Xian Ni Chapter 48 – Exchange (2)

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ObligatoryTLNote: You might be wondering if you skipped a chapter or something. Don’t worry you didn’t, certain raws carry different titles for different chapters. Flowerbridge used Ranwen’s title, which uses the untitled for the next few chapters, so I went to other sites to find that from Chapter 47 onwards to Chapter 5X, the Author has used the title exchange (1), (2), and so on. You might recognize this naming scheme from other web novels. I think this was probably an afterthought of the Author leading to the disparity. Please don’t bother too much about it. Anyways, I thought my return wasn’t grandiose enough without chapters to back it up, so stay tuned and enjoy the ride.

P.S. I know some of you will ignore the above and still comment, “Exchange (1), where?” So, I request you readers to help your fellow mates if possible, so I can concentrate on putting out more chapters.

“Too reckless, Brother Zhao, kill him! Us Heng Yue Sect disciples will cheer for you.”

“Take him down, let this pretty boy have a taste of the fierceness of our Heng Yue Sect, Brother Zhao, come on!”

“Xuan Dao Sect is too arrogant, Brother Zhao, be sure to cut him down to size. Actually has the audacity to claim that will use only fifty percent of his cultivation~!” [TLNote: To be understood as meaning to use only fifty percent of his power]

“Xuan Dao Sect is way too cunning, afraid of losing so making excuses in advance, Brother Zhao, I like you! Come on!”

Heng Yue Sect disciples had been immediately outraged, the words of Xuan Dao Sect had been a serious blow to their self esteem.

The Heng Yue Sect Elders were all silent, looking gloomy, but their eyes revealed their cold expressions as they looked into the eyes of Xuan Dao sect, in a bad way.

Sun DaZhu let out a faint smile, and whispered to Wang Ling: “Disciple, watch carefully, this Exchange can be more heated than ever before, this is the first time Xuan Dao have been so arrogant.”

Wang Lin looked around with the same expression of outrage, tried to examine Liu Feng, but it was as if a layer of fog blocking his soul and could not see his level of cultivation.

Liu Feng standing on the stage, with a gentle and light smile said: “Brother Zhao, now that my Elder has commanded, I will only use 50% of my cultivation.”

Zhao Long of a medium build, dark complexion, looked quite strong, unlike those who XiuXian, and more like Martial artists of JiangHu. [TLNote: JiangHu means the community of martial artists, google it]

He carefully sized up Liu Feng, then saluting he said: “Brother Liu, Please.” With that, as he took a step, a white lotus flower blossoming emerged from his feet, the lotus quickly shot up swelling up immediately, and started revolving around his body.

A trace of Sword Spirit, shed from each lotus leaf, At that moment, Zhao Long’s clothes even without wind started making drumming sounds, voluntarily.

The Head, Huang Long, smiling almost human-like smile, said: “Zhao Long’s move is Lotus Blade, to be able to use Zhong Pin, his power is not bad.” [TLNote: Regarding Zhong Pin I am assuming it is a level of spell/technique mastery for more info see next note]

“Haha, Head of the Seniors, Zhao Long is my favourite disciple. He has good talent, even more commendable is the fact that he practices very hard. This Lotus Sword Spirit, is his own pick from the scripture library. Has been practicing for five years, finally reached the state of Zhong Pin!” The Red-faced Elder proudly said, standing aside.

“Lotus Sword Spirit, has always been known for its offensive power, All you disciples watch carefully, and learn a lot, because this is a rare opportunity, grasp it.” smilingly said Dao Xu Elder to all the disciples who were standing all around

Wang Zhuo narrowed his eyes, on the surface said yes, but thought inwardly, “Lotus Sword Spirit? Huh? Old Gramps, I will. Just wait for me to practice five years, I will definitely be better than him.”

“Brother Zhao is usually taciturn, Didn’t realize that he picked up and practiced Lotus sword spirit to such an extent!” Sun Hao was secretly envious. Watching them carefully,

standing on the stone platform, Zhao Long shouted: “Junior Liu, my Lotus Sword Spirit is extremely powerful, you have to be careful!”

