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ObligatoryTLNote: Ok, it’s official, my naming sense sucks, like really sucks. So, I really need you guys’ help for two things

Firstly: 驱物 – This was what I originally translated as Repulsion technique, I want to see if we can change it to something that indicates its original intent which is “move object” but we need something better. Possible candidates I have at the moment are: “Object Repel”? “Repel Object?” “Drive Object?” “Object Shift?” [P.S. You might remember this repulsion thingy as the technique that is relied upon by flying swords]

Secondly: 巨富 Ju Fu – A new entrant in this chapter, literally means Wealthy. I want you all to go read the whole chapter and then comment, I need suggestions on what I can use instead of Wealthy or do I even need to change it.

With that said, enjoy the chapter, and you know what they say about being careful what you wish for.

P.S. A big thanks to Goodguyperson for helping me out with segments in this chapter and the previous one as well.

Sun DaZhu satisfied with this, nodded and said: “Take this token and leave, you can freely access the herb garden, but remember, without my permission, you cannot touch any of the herbs, ok!””

Wang Lin nodded, he knew Sun DaZhu didn’t really like him, this time just because he reached third layer of Concentrating Qi, then he more or less recognized him as his disciple, so he respectfully retired.

Soon, he arrived at the academy’s Sword spirit pavilion, where he had once been a long time before, now back on familiar paths, the past scene emerged again in his heart.

Outside the Sword spirit pavilion, a white-clad man was sitting cross-legged, he was thirty years old, chubby body and looked very unfamiliar, apparently did not participate in the training camp.

He caught a glimpse of Wang Lin, and exclaimed: “Junior, you are just third layer of Concentrating Qi, what are you doing here?” Here only those of fourth layer of Concentrating Qi can come visit.”

Wang Lin did not speak, but pulled out the token given by Sun DaZhu and threw it toward him.

The fat man took a look, his demeanour immediately changed to become weird, as if he was trying to suppress his laughter, but holding on for a while, could not help but laugh out loud, and said: “It is a tradition of Elder Sun originally, I had almost forgotten about it, Elder Sun, by custom has a habit, that every time other Sects come to conference, then he will use flying sword put up a facade.” [TLNote: If my translation wasn’t clear enough, it basically means he uses flying sword to compensate for his low self-esteem]

Wang Lin grew embarrassed, especially when he thought of Sun DaZhu’s serious expression, he laughed bitterly.

The fat man laughed for a long time, then waving his hand forced a smile, said: “Junior, you can go in, I suggest you choose flying sword that is third on the right, hot stuff, when I first came here, I really thought it must be the top sword in Zhao Guo XiuZhen sector.”

Wang Lin expressed his thanks, then walked toward the pavillion, as he was about five meters away, he suddenly lifted his brow, as he discovered with his soul, a large turbulent ring spreading out in waves, seemingly set to stop his advance.

The fat man saw this, realized that he had forgotten to turn off the Sword spirit pavilion’s restrictions, was about to call out to Wang Lin to wait a bit, who did not wait for him to call out, then as if a fishbone was stuck in his throat, stifling him for a long time he could not utter a word, suddenly his eyes went wide staring at him, showing his disbelief.

Wang Lin the moment he perceived resistance, could not help but think of that scene when he was shamed, he groaned and continued moving forward, 5m, 4m, 3m, 2m, 1m!

No matter how much the resistance intensified, it was unable to stop Wang Lin’s footsteps, as he casually stepped into the room. After entering the room, and sweeping away with his soul, moving inside, found the room to be very odd, somehow his senses are restricted here, can only reach up to three metres!

The Fat man immediately jumped up, a look of shock on his face, he was a devoted disciple of Sword spirit pavilion, knew the technique behind the magical array, specifically isolates the soul, he once saw a few Masters unable to force their way inside the room, let alone disciples.

Only at the time of testing for disciples, will the power of the magical array be reduced several folds, which sends out Sword qi of the Sword spirit pavilion, in order to determine if the person is compatible or not.

“Is the magical array broken?” The Fat man was finding what he had seen very hard to believe, thought that the array must be broken, so walked forward ready to give it a try.

