

All the Disciples were suddenly delighted, looking at Wang Lin, at this moment, calling him by the name of trash, nobody dared to do it.

Wang Zhuo with mixed thoughts, took a deep breath and whispered to Dao Xu: “Master, Disciple requests to sit in Sheng Si Mountain pass, from now onwards, will no longer pay attention to the outside world.” [TLNote: Not sure if I got what he said correct or not: “师父,弟子要坐生死关,从此之后不问世事。”]

Dao Xu sighed, Wang Zhuo was his favourite disciple, was well aware of the enemity between him and Wang Lin, hesitating a little, he nodded and said: “Ok, this is a good opportunity for you to hide from Wang Lin.”

Wang Zhuo smiled bitterly, and nodded silently.

Huang Long Zhenren at this point opened his mouth and said: “All are dismissed, Wang Lin you come with me!”

Wang Lin nodded, his eyes sweept and focused on Third Senior Lu Yunjie, as he suddenly said: “Third Senior, wait a minute!”


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