Xian Ni Chapter 53 – Entering the Stage (3)

ObligatoryTLNote: Nothing much to say, the story moves on.

Wang Lin was also actually startled, quite a while passed before he relaxed and gained his usual expression.

Zhou Peng was in a rage, he thought he was just careless, how could a mere third layer concentrating qi beat him, this time he directly caused the giant python to form using hand mudra, the Python screamed and was about to open its big mouth.

Wang Lin once again slapped out with his gravity technique, the Python lamenting loudly, suddenly dissipated, Zhou Peng’s face got swollen, as he was once again thrown back, spraying blood along the way.

As soon as he landed, he immediately rushed back on to the Stone platform, with his disheveled hair, and blood leaking from his mouth, ripped clothes, using the Paper talisman close to his chest, his hair started swaying as he tried to increase his momentum in futility.

“Wang Lin! ! ! This does not count, I did not use my real strength, we’ll have another……”

Wang Lin by that time had gained confidence in his strength, and after he said that, used gravity technique again for a bit.

With a “Pop” sound, the powered up Zhou Peng, again flew out spraying blood, this time did not get up for a long time, lying on the floor, his LingQi scattered, he struggled for a long time, his hurt feelings aggrieved him and drowned him like a surging tide, unable to even catch a breath, he fainted directly.

The surroundings immediately went quiet, there was no sound, only the faint sound of the breathing of the disciples from both sides could be heard.

Huang Long Zhenren finally reacted, his face was coloured in ecstasy, and Wang Lin appeared more and more pleasing to his eye, thought inwardly: “This Wang Lin, is my Heng Yue Sect’s lucky star, actually has practised to such a level, but was concealing the truth, he indeed can really fight! But how exactly he practised, must ask him about it.”

Sun DaZhu, took a deep breath, thought: God ah, you’ve finally opened your eyes, giving me such a powerful disciple, this old man’s proudest moment in life, is when I took this child Wan Lin in, Heavens ah, later on in the inner sect, I’ll see which senior disciple will dare to mock me!” [TLNote: This para was earlier quite inaccurate, thanks to ruinyx for pointing it out as well as providing more accurate version of this para.]

Dao Xu was also stunned, the first time could be explained as a fluke, but the two times after that, he definitely is the real deal, he was more shocked because after using his paper talisman, his cultivation had risen to twelfth layer, but even then, Wang Lin had slapped him down with gravity technique!

This Wang Lin, what is his real level! He looked carefully for a long time, now matter how much he tried sensing with his soul, could not understand Wang Lin’s cultivation

The red-faced old man, this time took a deep breath, thought inwardly: “This Wang Lin when was being admitted into the Sect, I did agree, hmph, this old man still is discerning,ah!”

The middle-aged man who had received a piece of fine iron from Wang Lin’s Fourth Uncle, at this time was also secretly thinking: “Ah, this is fate, this child and me were fated, without my strong recommendation he wouldn’t have been admitted, and so since I have done such a good deed for Heng Yue Sect, I must surely ask the Head for reward.”

Not far away from him stood, a middle aged man with pale yellow face, touching his whiskers, nodded and thought inwardly: “This Kid when I saw him at the time of admissions, knew his perseverance was great, now look and see, huh, sure enough this kid was snatched by Sun DaZhu, this kid would have been better as my, Zhang Rencai’s, disciple!”

Wang Zhuo had completely sobered up now, his mind was no longer foggy, but he thought bitterly: “He is so strong…..I said all kinds of things regarding him, how will he get back against me in the future……oh, what should I do!”

The lady Zhou’s eyes were shining brightly, she had now completely determined that Wang Lin is deep and unmeasurable, did not reveal himself before, had always thought he was on third layer of concentrating qi same as herself, shared many feelings with him, could not help but go red in the face, as she thought secretly: “This Wang Lin is so obviously fierce, but all this time was deceiving me saying that he was on third layer of concentrating qi, well, I must ask him thoroughly!”

The lady Xu’s big eyes blinked for a long time, as she looked at Wang Lin, then looked at Wang Zhuo over and over again, as she thought to herself: “Where is he in comparison to Brother Zhuo, ah, in this situation it should have been Brother Zhuo stealing the show, but this Wang Lin is too fierce, swatted down the Xuan dao disciple, not once but three times in a row, really astonishing!”

“Wang Lin turned out to be playing pig to eat tiger, too fierce, well I never made fun of him before, otherwise would have been my bad luck, oh, it would be good to see what happens to those who had ridiculed him, surely!” Several disciples were smiling as they looked around glancing at their fellow disciples.

“It’s over, I had ridiculed him so much, now look, he can crush me with a finger, motherfucker, if your cultivation was so high, why put on the appearance of being so weak, too outrageous! Alas, he is famous amongst the secret disciples with the nickname Black heart Wang, I must definitely try to flatter him……” So thought a disciple who had often ridiculed Wang Lin.

“Wang Lin is certainly a person of high mental resilience, an expert, when I mocked him, he probably didn’t mind at all, after all if a dog bites a person, the person doesn’t bite back, it must be like that, that Brother Wang is an expert, how could I comprehend him.” Another disciple who often mocked Wang Lin repeatedly tried to calm his uneasy heart.

Dan Fang’s Third Senior, took a deep breath, looking unsettled, thought secretly: “This is bad, Wang Lin and Wang Hao are relatives, I heard they both are also good friends……..I don’t know what to do, three days ago at worst, I could have done him a favour by setting free Wang Hao, but now…….Oh Wang Hao has become like that, so once he goes to look for Wang Hao, I would definitely not want to face his anger……that Wang Hao must not be allowed to remain! If he goes now, I would not be able to save my future, wait a moment, If I go back now to deal with Wang Hao, then when the time comes, dead men tell no tales, he would certainly not suspect my role! sigh.”

Lu Song looking at his purple clothing, smiled wryly and thought: “There will be sweeping changes amongst the Heng Yue disciples, this Wang Lin, ah, he is really deep, hid his cultivation, turned out to be destined to be used for today, hehe, afraid that in the Zhao XiuZhen sector, before long, Wang Lin’s name will spread far and wide. This Wang Lin, must be friends, cannot become his enemy!” In an instant, he had decided how he would treat Wang Lin in the future.

Zhang Kuang’s face was bitter, when he had traded that LingQi filled spring water at the fair, his thought was occupied with the abundant LingQi, so did not pursue Wang Lin after the trade.


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