Xian Ni Chapter 42 – Centipede Poison

TLNote: Hey, It’s been quite a while, eh? Unfortunately, although I have scouted a location, formalities are taking some time, so you just might have to wait a bit longer (hopefully by the end of this week). I still need to do quite a bit before I am satisfied with my place. So, in apology I decided to do two chapters (well the other is only half done atm but it will be done as soon as I find another place *cough* with free wifi *cough*…..). With that said, hope you enjoy the chapter.

P.S. Find the previous two chapters here https://flowerbridgetoo.wordpress.com/temporary-translations/

“Indeed, you all from Xuan Dao Sect are our friends, leave this to us!” The disciples seconded Wang Zhuo’s idea, believing his idea to be good.

Xuan Dao Sect people were all hesitant, a man surnamed Liu was trying to push for involving Elders, but at this time, a middle-aged man standing behind him seemingly randomnly coughed to clear his throat, Liu’s expression changed, as he nodded and said: “In that case, we shall trouble you Heng Yue Sect brothers”.

Wang Zhuo’s mouth curved into a smile, as he turned around and yelled in Wang Lin’s direction: “Brother Wang Lin, I am giving you the job of feeding the millipede, be careful, ok!” [TLNote: Actually the term used is Shidi which is used to refer to Young disciple of same master, but I decided to go with Brother but it could also be said as Young Disciple Wang Lin but it was too long and unwieldy for my tastes]

Hearing the words of Wang Zhuo, all the Xuan Dao Sect disciples looked at Wang Lin with strange expressions, how could they not understand that Wang Lin must have offended Wang Zhuo.

Then from among the Heng Yue disciples, came a ridiculing voice that said: “I was wondering just a moment ago who Wang Zhuo would assign this, as I expected, it is Brother Wang Lin!”

“Doing this job is befitting him, with his talent and seeing how him practising is waste of time, going on stage to exchange is nearly impossible.” Someone said nearby. [TLNote; I sometimes have flashes of inspiration, just realized that the exchange thing could be understood as referring to exchanging pointers aka sparring (I knew they were referring to sparring just didn’t knew the exact term)]

“These kind of chores, other than that trash no one else is competent to do, Brother Wang Lin, you can do it, but do not disgrace our Heng Yue Sect, ok”

Hearing the endless barbs, everyone in Xuan Dao Sect understood, that not only did he offend Wang Zhuo, but he also has low talent, so he has become the object of other disciples’ ridicule.

This kind of thing can happen in any Sect, this was not a big deal, and as a result, Wang Lin in the minds of Xuan Dao Sect disciples, had been put into the trash category.

Sitting near Wang Lin, the lady Zhou frowned, and looked disgusted at Wang Zhuo, said in a low voice to Wang Lin: “Brother Wang Lin, If I did not come here, he would not be so against you, I…..”

Wang Lin shook his head, Wang Zhuo being against him, this is not something one or two days old, it began when the two first met, Wang Zhuo had always liked to ridicule him and as for the disciples, the rumours of him entering the Sect through suicide, doing degrading things to curry favour with Elders, and other things were enough for him to be despised.

Importantly, he was on the third layer of Concentrating Qi, which among the disciples is on the lower end.

Strength is everything, Wang Lin glanced at the hideously coloured millipede lying on the floor, seemingly disinterested, acting as if he didn’t hear anything.

Soon, Wang Zhuo appointed some disciples which led the Xuan Dao Sect disciples to their respective rest rooms.

A Xuan Dao Sect, person with water roots, named Liu glanced at Wang Lin and said moderately: “You are Brother Wang Lin, right, our Xuan Dao Sect’s millipede is pretty wild and violent, when you feed it, don’t get too close or you will get hurt.”

Wang Zhuo sneered at Wang Lin for a bit, then no longer paying any attention, not long after, the entire hall had emptied.

The lady Zhou frowned again, said a few words but also got up and left.

Looking at the empty square, Wang Lin stood up and walked toward the milipede and stopped ten meters away from it. Carefully examined the Spirit beast.

Looking at it closely, this millipede is a colossus, its body comprising of numerous rings, each ring has a pair of dark feet, dense like sharp knives, a bamboo-joint like body, its body revealed a faint black facula, in particular on the forehead of this giant millipede, two giant pincers, ferociously thorny and daunting.

Besides that, the thing that catches attention, is on its forehead two long red whiskers, which even in absence of wind, were twisting and bobbing like snakes.

It realized Wang Lin was examining it, opened his closed eyes, his eyes sweeping coldly over Wang Lin, like a cold wave, swept over him rapidly.

Wang Lin felt cold, but shortly thereafter, flowed the LingQi in his body which easily remedied the cold.

The Millipede looked surprised for a moment, and glanced deeply at Wang Lin, then closed his eyes again indifferently. Wang Lin became interested in the millipede, thought that this millipede is indeed a spirit beast, it is unexpectedly human even in the way it expresses.

He pondered a little while, then at a brisk pace left, strolling around the mountain, spread his soul and easily caught a few small animals, andd carried them back in his hands.

Along the way, ran into several Xuan Dao Sect disciples accompanied by several Seniors who were showing them around who seeing the small animals in Wang Lin’s hand, started laughing, attracting the attention of the Xuan Dao Sect disciples.

A female disciple of Xuan Dao, with a long coy face, with a clear water like complexion similar to broken shells, she smiled tenderly and said: “Brother, you brought these small animals, the millipede will remain hungry, you need to make a big pile of snakes, that is what the millipede loves.”

“Junior Sister Ouyang, this silly boy who looks like an idiot, you don’t need to pay any attention to him, this year he would not have even qualified for Xiuxian, several tests all failed, attempted suicide, the Elders had to reluctantly accept him as a secret disciple!” Some true disciple immediately said, in a flattering tone.

Wang Lin recognized the person who said this, it was Sun Hao who along with Wang Zhuo had mocked him while at the backside of the mountain.

“Secret disciple, but I seem him wearing a red robe, should be a Heng Yue Sect Disciple, right?” Xuan Dao Sect disciple puzzled by this immediately said.

“I am not finished, this trash kid, do not know what he did to gain Elder’s favour, not long after he was accepted as a True Disciple, but even so, his talent is beyong a joke, and in his life cannot expect to make progress.” Sun Hao laughed out loud.

Wang Lin glanced indifferently at them, did not speak as he walked away, and soon arrived near the millipede, threw down the small animals next to it.

These small animals at the sight of the giant millipede, suddenly out of fright laid down on the ground.

The Millipede opened his eyes, looked around to see the small animals, opening his mouth spit out a trace of black gas, when the black gas encountered the two small animals, a zi zi like sound emerged.

In a blink, the two small animals had been converted into a pool of blood, which along with the black gas, the Millipede sucked into his mouth.

Wang Lin stepped back, his eyes flashed, centipedes typically contain poisons, poison is their strongest means of attack.

As a child he had once read a book about centipede poisons, its size has a lot to do with it, in simple terms, the larger the head, stronger the toxin.


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