Xian Ni Chapter 56 – Entering the Stage (6)

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Unfortunately, Li Shan’s prayers weren’t really effective, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, and the gravity force suddenly transformed into an invisible hand, and grabbed the running Yang Yi, the thunder bomb drawing an arc in the air, smashed in to Yang Yi’s head.

Yang Yi felt his body tighten, the space around him as if by some magical force suddenly contracted, tightly squeezing him, as he had helplessly watched the thunder bomb fall.

A big bang and Yang Yi appeared with his hair disheveled, his face black and grey, and the stench overflowing.

He refused to smell the stench from his body, on his face was a surprised expression, at this time the squeezing sensation around his body loosened, immediately struggled with all his spirit and managed to break away, with his heart racing, thought: “This Capturing Dragon Hand technique is too fierce! I haven’t lost yet, I will fight!”

Wang Lin smiled faintly, and looking at him said:”There are still ten seconds left, you can continue.”

Yang Yi clenched his teeth, spit out a red wind from his mouth, it immediately grew larger, later turning into a rainbow with a strong Jian Qi, immediately moved to stab Wang Lin.

Meanwhile he gestured with his hands, and took out from his bosom, a lot of Jade seals, which scattered in the sky, various rainbow coloured magical energy appeared from them, blotting out the sky as it converged onto Wang Lin.

Wang Lin sneered, swept away with his Gravity technique, as it casually turned into a big hand, and all the Jade seal spells immediately dissipated, but the rainbow drew closer, so with his eyes flashing, he did two things, turned gravity into a big hand and grabbed the rainbow.

The rainbow dissipated, revealing its true face, a red Flying sword! The flying sword stopped mid-air, struggled constantly, Wang Lin sensing with his soul that this flying sword just like the thunder bomb had a piece of soul in them, that he could easily dissipate, concentrating his gravity technique, with a “ka” sound, the broken Flying sword fell down onto the ground.

Yang Yi, looked pale, emitted blood as his feet staggered and he stepped back. He bitterly bowed, and said: “Brother Wang, this ancient technique Capturing Dragon Hand is really powerful, but this duel, I did not lose to you, I lost to this ancient technique!”

Wang Lin hesitated, then laughed and said: “Ancient Capturing Dragon Hand? This is the first time I have heard of it.”

“Well, you don’t have to admit it, your Capturing Dragon Hand, our Elder has identified it!” Yang Yi said bitterly, as he moved down the stone platform, the Xuan Dao Sect disciples all gave way to him, after all his stench was so bad.

Old man Ouyang’s face had gone red, he coughed stiffly and said: “Disciple Wang, you are indeed using Capturing Dragon Hand, the power of this ancient Xian fa is unfathomable and is no trivial matter. I have only ever seen it mentioned in some ancient martial art books, did not expect that this technique that was lost thousands of years ago, would be actually here in Heng Yue Sect, truly worthy of such a large 500 year old sect, this Old man truly admires.”

Saying so, he believed at least some of it, thinking that if this technique is not Capturing Dragon Hand, then must be some other ancient technique! Otherwise, would not have such power.

Wang Lin was dumbfounded, this gravity technique had after all, been practised by Wang Lin for twenty years in dream space, obviously its power would be no trivial matter.

Well this is secondary, for Wang Lin the main thing is practise, and he had gained a great understanding of it, Situ Nan had said that he has attained a satisfactory state in terms of Spiritual movement realm which is equivalent to the peak fourteenth layer of Concentrating Qi, with only one step, should be able to perfect concentrating qi. [TLNote: Ok, In my humble understanding Spiritual Movement is a parallel system that works alongside the regular cultivation progression system, and totally not a convenient ass-pull…… yup totally not an ass-pull…….No offence to the Author intended]

As for why he still feels stuck in the third layer, Situ Nan also couldn’t guess the reason, Senior Zhang had once advised Wang Lin to cut off himself from the mundane world to clear this bottleneck, to which Situ Nan snorted in disdain, he told Wang Lin that there is no such thing, its only something for lower ranked country to deceive themselves and others, XiuXian to become a Saint, it’s something that goes against Heaven’s will, go indulge in all your desires, where are the restrictions.

He cited an example of his country, there was a hua shen stage cultivator, he could not bear to be apart from his family’s affections, had been living at home and enjoying his life with his grandchildren, also after several years, he successfully entered the Ying Bian (infant Changing) stage.

Just that some things, after a long time, would lose their appeal, after all a life of a immortal is much higher than that of a mortal, he has to Xiuxian a lot too, so he has less regard for the outside world anyways.

After analyzing Situ Nan’s words, Wang Lin associated the phenomenon with the Anti-Heaven bead, there is a disconnect between the body in the dream space and my body in reality, and even though he already has the strength of fourteenth layer of Concentrating Qi, he looks to be on the third layer.

This inconsistency has continued to grow and over this long time, didn’t create much problem.

Being on the fourteenth layer of Concentrating Qi, and more than 20 years of practise, people couldn’t help but speculate and attribute the power to Capturing Dragon Hand technique, which is supposedly full of power.

Huang Long Zhenren squinted and kindly said to Wang Lin: “Wang Lin, this technique of yours, Capturing Dragon Hand, what is it really?” He wasn’t really in the mood to investigate into this technique, but focused on getting ready to wipe the faces of Xuan Dao Sect.

Wang Lin shook his head, and said smilingly: “Head Senior, it is clearly gravity technique that I just used, about Capturing Dragon Hand, the Disciple has never heard of it.”

Huang Long Zhenren inwardly approved of Wang Lin’s reply and laughing at the three elders from Xuan Dao said: “Associate Ouyang, this spell I can tell you is not that Capturing Dragon Hand, but instead it is Heng Yue Sect based Gravity technique. Your Xuan Dao Sect disciples could not withstand this Heng Yue Sect based technique, so actually made up this Capturing Dragon Hand technique, this is ridiculous!”

Old man Ouyang was feeling quite awkward inside, but maintained a neutral expression on his face and said: “Associate Huang Long, you may or may not admit it, but, this is definitely Capturing Dragon Hand technique!”

Dao Xu standing on the side, laughed and said to the Head Huang Long: “Head Senior, I think this name is pretty good, let us change the name of Gravity technique to Capturing Dragon Hand technique, this can be considered worthy of the name!”

Huang Long Zhenren’s eyes lit up, looked at Dao Xu appreciatingly, and nodding he said: “Ok, starting today, the basic immortal technique of Heng Yue Sect Gravity technique, shall be renamed to Capturing Dragon Hand, much thanks my Xuan Dao Sect Associate for bestowwing this name!”

Old man Ouyang and the other two Elders were wearing bitter expressions, shaking their head in silence.

Wang Lin standing on the stone platform, pondered a little, although managed to win two bouts, although has good confidence in his strength but the opponents were too weak, he could not test his real strength, though he has Ling Li equivalent to the fourteenth layer of Concentrating Qi, but in terms of spells, he has only Gravity technique.

To test how strong he is in the end, Wang Lin suddenly said: “”Xuan Dao Sect Seniors, can you all come at me together?”:



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