Xian Ni Chapter 50 – Exchange (4)

ObligatoryTLNote: Sorry for all you guys staying up all night for these chapters, I guess you will be able to feel some of my suffering as I deathmarched my way through these chapters. Cheers. Also consider bouts to be equivalent to rounds in the battle tournament.

“He is Lu Song! I heard my Master say many times that he is a top talent in our Heng Yue Sect’s first generation, this time the Xuan Dao Sect definitely will lose.”

“Fifth Senior, come on, we will follow your example.”

Heng Yue Sect disciples were excitedly letting out cheers, ignoring the loss of the first two bouts, they had at this moment, found some confidence. Some starry-eyed infatuated female disciples also at that time promised ‘favours’ to Lu Song.

Huang Long Zhenren was smiling, thought inwardly that with Lu Song fighting, should be able to win!

Wang Zhuo looked at Lu Song with jealousy and hummed loudly.

Xuan Dao disciples also had shocked expressions, the fame of this Lu Song, was like thunder reverbrating in their ears, twenty years ago although lost shockingly in the exchange, but had left a deep impression on the minds of Xuan Dao Sect’s Elders.

Old man Ouyang looking slightly pale, said: “Xu Mu, I allow you to unlock ShiZu seal, bring out your true level!”

Xu Mu nodded sternly, and unbuttoned his clothes, a small dark yellow paper talisman hanging around his chest.

Heng Yue Sect Elders hesitated, glancing carefully at the paper talisman, looked shocked.

“Associate Ouyang, this paper talisman…….” Huang Long Zhenren’s face lost colour.

Old man Ouyang eyes flashed indifferently, as he lightly said: “Huang Long Zhenren let me take this opportunity to explain that after today’s exchange, If my Xuan Dao Sect was to win, in addition to the already promised things, I would like you to lend the Heng Yue Mountain to the Xuan Dao Sect for 500 year!”

The looks on everybody’s faces changed, Huang Long Zhenren narrowed his eyes and said: “Associate Ouyang, are you kidding me!”

Old man Ouyang shook his head and said: “Associate Huang Long, this paper talisman that you are seeing, cannot be produced by those not above Yuan Ying stage in terms of spiritual power. To tell you the truth, our Xuan Dao Sect’s ancestor returning from a fourth stage XiuZhen battlefield …….he brought back news that all of your Heng Yue Sect’s founders have died.”

Huang Long Zhenren’s face changed, after a long time said in a sinking tone: “Associate Ouyang, stop messing around, or don’t blame Heng Yue Sect for retaliating!”

Old man Ouyang smiled and said: “Keeping in mind your friendship in the past with Xuan Dao Sect, we did not take it by force or deceit, and instead to give you face, decided on a test, if Heng Yue Sect wins, this matter would be ignored. I have said what I wanted to, Huang Long Zhenren continue the exchange!”

The Heng Yue Sect disciples had also heard this, and everyone was at a loss, their hearts had now hit rock bottom, the sky seemed to be fading.

Wang Lin was surprised, secretly thought that what that Situ Nan said is really true, indeed the countries are divided based on the level of XiuZhen.

Sun DaZhu went pale, his eyes glazed, muttered: “This is the end, the ancestors are all dead, Heng Yue Sect could rely on them to intimidate other sects, it could barely stand by itself, but now…….finished! Damn, if only 500 years ago, if only the fourth rank country Qing Long in its scramble for foreign territory hadn’t pulled out all the Yuan Ying Ancestors, then the Heng Yue Sect would not have come to such an end.”

Huang Long seeing the Junior disciples all around flustered, swallowed his own unrest and shouted: “People of the Heng Yue Sect, don’t be confused, the authenticity of this news will be verified by us, you don’t need to get flustered. Lu Song, you continue to fight.”

Lu Song on the stone platform was surprised hearing the words of Old man Ouyang, but then he tightened his mind, spit out a Dao Zi Mang, the Zi Mang after coming out immediately swelled up transforming into big flashing black hands, moving toward Xu Mu in an effort to bind him.

Xu Mu looking slightly, without hesitation from his storage bag, flew out six glittering spheres in response. Lu Song laughed, secretly with a right hand pinch mudra, caused the big hands to flip mid-air, causing strange winds to blow thereby causing the six glittering spheres to tremble and deviate from their trajectory.

This strange wind caused Xu Mu’s internal LingQi to get scattered a bit, his complexion became pale as he shouted: “Explode!”

The Six glittering spheres exploded simultaneously, as a ring-shaped shock wave blew out from the platform causing the spectators to retreat.

Lu Song snorted, and mockingly said: “Tricks!” The Large hand in mid-air turned into a fist, and despite the explosion the speed did not reduce.

Xu Mu’s skin went pale, seeing the big hands he had become depressed, he clenched his teeth, and out of his storage bag floated a thing, it was a mundane-looking yellow piece of paper, Xu Mu bit his tongue and spewed out a mouthful of blood.

The blood in the air is rapidly turned into a liquid mist, condensing to form a blood dragon, Xu Mu without batting an eye, with his right hand performed a mudra, murmuring the chant, and the blood dragon could be seen twisting and finally linking together to form a weird pattern which got imprinted onto the yellow paper.

The Yellow paper suddenly shot out with letting out a strong glare like a miniature Sun, this time the airborne fists visibly reduced.

Wang Lin seeing this, thought inwardly, this paper talisman, he also has one in his storage bag!

“Turns out to be Ling Bao!” Lu Song frowned tossing his big sleeves, suddenly two White Dragons flew out into the air fast spinning in a circle, before swiftly moving to deal Xu Mu a quick blow.

Xu Mu was wearing a sad smile, he had put all his energy to resist the opponent’s monster fists, but these two White dragon flying swords, simply unable to resist.

Seeing the tyrannic two White dragons come out, at this dangerous moment, a cold hum spread amongst the Xuan Dao disciples.

Then, a black rainbow instantly shot from amongst the Xuan Dao Sect disciples easily suppressing the two White Dragons which under this pressure, rapidly shrunk eventually becoming two small silver swords. The Black rainbow strained itself and suddenly the two flying swords snapped and fell off the stone platform, broken.

Lu Song complexion went pale, flying swords destroyed were connected to his mind, and he spouted blood, exposing his dismay. The big hands pressing down on Xu Mu, because the mind was damaged, unable to maintain their shape, dissipated.

Xu Mu escaped, quickly caught the yellow paper and withdrew, his face could not help but reveal the colour of feeling lucky. Lu Song at this time, looking bleak walked down the stone platform.

Huang Long Zhenren with his depressed face, shouted: “Xuan Dao, do not go too far!” Several disciples beside him, had been glaring at them, some with fiery temper had even started preparing their personal magic, waiting for just one word and they would fight!

In the disciples also, the colour of anger could be seen, and the two Purple-robed disciples, looking carefully found the middle-aged man in the Xuan Dao Sect disciples.

Just a moment ago, he had let out a cold snort.

Old man Ouyang turned to look at the middle-aged man, shaking his head and with a wry smile: “This third bout, Heng Yue Sect you win, as for the old man……”

“Old Man Ouyang, don’t spout nonsense, this Heng Yue Sect is mediocre!” The Middle-aged man wildly stepped out and caused the ground to let out a clickety sound before a narrow rift immediately appeared from beneath his feet, reaching up to the stone platform’s edge.


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