Xian Ni Chapter 54 – Entering the Stage (4)

ObligatoryTLNote: To those who have been saying that due to my death march the quality has decreased, I humbly apologize, but all I ask of you is to tell me the paragraphs or areas where the quality decreased so I can get it edited, I could only get Goodguyperson’s help for the starting few chapters. I would be more than happy to get the offending paras rechecked if you can point them out though. Anyways, keep on keeping on.

Comparing it to the fountain at the backside of the mountain, Zhang Kuang noticed the difference. not only was it several times rich in LingQi this spring water also had a concealed magical effect, after he analyzed it a bit, shocked to discover that this spring water could stop aging!

If taken regularly, can definitely stay young, but even with a few drops, he immediately felt the difference. After this amazing discovery, he had immediately acted.

It is known amongst the XiuZhen community, that only after reaching Yuan Ying stage, will one’s aging halt, but until then, hundreds and thousands of years would have passed in reaching that stage.

Zhang Kuang expected that with this LingQi spring water, if word of this gets out to other Sects, then in particular those female seniors who are at the Foundation Building stage or JieDan stage, will definitely go crazy after it.

But when he went to check, he had already lost track of Wang Lin, in the huge Heng Yue Sect, He probed many disciples one by one, but could not find anyone similar.

Due to this, he was depressed for a long time, he had also probed Wang Lin but he turned out to be trash at third layer of Concentrating Qi, Zhang Kuang thought that he would not have such a treasure, so after a little while, also put him out of his mind.

Now, he was very sure that that person was definitely Wang Lin, not for any other reason but a hunch!

“This Wang Lin has used it for his cultivation, alas, I did not have this idea earlier, oh the secret of this LingQi spring water, I must bury it deep in my heart and no matter what, not let Wang Lin, must not allow him to see, otherwise, this XiuZhen community is too cruel, let alone disciples, even blood brothers would kill each other. With Wang Lin’s level of cultivation, I do not have the strength to hit back!” Zhang Kuang decided immediately not to provoke this Wang Lin.

At the same time, his mind could not help but think of the time of the practice camp behind the heng yue mountain, he had thought that he hadn’t even reached the first layer, so gave him a ride to the cave, but how did Wang Lin arrive at this level, who knows, he was wracking his mind over it.

Especially at the time of drawing water from the mountain river, thinking of it, Zhang Kuang could not help but let out a cold sweat, I am glad that I only had doubts but didn’t act on them, otherwise would have been certainly beheaded.

He was trying to think up reasons how Wang Lin got so powerful, but Zhang Kuang immediately cancelled the thought, he realized that if he continued to go down that route, it would lead to him throwing his life away.

Senior Zhang who had repeatedly lectured Wang Lin to practise sincerely, was now feeling quite strange inside, he looked at Wang Lin on the stone platform and thought desolately: “This Wang Lin, I brought him from the Wang mansion myself, he was clearly an ordinary teenager, and later he attempted suicide, but was saved, in this short period of five years, everything has changed, he actually became a true disciple of Heng Yue Sect and now a prime master, was really destined for good fortune, unlike me, I practised for more than ten years, only reached sixth layer of concentrating qi, alas.”

The Xuan Dao Sect crowd, was surprised until then, but it was now shocked.

Zhou Peng, first loss can be explained by carelessness, second even, but third loss too, each time, he was sent flying in one direct hit, simply unable to fight back, especially the third when he had used the paper talisman to increase his cultivation level, but still was taken down.

That had put, everyone in Xuan Dao Sect in a deeply shocked state.

Liu Feng mouth stayed open, for a long time even forgot to breathe, he was now absolutely positive, this Heng Yue’s Wang Lin was absolutely fierce, Senior was not careless, but was clearly inferior, especially when he thought, how Senior was at twelfth layer of Concentrating Qi, then what layer was Wang Lin at…..

“Is he on the Foundation Building stage?” Liu Feng muttered in disbelief.

Wang Lin was made fun of when he was tasked with feeding the giant centipede, the Ouyang girl, this time was stunned, her mind could not comprehend seeing that Senior, to actually lose…..

Liu Mei’s eyes were sparkling, she was now even more interested in Wang Lin, secretly thought: “He really is a diamond in the rough, three days ago, I knew something was off, he was the first to recover from my technique.”

Several other disciples were all speechless, Senior was their hero, too powerful, but this powerful Senior were defeated by another person, and that too in a one-sided and overwhelming fashion, at that point, in Xuan Dao Sect disciple’s mind, regarding their Xian Shu, there wasn’t even a hint of self-confidence. [TLNote: Xian Shu means Immortal technique]

Old man Ouyang’s face and Heng Yue’s Huang Long Zhenren’s face were now totally reversed, Ouyang old man was bitter, glancing deeply at Wang Lin, he was shocked to the core, with his strength at the fourteenth layer of Concentrating Qi, he could see Wang Lin’s level to be at third layer of Concentrating Qi.

“He……Is he really Heng Yue Sect disciple…….Did he reach the Foundation building stage or what, how can’t I see through his cultivation!”

The two elders also looked gloomy, Zhou Peng had tried three times, so now they were thoroughly convinced of Wang Lin’s strength.

Then a Xuan Dao Sect disciple, suddenly whispered: “What……What kind of magic did he use? And why does it feel similar to Gravity technique?”

“Gravity technique? Impossible, it is merely a low-level spell, how could it have such great power, i think, this must be a lost ancient spell, you see he acted so casually, seemingly like Gravity technique, actually it is only to cover up the truth about the ancient magic! Wang Lin is too cunning!” A disciple standing next to him sternly yet enthusiastically arranged things analytically.

“I can see how it is similar to Gravity technique, ah, this move I can do also, I also frequently practise, sometimes can slap out of control, if it could be controlled, could make objects fly, how it flies……… just like Senior did.” Another disciple said hesitatingly, but after a word his voice diminished and was swept away.

“Dream on, with your strength also want to compare with Wang Lin, If you ask me this is definitely not gravity technique, definitely not!” Another disciple said carefully, stroking his chin.

Other disciples were also engaged in discussing what kind of magic Wang Lin used, some even directly asked the three Elders.

Old man Ouyang and the two Elders forcing a smile and sighed, before saying in a sinking voice: “It’s not Gravity technique, I have never heard of such tremendous gravitational power, If I am not mistaken, this should be the long lost Capturing Dragon Hands technique!”

“Capturing Dragon Hand! !” The two elders standing nearby had weird expressions, this Capturing Dragon Hand, they had never heard of, but they also could not see what magic Wang Lin used, after all, this technique was too much like Gravity technique.

Old man Ouyang sighed inwardly and thought inwardly: “Naturally, I can’t tell the others that I don’t know what technique he used, I would lose face, so could only carelessly string together complicated words to make out a random technique name.”


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