Xian Ni Chapter 51 – Entering the Stage

ObligatoryTLNote: And now the moment you have all been clamoring for since oh so much time.

The original title could be translated as appearing on stage/ entering the stage/ or sending somebody out, I just chose the current title because it felt cooler to me

Hope you guys don’t mind it too much. Anyways, big thanks to Goodguyperson for helping out with the editing of certain segments I found difficulty with.

Anyways, Enjoy and like I told you, the I am serious about breaking my record.

Meanwhile, the Middle-aged man’s body shook, appearing on the stone platform, looked arrogantly over the Heng Yue Sect disciples, saying: “For all you disciples, I, Zhou Peng alone am sufficient.”

Heng Yue Sect disciples immediately on hearing this, let out a scowl, even the Elders frowned.

Amongst the Xuan Dao Sect disciples, nobody spoke, unusually their eyes revealed the colour of respect. Obviously, this person from Xuan Dao Sect is not somebody of trivial identity.

Old man Ouyang coughed and shouted: “Associate Huang Long, that Zhou Peng, is my Xuan Dao Sect’s disciple! This time, we will go with one man – win or loss is up to you, if anyone can stand out for ten seconds, then it shall be deemed a win for Heng Yue Sect!”

Zhang Kuang’s eyes flashed, and he leapt onto the stone platform, said in a sinking tone: “Well arrogant kid, I come for you!”

Zhou Peng laughed loudly and said: “You? Appears to be on sixth layer of Concentrating Qi, but concealed strength is of eight layer of Concentrating Qi, this level of cultivation is not enough!” Saying so, a coldness flashed in his eyes, casually tossing his sleeves, suddenly a dark black snake leaped out from him, instantly growing into a big python.

This Python had a large head, looked coldly at the shocked Zhang Kuang, suddenly an unimaginably powerful suction appeared out of nowhere.

This suction was extremely strange, only worked on one person Zhang Kuang.

Zhang Kuang didn’t have any power to dodge it, and before he could use any techniques, his body like a kite with a broken string, sucked him back all of a sudden.

Zhou Peng sneered, and with his right hand grabbing Zhang Kuang’s neck, said arrogantly: “Go back and practice for a few decades before coming to me!”With that he swung his right hand, and the body of Zhang Kuang was thrown backwards at a great speed.

The other purple disciples immediately came to catch Zhang Kuang but still could not stop it due to the opponent’s force, the two slid all the way to the ground before stopping.

Zhang Kuang’s skin was pale, his eyes closed, and his body constantly shaking with his neck bearing dark hand marks, seemed like a pair of pliers, firmly stuck to his neck.

The Purple-robed disciples upon catching, had a look of horror on their faces.

Huang Long Zhenren was bitter, the opponent’s disciple was too strong, and he could see that based on the strength he currently showed, he has presumably reached the tenth layer of Concentrating Qi, and probably to hide his cultivation used paper talismans, so cannot see actual level.

Looking around at the disciples, Huang Long Zhenren let out a sigh, these disciples have no chance of winning, even with pills, the Elders can at most reach the tenth layer of concentrating qi, he could fight, but if he lost, then Heng Yue Sect will completely lose this battle!

“Ok, this time it is really hopeless for Heng Yue Sect, Old man Ouyang regarding what you said, let’s notify the two Master Ancestors, to get this quickly decided, if everything what you say is true, the alas, this Heng Yue Mountain will be gone!” Huang Long Zhenren said with a wry smile.

Zhou Peng haughtily glanced around and said: “Who is next?”

All the Heng Yue Sect disciples stayed rooted to their spot, silent, fearing the eyes of Zhou Peng, did not dare to look, subconsciously lowered their heads, nobody wanted to compete.

Zhou Peng sneered, in his heart he despised these people, at this point he suddenly hesitated, amongst the opponents a disciple on the third layer of concentrating qi, actually does not have any fear in his eyes!

Wang Lin with a bland expression, looked at Zhou Peng.

Zhou Peng stared coldly at Wang Lin and said: “What? You want to come?”

Zhou Peng had attracted everybody’s attention, upon looking to find that he was referring to Wang Lin, everybody felt odd.

Huang Long Zhenren sighed, although Wang Lin on the third layer of concentrating qi, he didn’t pay attention to him before and although compared to other disciples his cultivation is low, but he is courageous!

Zhou Peng noticed that the opponent did not speak up, sneered and said: “Out of Four bouts, only one remaining, after displaying such huge promise Heng Yue Sect, actually no one dared to come, you really disappoint me! Amongst you Heng Yue Sect disciples, don’t tell me that no one is able to rise up to the challenge.”

Standing near Huang Long Zhenren, Dao Xu Elder suddenly said: “Junior Sun, I am sorry! Wang Lin, you go!”

Sun DaZhu hesitated a bit, then immediately reacted and said angrily: “Dao Xu, although you are my Senior, but you can’t do this to me, my disciple is only on the third layer of concentrating qi and you let him go, its not that I am ashamed of that fact, do not think I don’t know what is on your mind, the opponent disciple is too strong, you fear your disciple getting hit, fear disgrace, fear your disciple getting injured, so calling up my disciple as a sacrifice. My disciple has always been waste in cultivation, even if he loses, you will have something to say, motherfucker, this shameful thing, I will not agree to it.”

Dao Xu frowned, he did hold such thoughts, but this Sun DaZhu so rudely, actually infront of the Xuan Dao Sect has torn to pieces his face.

He sneered a few times, looking at Huang Long Zhenren, the corners of his mouth moved slightly, as he let out some sounds.

Huang Long Zhenren sighed and said decisively: “Junior Sun, do not speak out of turn, Wang Lin, you will have to go!”

Sun DaZhu tossed his sleeves, stood aside looking heavenwards, as he continued sneering.

Wang Lin saluted, respectfully said: “Yes, Sir!”

Then taking a deep breath, slowly walked towards the stone platform.

The Xuan Dao Sect disciples were all laughing out loud.

“Heng Yue Sect, you don’t have any shame heh, even trash can go on to the platform and compete with our Senior!”

“This trash will not need to be cleaned up by Senior, I can crush him with just one finger!”

“Senior, they have thrown in the towel, sending up cannon fodder, this trash is actually quite bad, Senior you spare him, and not punish him too severely!”

Old man Ouyang and two Elders around him, had expressions of disdain on their faces, Old man Ouyang laughed and said: “Associate Huang Long, regarding Heng Yue Sect, I have gained a thorough understanding today!”

Huang Long got depressed, did not speak, tossing his sleeves, walked back, did not have even the slightest hope for Wang Lin, because he was a cannon fodder to get this exchange over with, after this he will be throwing in the towel.

After all, if news of them losing spreads it is not that bad, but if it got out that out of fear nobody came out to compete, it would be really shameful!

Nobody from the other disciples dared, only then had to send this Wang Lin up.

Behind him, all the Elders of Heng Yue Sect shook their heads, turned and started walking back.

Even the Disciples started to move away, they were reluctant to continue seeing their disgrace.


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