Xian Ni Chapter 52 – Entering the Stage (2)

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok, Ok, I get it I am evil for leaving you guys with that cliffhanger, but I just wanted to share the suffering a bit, here I am stuck on a death march, haven’t even got the time to read the latest Coiling Dragon chapter since the morning. Xian Ni non-stop. Also those worrying about me, thanks for your concern, I really needed to unwind this weekend and really progress this story fast. So, came with this idea. Enjoy and please in this “Entering the Stage” chapter series every chapter is a cliff hanger, so you commenting on it won’t make it go faster…….Jk I enjoy drinking your delicious tears so keep commenting on cliffhangers *slurp*. Btw did I mention that you are gonna love this chapter?

Zhou Peng laughed arrogantly and said: “Wang Lin, I can make you go down with just my breath, stand firmly!” Then he took a deep breath, his body seemed like a bottomless pit, the clothes on him didn’t bear any indication of wind, making a popping sound, was about to blow. [TLNote: Offtopic but Mr. Big Bad Wolf is that you?]

Wang Lin never fought with another human, this would be his first time, saying that he would not be nervous is impossible, but without hesitation he used gravity technique, at its max power to slap out!

For insurance, he also took out a thunder bomb, quickly removing Li Shan’s soul, before throwing it out.

Hitting the ground with a big bang, a big black smoke rose from the ground and Zhou Peng’s body was quickly thrown about, pounding the ground, his body coloured black with ash, stench overflowing and with blank expression, looking exactly like Sun Hao looked before.

The airborne python also dissipated.

The noise alerted the Heng Yue crowd that was leaving, one after another they looked back, but then, their faces froze! A sudden quiet had developed on the scene.

Huang Long Zhenren looked dull but was surprised inwardly: “This….This…..” His heart surged like a wave and it was as if countless thunderbombs were buzzing in his ears.

“No Way! When did Wang Lin become so powerful! But the opponent was a Xuan Dao Sect Senior Disciple, Ah!” Dao Xu rubbed his eyes hard as he was shocked in disbelief.

The Black-robed disciple, Senior Zhang, who had brought Wang Lin to the Heng Yue Sect, this time felt the same shock, showing an incredulous look, thought inwardly: “Is this because I taught Brother Wang to practice well? He obviously is third layer……how can this be possible…….”

“Is he Wang Lin? The one who entered the sect by suicide……trash?” Red-faced Elder had been shocked to his core, his mouth had been left open, and even his breathing had stopped at this moment.

“Incredible……” An Elder Song looked on in a trance like state.

Wang Zhuo was stunned, he looked like a solidified wax statue, only a single thought reverbratede in his mind: “Wang Lin? Trash?” He shook his head hard, felt his body floating, his mind foggy as he kept telling himself that this was a dream, this was an illusion.

The woman Xu also used her hands to cover her mouth, her eyes focusing straight ahead, as she muttered: “How could this…….Wang Lin , when was he so powerful ah…..he is obviously on third layer of concentrating qi, ah.”

Sun DaZhu touched his head, muttered: “A Hallucination, I must be hallucinating, motherfucker, can see hallucinations even during the day……..this is my disciple?”

The lady Zhou, her eyes peered at the stone platform at Wang Lin, but her mind had already went blank.

Zhang Kuang had in fact regained consciousness, but he out of fear of shame, pretended to be in coma, but he was up and as he looked dully at Wang Lin on the stone platform, all of a sudden contracted his pupils, thought inwardly: “That’s right! It is him! It must be him!”

“Dreaming, I must be dreaming!” The middle-aged man who had accepted Wang Lin in return for fine iron from his fourth uncle, now was bitterly biting his tongue.

Lu Song felt such a contrast to Wang Lin, his name, felt that this was the first time hearing this, glancing deeply at Wang Lin, secretly thought: “Disciple, and such a Master! Well, If I had known it earlier what I had to do, would have asked the Head directly, why didn’t asked him to go earlier!” [TLNote: This portion is a bit tricky, so just take it with pinch of salt and disbelief]

“Did I tested him wrongly? Wang Lin is actually extremely talented?” Dan Fang’s third senior thought to himself, looking stunned, his mind couldn’t comprehend the scene in front of him.

All the disciples were rooted to their spot, their faces all uniformly dull.

As for the crowd of Xuan Dao Sect, it was not much better. Old man Ouyang stared, Zhou Peng was the Xuan Dao Sect’s Assasin, known in underground circles as the number one genius in the entire Zhao Guo region, on the thirteenth layer of Concentrating Qi, he actually lost? If had wanted to dispose off the Heng Yue Sects Elders it wouldn’t have been a problem, but he got defeated by someone who the Elders themselves called trash! A Mere junior on the third layer of Concentrating Qi! Zhou Feng must have been careless, yes that’s right, he must have been negligent!

The other two elders also looked at each other, speechless, this bout was really too weird, making their mind unable to bear all of it at once.

Liu Feng looked deeply at Wang Lin, rejoicing secretly that he had not come up against him on stage a moment ago, otherwise would not even have been able to retreat, but he could not understand, if Wang Lin was so fierce, why everyone in Heng Yue Sect called him trash? And they are now looking at each other’s faces, apparently they too are shocked, so they do not seem to have deceived. Was Senior Zhou Peng careless? Liu Feng somewhat guess vaguely, after all as he saw it, Wang Lin was just on third layer of Concentrating Qi.

Other disciples, too had the same idea as Liu Feng, that Senior Zhou Peng was careless and got hit by a surprise attack, they were unwilling to believe otherwise.

Liu Mei’s delicate little face also became strange, she did not have the same idea as others, she had noted this Wang Lin the first day itself, showing an interested look in her eyes, carefully sized him up.

If we measure the shock level of everyone in the field, Li Shan would come out at top three, his body had gone soft and he was sitting paralyzed on the floor, muttering to himself: “Its over, all over, this is the Thunder bomb that I sold to him, he certainly screwed me over, using it against Senior, this Senior would have a mortal hatred of me, he has lost face completely, afterward will think up any method to clean me up.

Li Shan Oh Li Shan, even with your reputation, you could not see through this person playing pig to eat tiger, Wang Lin is it….. Wang Lin you are too mean, too outrageous, too sinister, this time you put me through harm, my Xuan Dao Sect will track me down, Ah, the Senior will definitely kill me…….

No, I have to think about how to wash away the soot, how to get rid of the smell…….I…….Fuck this black ash is my pride and joy, no solution, not even bathing for half a year would make it go away.

There’s the smell, I had specifically mixed it for stealing other’s girlfriends, made it adhere, besides blowing it away with air continuously for a month, there is no other way, I…….am finished…….finished.”

At this point, Zhou Peng woke up, smelling himself he barely managed to avoid going unconscious again, hoarsely shouted: “Li Shan! I’m won’t ever let you go! ! !”

Li Shan could not bear such a blow, cried loudly: “Senior, I was wrong Senior, please spare me……I know I was wrong, I will never be greedy again.”

Zhou Peng with his towering rage, came like lightning with his terrible smell and a face full of black ash, back onto the stone platform, grimly and hysterically shouted: “Wang Lin, this just now doesn’t count, I was not ready and you attacked, we go at it again and this time no sneak attack!”



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