Xian Ni Chapter 43 – Old Friends

TLNote: A Thanks once again to Flower Bridge for continuing to support me through my Hiatus. YES I AM STILL ON HIATUS. Sorry for yelling but I need to make it clear that these two chapters are just an exception as a way of apology for the continuing hiatus. I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the chapters on different sites but it is a necessity of the time and circumstance. Chapter 44 onwards will be done by Flower Bridge so do visit his site (And read the other interesting novels also).

Moving on to the topic of this chapter, for all those clamoring for the story to take a darker turn, hope you all are satisfied, even if not satisfied, just remember what I said in my status update post. This Arc is intense.

P.S. I decided to go with Centipede instead of Millipede, I will be retro-editing the chapters.

This centipede is almost a hundred meters, containing poisons, afraid that it has alarming proportions. Wang Lin is no stranger to centipedes, mountain village children, often catch small centipedes from rock crevices to play, some catch them to feed poultry.

Sometimes being careless, if a centipede bites, the bitten place swells up but as long as it is rinsed with water, it is not life-threatening, and staying at home for a few days, makes it fine.

And even for some time, he had specifically collected poisonous centipedes, the Village doctor had said that this centipede poison, if used correctly, can cure. His father during early years, in order to feed the family, could not afford to buy wood, had to cut wood himself, the mountain air is very cold, his father accidentally caught cold in his body, nearly lost his life.

At that time, in the Doctor’s prescription was a Centipede.

Although later, his father got better, but the root cause remained, every rainy day, it caused pain in the body, the Doctor said, that the centipede poison can alleviate the condition, and for this reason, Wang Lin used to catch centipedes to treat his father.

Even now, Wang Lin could remember the past quite well.

Looking at the hundred meter long centipede infront of him, Wang Lin touched his chin, thought that, if small centipede poison can cure, then this big centipede’s poison should certainly have better effect, for sure can get rid of his father’s illness once and for all.

But the Centipede was too big, Wang Lin compared himself with it, felt insignificant, he worried that if he took out the poison incorrectly might even risk injuring himself.

Suddenly, Wang Lin’s expressions stirred, he remembered that in the village there was a recipe for extracting centipede venom, it is said that the recipe has been passed down since generations, and boiling some herbs into granules, are fed to the centipede which after eating it, will spit out centipede venom.

Thinking so, he stared at the Centipede, with his heart racing, without hesitation immediately rushed to the Dan Fang. If we want to find where the entire Sect’s herbs are, the answer would be the Dan Fang, he hadn’t seen Wang Hao since four years, so he took this opportunity to go and see.

At this point it was getting late, Wang Lin arrived at the Dan Fang, just in time to see Wang Hao coming out with great care from the Side door, Wang Hao noticed Wang Lin and put his finger to his lips, hissed and motioned for him to go out.

Wang Lin hesitated and swept away with his soul, found three Seniors in the Dan Fang looking serious, continuously putting various herbs in the furnace, looking focused.

Not far out, Wang Hao silently came out, noticed that Wang Lin didn’t make a sound, took him along with him as he ran a bit, until they had ran quite far away, at which he breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Wang Lin, I heard that you attended the training camp four years ago, so what layer of Concentrating Qi now?” Wang Hao took a long time, looked hauntingly in the Dan Fang’s direction, quickly asked, his look filled with a trace of hope.

“Third layer of Concentrating Qi……what’s this?” Wang Lin swept away with his soul, Wang Hao lay transparent before him, only needed to glance once, Wang Hao is at first layer of Concentrating Qi, but his body is very strange, his LingQi is not flowing in accordance with the normal circulation, but taking a different path, is circulating in a strange way.

With each cycle of the loop, a trace of JingQi is removed from his internal organs of Wang Hao, and integrated into the loop. [TLNote: No, this is not a typo, JingQi where it approximately means Vitality or Life essence]

In this state, I’m afraid it won’t be long before, Wang Hao’s JingQi will be scattered and he will die!

Wang Hao smiled bitterly and said: “Did you see?”

Wang Lin nodded, in a low voice said: “Wang Hao, between just you and me, tell me what’s going on?”

Wang Hao clenched his fists & teeth and said: “When we went to the fair, I could not obtain a Zaohua pill, I had been brooding over this matter, and later inadvertantly the Master……..bah, Lu Yunjie, he gave me a Zaohua pill, telling me that it’s my payment for being a helper, I was pleasantly surprised over and over again as Lu Yunjie gave me a practicing technique which according to him was better than that practised by other disciples, I was out of my mind, without thinking, began practising it.”

Wang Lin took a deep breath and said: “Practicing technique? Show me!”

Wang Hao took out a scroll and threw it towards Wang Lin, and continued saying: “But fucking hell, I practised for two years, and my body grew worse the more I practised, although LingQi appeared in my body but it didn’t listen to me, I secretly bribed a disciple in the Scriptures pavillion, so he let me find information and finally came to know this Lu Yunjie’s practice technique is called Fire Furnace Trial.”

As Wang Lin looked through the scroll, he got more and more scared, the technique described it was completely different from the Scroll on Concentrating Qi, totally different, this is not a technique for absorbing LingQi allowing it to transform the body from the inside, it is a technique for uniting the LingQi in the body, forming a LingQi whirlpool, this whirlpool after accumulating enough LingQi will gradually spread out from the body, and gobbling up the LingQi in the surroundings, shall transform the body from the outside going inwards, thereby achieving the same effect as Concentrating Qi phase in the end. [TLNote: Offtopic but….. Stellar transformations anyone?]

In simple terms, scroll describing Concentrating Qi gave a gentle method going from the inside to the outside, slowly advancing.

While the latter, is an extremely forbearing external cultivation technique, if lucky, then before the JingQi is scattered, one is able to form the LingQi whirlpool to swallow LingQi in the surroundings, and survive, but if the JingQi disperses before formation of LingQi whirlpool, then one may die.

“This fire furnace trial, as per the collection in the Sect’s scripture library, reportedly 500 years ago it died out in the Shandong province, out of ten practitioners of this technique, only one or two can get away with their lives intact!” Wang Hao said gnashing his teeth.

“Lu Yunjie by letting you practise this technique, what benefit did he gain?” Wang Lin with his eyes flashing, asked in a sharp tone.

A cold look flashed past Wang Hao’s face as he said: “He does benefit, He was trying to make pills from me, the disciple from the Scriptures pavillion gave me detailed records which stated that in the fire furnace trial, if someone dies through scattering of his JingQi, then by utilizing certain methods, there is an opportunity to refine a Ren Shou pill! It can increase life expectancy by three years.” [TLNote: Ren Shou means Long Life]

Wang Lin took a deep breath, thought inwardly, this third senior Lu Yunjie, is too vicious!

“This is something for which I can not approach the Clan Elders and the Head of the Sect also, since I am Lu Yunjie’s helper in accordance to the rules, I don’t have the right to my own life and death, it belongs to Lu Yunjie…… If I had known this, I would not have agreed to become his helper, alas, now it is too late. One year ago, Lu Yunjie came to know that I had discovered the secret behind the technique, he even used my parents to coerce me! Now, I involuntarily must take a daily dose of spirit pills, the LingQi in the body grows day by day, I calculated the time, and according to the schedule, I only have one year of life left!” Wang Hao said in a bitter tone.


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