At this moment, the Lotus which was wandering around, suddenly rotating rapidly, leaving behind cyan like Jian Qi, moved toward Liu Feng extremely rapidly like a storm.

Lin Feng remained calm, quickly drew himself back a bit, making a mudra with his hands, shouted in a low tone: “Water Curtain!” At that moment, the Sky darkened a bit, and then traces of crystal light could be seen emerging from all directions, shockingly forming water droplets one by one.

These droplets like lightning, gathered infront of Liu Feng, turning into a layer of water curtain, with the sun reflecting on it, bright rainbow coloured, looking extremely beautiful.

Old man Ouyang smiled, standing right behind his disciples, said: “Heng Yue Sect’s Lotus Jian Qi is very difficult to practice, especially for this Zhao Long, who has already cultivated to Jian Yi stage, although it is called an excellent attack, but you have to remember this Lotus Jian Qi cannot force the enemy, must rely on roundabout means to win, unless you like Liu Feng, have a single innate root, able to control water around you, and bend it to your wish.” [TLNote Consider the Jian Yi state to be a level of mastery over sword techniques. If I had to wildly guess it would be One with the Sword level or something like that. At least that is the assumption that I am working with for the moment.]

Disciples nodded in understanding, except a middle-aged man standing in the back, secretly disdaining.

On the stone platform, the Lotus Jian Qi like a storm, hit the front of the water curtain, Zhao Long’s face changed colour, this water curtain is too strange, when Jian Qi hit it, did not have the slightest effect, and disappeared silently.

He frowned, was about to cast a spell again, at that moment, Liu Feng suddenly from within the Water Curtain revealing a strange smile, whispered: “Brother Zhao, it would be impolite of me not to give back this Lotus Jian Qi of yours, so take a look!”

On the shimmering water curtain, ripples appeared on the surface, just then Zhao Long’s Jian Qi emerged from the surface of the water curtain, the same Jian Yi.

Zhao Long’s face went pale, hurriedly rushed backwards, but Jian Qi was faster, it appeared to be too late to dodge, Zhao Long clenched his teeth, quickly threw a few Zhang Immortal Talismans, taking out of storage bag upto ten of these talismans, which after appearing immediately flashed a yellow light, and without any combustion, turned into black mist.

The Jian Qi which hit the mist started dissipating quickly, the Mist had eventually dissipated most of the Jian Qi, but some of the Jian Qi still did not dissipate, as it rushed out from within the black mist and penetrated Zhao Long’s body.

Zhao Long’s body was thrown back by the Jian Qi’s impact, travelling a long distance, vomiting blood mid-air, pale faced he fell to the ground, and after struggling for a long time, did not stand up again.

On his body several holes could be seen, but fortunately did not hurt any vital points, and were not life threatening.

Liu Feng with a triumphant face turned and jumped off the stone platform, as the Old man Ouyang said: “The Disciple is fortunate, as the rebound from the water curtain was only half.”

The Red-faced Elder turning into a red cloud, quickly came to Zhao Long’s side, and taking out a few precious pills from his hand to feed him, said: “What a Reflecting Water curtain! If someone is not on the eight layer of Concentrating Qi or above, then impossible to break. My disciple has not yet reached that level, so his defeat is only natural.”

Xuan Dao Sect’s disciples looking happy were talking to each other.

“Just on the sixth layer of Concentrating Qi and wanting to compete with our brother Liu Feng, I had already known that we will win the first one.”

“Yea, Brother Liu Feng’s water curtain, is extremely powerful, and even the Elders praise it unceasingly, then also they wanting to break it, are simply dreaming.”

“Exactly, this Heng Yue Sect, year after year, among the disciples I met in these few days, I observed for a long time, could not see even a single threat.”

“Nothing can be said, Heng Yue Sect’s purple robed disciples haven’t appeared yet, I heard the Elders saying that those are the core of the Heng Yue Sect’s disciples.”


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