As soon as he came within five metres, a huge pressure as if the heavens were falling, emerged and his fat body like a leaf boat in rough seas, was mercilessly thrown out, drawing an arc in the sky, accompanied by the sound of few puffs and vomiting blood, as his body pounded the ground. After a long time, he regained consciousness, his face bore the colour of fear, almost losing his voice, said:

“No……….Not broken!”

Wang Lin had casually entered the room, looking around to see, that in the room were placed many swords of varying lengths, emitting intense sword yi. [TLNote: Yi means thoughts, ideas, intentions]

Wang Lin’s vision swept over the flying swords, did not stay too long, as he was after the sword that that fat man suspected to be top sword in Zhao Guo XiuZhen sector.

After seeing it, Wang Lin was speechless, it certainly could be said to be a top flying sword, but it simply cannot be regarded as a ‘flying’ sword, as a whole it’s shape resembles a rectangular door panel.

Two palms wide and one meter long, the whole body flashing gold, did not think that this golden light was a Xian spell, this was purely because the sword carried a plating of pure gold!

Also didn’t believe that the below the gold plating would be concealed a masterpiece, in fact, below the gold is actually ordinary pig iron, nothing out of the ordinary.

The handle, has two huge diamonds encrusted, even the sword tassel is made of gold thread bound together.

In short, this flying sword, puts out a feeling of absolute awe, and giving a sense of invincibility.

Wang Lin touched his chin, he was really somewhat optimistic about this flying sword, if not for anything else, if in the future he ever lacked money, and could not find a place to sell, can always sell for money.

On that flying sword, there was a sign that read: “This sword named Wealthy, was built 500 years ago by Master Zu at great expense, is said to have the power of spirits and is unpredictable, actually this sword has broken several times, Master Zu had made a big contribution to the sect, and his last words before dying were that this sword must be left in Sword spirit pavilion for the predestined person.

The person who picks this up must treat it kindly, if it breaks must repair it, and cannot sell otherwise will be expelled!”

Wang Lin couldn’t help but laugh, grabbing the flying sword Wealthy, he said: “I pick you, but Wang Lin is a poor person, if you break, do not make me repair you!”

Putting the flying sword in his storage bag, Wang Lin went out of the Sword spirit room, the fat man looked nervously at him, was stunned in silence and no longer ridiculing as he sent him off.

Wang Lin’s soul senses were restricted in the room, didn’t notice the tragedies of the fat man, at that time was wondering why the fat man who was so arrogant before had suddenly changed his attitude.

Back at Sun DaZhu’s herb garden, took out the flying sword, Sun DaZhu was immediately dumbfounded, mumbled to himself for a while, then looked at Wang Lin with great meaning, and said: “When I saw this Wealthy, I did not have the guts to take it out, you punk, you have guts, well three days later at the Xuan Dao Conference, carry it with you and see how the others react to you.”

Three days later, the bell rang nine times echoing all over the Heng Yue Sect, it echoed for a long time among the mountains unceasingly, the Head of the Sect along with all the Masters, and their Disciples, were standing outside the hall.

Suddenly a black dot emerged from the sky, as it got closer, everyone got a close look at the hundred metre long thousand-legged centipede, this centipede was jet black all over the body, flying between thunder waves, swiftly.

The Heng Yue Sect’s disciples sucked in breath, as their eyes revealed their horror. Some female disciples felt scared as their beautiful faces went pale and their legs went weak.

“What’s the fuss, this thousand-legged Centipede looks scary, but if any one of you got on top of it, and stabbed it with a sword it would die!” The red-faced Elder besides the Head of the Sect, shouted dissatisfiedly, his voice was loud, as he obviously wanted to let the people from Xuan Dao on top of the millipede hear this.



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    Note that Riches does not always translate to material riches while Wealth is rather physical.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  69. Jellyman April 11, 2015 / 8:46 pm

    I believe the correct word to use is propulsion.

  70. Edgar Allen Poe April 12, 2015 / 12:44 am

    Prosperity for the sword name!!

  71. Duong Vu (@simpleseeker) April 15, 2015 / 2:38 am

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  72. JackBJ April 26, 2015 / 5:49 pm

    Dear Translator(s), thank you very much for translating this chapter!
    Dear Author, thank you for writing this marvelous story!

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  74. Abyssdarkfire July 5, 2015 / 7:50 pm

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    -laughs- the first indication of his strength to another person!

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