Xian Ni Chapter 49 – Exchange (3)

ObligatoryTLNote: So…….I heard that you guys were hungry for moar. Well, I was too, so I decided that on this day. I officially challenge myself. I will be exceeding my limits in translation and posting more chapters in 24 hours than ever before. Do know that by the time this post is up, I have already been straight up TLing at a breakneck speed for 6-7 hours speed, non-stop. (Nevermind that I slept like a log for 7 hours after that).

You might be wondering if I went crazy or something, nevermind that, its just that I couldn’t bear to leave you guys with cliffhangers (more like I couldn’t stop myself from going further). So, just like before, this will be a mega release weekend. Let’s see how many chapters I am able to put out before Flower Bridge’s next release.

P.S. Be very careful so you don’t overdose on the copious amount of Xian Ni.

As with the Xuan Dao Sect disciples, the Heng Yue Sect disciples were in shock, in their twenty years of being a disciple, they have rarely seen such a bloody scene.

Everyone was silent and nervous.

The Head, Huang Long, his mood had sunk terribly, remained speechless for a long time, the opposite side’s disciple Liu Feng, he could see was on the sixth layer of Concentrating Qi of cultivation, but didn’t think that the opponent side would have such a strong magic spells, this water curtain is too strong, if below eight layer of concentrating qi, then one would be unable to break it.

The way the first bout had gone, his heart could not help but feel bitter, Heng Yue Sect has really gone downhill. He glanced around to see the Junior disciples were also wearing bitter expressions and silent.

Sun DaZhu taking a deep breath, muttered to himself: “Fuck his grandmother, that disciple is even more powerful than me, how come this Xuan Dao Sect got such disciples…..I just have no luck!”

Wang Lin glanced deeply at Liu Feng, he was observing everything carefully, the instant that Liu Feng used Water curtain, he noticed his level of cultivation, but seeing how the Water curtain wasn’t even challenged, Wang Lin was shocked.

Xuan Dao Sect Old man Ouyang smiled and exclaimed: “Associate Huang Long, this second bout, its your turn to send out a disciple first.”

Huang Long’s eyes swept over the disciples who by that time had bowed their heads and were praying in their minds that they not be selected.

Seeing this, Huang Long got angry and was about to speak, when at that time, Sun Hao clenching his teeth, shouted: “Head, this humble disciple, is willing to go for the second bout.”

Nearby several Elders went pale, and Dao Xu Elder said frowning: “Sun Hao, you are just on the fourth layer of Concentrating Qi, don’t mess around.”

Sun Hao hesitated a bit and said: “Disciple……Disciple has a spell, even if they win, they will get terribly sick.” Thought inwardly:”Now no one wants to go for the bout, I came forward so will be able to get goodwill of the head, even if not win, with the thunder bomb, can possibly get back our lost face. Li Shan Brother, apologies to you, this thunder bomb, brought from you and then will be used against you, it is only karma!”

In these days, he has thought that he had been ingeniously utilize Thunder ball, although the first few times all had failed, but went near Li Shan, has succeeded several times. Because of paucity of time, he did not continue to practise after that, but he believeed that as long as he tries a few times, should succeed.

Huang Long Zhenren sighed inwardly, then pondering a bit, said: “You step up, let me look at your spell!” [TLNote: For ZhenRen I was a bit confused, consider it a step above Saints, I was thinking of going with Deity but will decide later, for now see http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhenren%5D

On hearing this, Sun Hao leapt onto the stone platform and said aloud: “Sun Hao Heng Yue Sect disciple, asks Xuan Dao Sect for advice.” [TLNote: If you aren’t too familiar with Wuxia, don’t read too much into this statement, it’s a standard polite proclamation to start duel]

Li Shan seeing Sun Hao, immediately started laughing inwardly, he saw Old man Ouyang was looking for people to go, so he immediately stepped forward and said: “Elder, Disciple Li Shan willing to bout, and participate in exchanging pointers with the other side.” With that he winked.

Old man Ouyang had considered Li Shan to be quite a big headache, but he fully realized that Li Shan would not lose easily, and since he himself stepped forward, he probably has full certainty, so hesitating a bit, nodded.

Li Shan excitedly stepped on to the stone platform, in his heart his laugh was booming loudly, thought inwardly, Sun Hao, Sun Hao, this time you asked for it, come and let me thoroughloy discredit you.

Sun Hao looking at Li Shan step on to the platform, his expression changed.

“Brother Sun Hao come on, take out your shiny Xian Shu, attack me as you will, I will attack after you.” Li Shan said in a loud voice.

Sun Hao hesitated, he had now reached the level of using Flying swords, so with a one-handed pinch mudra, a red flying sword quickly shot up from behind, and started moving around his body, flickering coldly.

“Go” The flying sword rushed towards Li Shan, Sun Hao took this opportunity to take out four-five Thunder bombs, shouting: “Look at my Xian Shu all you want!”

Li Shan laughed as he easily dodged the flying sword, and thought inwardly: “Explode!”

Before Sun Hao could throw out the thunder bombs, they started making a humming sound and exploded, as a heinous odor suddenly flooded around, Sun Hao could be seen now, covered with black ash as he just stood there for a long time not speaking.

He couldn’t understand how this thunder bomb had exploded even before he threw it out? Could I have gripped it too hard?

Li Shan sighed emotionally and exclaimed: “Brother Sun Hao, this move was too fierce, what move is this? Suicide Bombing? Well I told you before, that you need to handle thunder bombs gently, you gripped them so hard, it is natural that they would explode!”

Xuan Dao disciples roared with laughter and their endless taunts could be heard.

Even Heng Yue Sect disciples had to strongly restrain themselves, for fear of drawing their Elders’ ire if they laughed.

Huang Long Zhenren with a flip of his sleeves, suddenly a surge of wind blew away the stench bringing into clear view, Sun Hao who was looking on in a daze.

Old man Ouyang laughed: “Associate Huang Long, Sun Hao’s magic spell wasn’t good for even himself, could not see the real standard, so I think this is a tie.”With that he looked appreciatingly at Li Shan.

Huang Long Zhenren looking gloomy said: “A loss is a loss, no need to call it a draw, let’s continue.”

Old man Ouyang laughing said: “As expected of a 500 years old Sect, Xu Mu, you go next!”

From within the Xuan Dao disciples, came out a about twenty-four years old disciple, with pale face, delicate features, he saluted as he stepped onto the stone platform without a word.

Huang Long Zhenren did not call out a disciple but instead pulled out a piece of jade, pinching the jade seal, a blue light flashed out and the entire stone platform was covered in light, and from it walked out three people!

The three could be seen wearing purple-robes, their appearance, caused the atmosphere to become intense as all the Disciples immediately felt excited.

Old man Ouyang’s face slightly changed, carefully looked at the three men.

Standing at the back of Xuan Dao Disciples, the middle-aged man’s eyes flashed, showing revealing intense bloodlust.

After the three men appeared a silence swept the audience, a middle-aged man of about forty years or so, said in a sinking voice: “Xuan Dao Sect? Well, twenty years ago, Lu lost, but this time will absolutely not lose.”

Wang Lin focused on the three men, out of them he only knew one, and that was the Second Senior Zhang Kuang.

“Lu Song, this time you will bout!” Huang Long Zhenren indifferently said.

Lu Song nodded lightly, and the two people beside him, floated down from the stone platform and stood beside Huang Long Zhenren.

“Lu Song! Fifth Senior Lu Song! Twenty years ago, I heard he was on sixth layer of Concentrating Qi, with his presence, our Heng Yue Sect will win.”


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