Xian Ni Chapter 55 – Entering the Stage (5)

ObligatoryTLNote: My eyes are losing focus, my throat has gone dry, my fingers are aching, my bones are creaking, my back is hurting, ………Ok not really, but yea the Death march is taking its toll, so, without further adieu this is the second last chapter of the day. Some of you might have guessed it but I am trying to get out Chapter 56 before Flower bridge finishes with Chapter 57. I will be putting up the link to the chapter registration excel sheet on the table of contents page after I catch a break. Much thanks and love to you all readers. I am really thankful for all your support. Don’t worry, I know it was a crazy idea from the beginning but almost reaching the end, It brings with it an unparalleled feeling of satisfaction.

The same discussion was spreading amongst the Heng Yue Sect disciples as to what technique Wang Lin had used a moment ago.

Wang Lin standing on the stone platform, couldn’t calm down his emotions for a long time, he had knocked down Zhou Peng with his Gravity technique three times, he was bursting with confidence, his eyes swept away, and looking just like Xuan Dao’s Zhou Peng, said: “Today’s exchange is not over yet, Who’s next from Xuan Dao Sect?”

Xuan Dao sect disciples looked at each other, and turned their heads down afraid to look Wang Lin in the eye, this situation is exactly the same as was with the Heng Yue Sect disciples.

Seeing this, all the Heng Yue Sect disciples, forgot that before this Wang Lin was called trash, they all cheered and shouted:

“All you trashes of Xuan Dao Sect, see how fierce is our Brother Wang, you do not dare to come out even though you were so arrogant just a moment ago, come out, Ah!”

“Where did you enthusiasm go, quickly send someone up, and let Senior Wang Lin, teach you a lesson, you bunch of grandchildren won’t dare be arrogant again.”

“Liu Feng, you just a moment ago were acting very fierce, come out, do you dare to compete with our Senior?”

“Xuan Dao Disciples are waste, no one dares to come up, our Senior Wang Lin is invincible!”

“Li Shan, you little bitch, sold us the thunder bombs, actually we had already found that they were useless, but through our Senior Wang, I hope you got your lesson, you bitch!”

“See how Xuan Dao Sect is scared of Senior Wang, does not dare to enter the stage!”

“Senior, I used to laugh at you, So, Infront of all these people I apologize to you, from now on you are my boss, you make me walk east or make me walk west, I will follow without thinking of questioning!”

The situation had at once turned lively, Heng Yue Sect disciples, exceptionally inspired tore out their throats in their effort to clamor loudly, today this exchange between the two sects had been too depressing for them, now in their darkest hour, Wang Lin’s appearance had made them see hope immediately.

They had even started calling him Senior Wang Lin, as if by unanimous agreement.

Old man Ouyang was looking red and ready to burst, at this time, he realized how Huang Long Zhenren had felt. Clenching his teeth, he shouted: “Yang Yi, you go!”

A lanky youth, reluctantly came out onto the stage, and suddenly, a Xuan Dao disciple started cheering loudly: “Second senior, come on, knock out Wang Lin…….”

Before he could finish, he suddenly found out all the nearby disciples were looking at him strangely, especially Yang Yi who was glaring back at him fiercely, scared of it he quickly shut up, no longer daring to speak.

Yang Yi cursed in his heart: “This idiot, Wang Lin, how is he so fierce, ah, Senior was probably crushed by a trick, Old man Ouyang made me go up, its not a shame, but don’t know how many Thunder bombs that son of a bitch Li Shan sold to him, this Li Shan, I will definitely deal with him on the way back.”

Thinking so, he stared fiercely at Li Shan, then focusing back on the platform and bowing respectfully said: “Brother Wang, next is me Yang Yi, in the future you will definitely become famous in the Zhao XiuZhen sector, so being able to exchange with you today, it is definitely a privilege, truly, ah.”

Wang Lin glanced at him, but didn’t speak.

Yang Yi did not feel embarassed and said: “Brother Wang, our two sects after all are only exchanging pointers, we need not go beyond that limit! How about we set 100 seconds as the deadline, if you cannot win within that, then I win.”

After saying that he immediately regretted, quickly saying: “No, 50 seconds, or maybe 30 seconds……forget it, let’s go with 20 seconds!”

At this time, the other disciples followed up, in their heart it was clear, that they must flatter Wang Lin, otherwise their mind would not be at ease.

“Get down, even though you are second senior of Xuan Dao Sect, you are too outrageous, how can there be such a test, and Senior Wang Lin, you need not listen to him.”

“Yang Yi, you are not a man, how did you come down from 100 Seconds to 20 Seconds, you go and let somebody else come! You don’t deserve to compete with our Senior!”

“How could Xuan Dao Sect send such a character, so shameful!”

Huang Long Zhenren smiled, and was liking Wang Lin evermore, as he whispered to Sun DaZhu standing nearby: “Great Junior SunDaZhu, your disciple is good, really good! Okay!”

Sun DaZhu’s body shook, suddenly feeling smug and many kilograms lighter when he had heard the Head calling him “Junior Sun DaZhu” Ah, he said taking on airs: “That is Wang Lin, this kid has great determination, luckily nobody snatched it before me, ahem, initially when I took him in as a disciple many people had mocked me!”

Dao Xu and the Red faced Elder along with their peers had gained a red complexion, were about to speak.

Huang Long Zhenren stared fiercely at them, then turning to Sun DaZhu kindly said: “Great Junior DaZhu, you did a great deed for Heng Yue Sect, rest assured, after this Brothers will surely give you an explanation!”

Although Sun DaZhu was appearing nice on the surface, but deep within his eyes revealed a cold expression.

Above the Stone platform, Yang Yi did not have time to pay heed to the mocking words of the Heng Yue disciples, he was looking at Wang Lin cautiously, afraid that he would turn down the proposition.

Wang Lin’s eyes swept over Yang Yi, then looking at him said: “Ok!”

Yang Yi was wild with joy, he was a calm person unlike the fiercely rampant Zhou Peng, at this time was thinking: “Wang Lin, your Capturing Dragon Hands technique is indeed fierce, but you shouldn’t compare me with Senior, what I excel at is speed, hah, let me see how you are able to catch me, once twenty seconds are passed, I will have won!”

He bowed at Wang Lin, then without hesitation took out a white jade seal, did not hesitate to crush it instantly, suddenly a white light appeared around his body, greatly enhancing his speed suddenly, at this moment, Yang Yi’s body moved like a flash to one side.

He deliberately avoided Wang Lin, trying to not get into direct contact, Yang Yi was cleverly not seeking to attack, instead depending on his speed, was only seeking to delay.

Wang Lin’s face gained a mocking expression, his soul sense exceeded the opponents’ by far, swept over him, and locking onto the rapid movements of Yang Yi, willing the gravity, and with neither fast nor slow motion, took out a thunder bomb.

Yang Yi seeing the thunder bomb, his face immediately went pale, started running a little faster.

Amongst the audience, Li Shan was looking blankly at Wang Lin who was carrying a thunder bomb in his hand, muttering to himself: “Brother Wang, Big Brother Wang, my Grandfather Wang, ah, please do not use, I have already drawn the ire of Senior, if this time two Seniors move against me, I would be finished……..”


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