Xian Ni Chapter 38 – Facula

ObligatoryTLNote: Some people were anticipating this chapter, some were planning to go crazy, for all those readers, I give to you this chapter. Enjoy.

Analyzing in details trying to find out the reasons, Wang Lin thought it might be related to him practicing in dream space due to the mysterious bead, leading him to gather deep experience over the years.

Especially in the dream space, when he is doing breathing practice, he had felt himself surrounded by luminous bodies, causing a strange facula to appear on his body, which gradually made its way into his body. [TLNote: see here for facula: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facula%5D

Regarding this facula, Wang Lin thought about it for a long time, but could not determine it’s role.

Wang Lin was no longer using the method to conceal his level of practice, he laughed at himself, with four years only reached the third layer of Concentrating Qi, but this back side of the mountain has plenty of places to practice, which should be able to explain his growth.

Nobody could possibly, that nearly twenty years ago in dream space time, he had reached the third layer!

He also kept on practicing Gravity technique every day for these twenty years, and without realizing, has reached an absolute terrifying level.

Considering the whole Zhao Guo XiuZhen sector, there would probably be no one else like him, who devoted twenty years to practicing Gravity technique.

At this time, a white curtain appeared silently from the sky, enveloping everyone, a warm feeling appeared again, but this time, Wang Lin felt a bit dfferent.

In the light curtain, strange symbols flashed that combined together to form a continuously rotating vortex, pulling them quickly into it, and with that the disciples disappeared from the valley.

They reappeared at the Heng Yue Sect Hall, the Head Senior still wearing the blue robe, just on his side, sat several Elders.

The moment they appeared, a large soul sense sweeping over them, the Head Senior smiled, nodding he said: “Over these past four years, I am very pleased that you all have made great progress, very good, now those who have cultivated upto fifth may stay, the rest may disperse and look for their respective masters to report their gains over the years. Three days later, Xuan Dou Sect will arrive, this time our Heng Yue Sect shall win! As for the matter of revising robes, wait until the conference with Xuan Dou Sect is over, then will change all uniforms.

The disciples acknowledged in unison, and those below fifth layer of Concentrating Qi left the hall. Wang Lin looked around, didn’t see Sun DaZhu.

After leaving the hall, Wang Lin reached the place outside Sun DaZhu’s herb garden, sweeping away with his soul, the restrictions not blocking his soul, with his soul, Wang Lin looked inside and immediately found Sun DaZhu sitting cross-legged meditating in the garden, and did not detect Wang Lin using his soul to sense.

He was initially afraid of the restrictions set on the garden afraid that it would block, but now it felt full of flaws, Wang Lin vaguely had a feeling that if he ever wanted to get rid of the restrictions, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

“Disciple Wang Lin, greets the Master!” Wang Lin pulling back his soul, said standing outside the door.

After Sun DaZhu heard this, he was startled for a moment, then he began remembering that a long time back, four years ago, he did seem to have a disciple named Wang Lin who was sent to the training camp, and today would be the day they would return, though he didn’t know whether that trash made any progress or not.

Curiously, he opened the door to the herb garden, and said arrogantly: “Come in!”

Wang Lin walked in, Sun DaZhu looked at Wang Lin and exclaimed: “You actually reached Concentrating Qi third layer?”

Wang Lin nodded respectfully and said: “Disciple, practiced in the valley for four years, and barely managed to get into the third layer.”

Sun DaZhu’s eyes flashed, he remembered why he had initially admitted him as a disciple, he also remembered how in the past had decided to wait until Wang Lin had achieved the first layer of Concentrating Qi before using his Soul technique, at this time, he felt a little hesitation, had given up on using the soul technique, after all these years, the cost of reducing his level of practice didn’t make it worthwhile much.

“Ok, since you have reached Concentrating Qi third layer, I Sun DaZhu will accept you as a genuine disciple, as a teacher for life is naturally my duty to take care of my disciple, you will start living here from now again, a few days later, at the conference with Xuan Dao Sect disciples, you will come along with me, it would be good to broaden your horizons. By the way, since you have reached Concentrating Qi third layer, can you use gravity technique?” Sun DaZhu asked looking at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin maintaining a neutral expression, said: “Disicple practised Gravity technique, but it feels a bit jerky.”

Sun DaZhu nodded and said: “That is natural, it is a basic Xian spell, in fact, proficiency in it is determined, by the number of times you practice it, naturally, I had practiced with it for almost an year, which is considered quite a long period of time in the Sect, you see.” Then he stretched out his hand, and a small sword emitting rainbow colours appeared out of nowhere, exuding coldness around in a circle, spinning rapidly it landed softly on Sun DaZhu’s palm.

“After one is skilled with the Gravity technique, after achieving second layer of Concentrating Qi, may practise Repulsion technique, this flying sword relies on repulsion technique. Of course, to reach this level, must be atleast on the fourth layer of Concentrating Qi. But at that Xuan Dao Sect conference, people don’t mess around, your level of practice is low, the possibility of you going on stage is unlikely, but you can’t let your master’s name be shamed.  These flying swords, using gravity, may control one or two of them, I will give you a token, take it to Sword spirit pavillion, see if you can find a good flying sword, a good looking sword hanging from one’s body, can give a great deal of satisfaction!” Sun DaZhu finished saying so, pulled out a token.

Wang Lin’s face suddenly gained a strange expression, opened his mouth but for a long time couldn’t figure out what to say.

Seeing Wang Lin’s weird expression, Sun DaZhu snorted and said: “Don’t you dare think this is trivial, make sure to get a good flying sword, and if you disgrace your master, I will certainly not forgive you. In your Master’s time, I used flying sword and gave your master’s master a lot of face.

Wang Lin smiled and said: “Disciple will manage to find something which looks intimidating, Master need not worry!”


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