Xian Ni Chapter 37 – Four Years

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok so the title pretty much says it all. Enjoy.

Senior Zhang gave Wang Zhuo a cold glance and said: “The key to this breakthrough actually is highly related to talent, some people may succeed in one attempt, some may need hundreds, some thousands and some cannot break through their whole lives.”

Wang Lin said in a melancholic tone: “Senior Zhang, is it this difficult to break through for all the layers, like the second to third, and the third to fourth? Similar to this?”

Senior Zhang nodded and said: “Yes, the higher the layer, the more difficult it is to break through, especially at the time of third to fourth, and five to sixth, it is very difficult!”

Senior Zhang’s answer had by now attracted a lot of disciples, suddenly a woman asked: “Senior, why is the third to fourth breakthrough difficult? I am in the third layer of Concentrating Qi now.”

Wang Lin knew the person who spoke, it was the lady Zhou, who Wang Zhuo was chasing after.

Senior Zhang pondered a bit, then said: “Ok, today I will take this opportunity to explain to you all in detail the bottlenecks in Concentrating Qi, below the sixth layer of Concentrating Qi, there are two bottlenecks, one is third-to-fourth, this bottleneck for some people can easily be surpassed, but again, for others may not be able to pass in their whole life, the key to pass it has nothing to do with talent. Whether or not you breakthrough depends on if you are able to comprehend one thing!”

Then, he glanced at the crowd with eyes full of profoundness, before continuing: “In order to XiuXian to become a Saint, one must cut off his ties with the mundane world, if can cut it off, then the third-to-fourth is not difficult, if cannot cut, then it would be very difficult! As for the fifth-to-sixth bottleneck, at this stage of Concentrating Qi, the body is required to undergo a qualitative change using LingQi, which will conduct a series of deep reaching changes, the consumption of LingQi is very large, therefore it becomes a bottleneck, at which people may remain stuck their whole lives.”

Wang Lin listened stunned in silence.

Other disciples had varying facial expressions, continued to ask different questions, until the sky darkened and the crowd dispersed.

Wang Lin frowned and walked down the valley, the sound of the running water is getting louder, before long, a river appeared before him.

A slight trace of LingQi was emanating from the river, Wang Lin scooped up some to drink, thought that although, not as much as LingQi Spring water, but more or less, can increase the LingQi.

So he got out all his gourds and filled them with water, after a long time, when all the gourds were filled he stored them, and as he just turned around, his pupils shrank, saw Second Senior Zhang Kuang staring from not far away from him. Before he started scooping up water, he used Soul search but couldn’t find anything strange, but he was apparently there for a long time, Wang Lin felt nervous.

“Junior Wang, the water in the river contains a lot of LingQi, drink it as it would be good for your practice, but I see you have come prepared with a lot of gourds, you never came to this valley before, how did you know its use in that manner?” Zhang Kuan said with his eyes flashing.

Wang Lin quietly putting away the gourds, said respectfully: “My master told me about it before, that I can use this river to help in practise, so Junior prepared a lot.”

Zhang Kuang stared at Wang Lin for a long time before nodding and saying: “It is normal for Elder Sun to know this, you go back to practice, taking just two years to reach Concentrating Qi first layer, seems like Junior has a lot of determination, good, I hope when I see you again, you will have reached the second layer!”

Wang Lin shook his hand, before asking to be excused, carefully left, only after returning to the cave he breathed a sigh of relief, it is a good thing he had developed a habit of concealing his level of practise subconsciously, if had been discovered by Zhang Kuang that I was actually on third layer of Concentrating Qi, would have actually aroused suspicion, and when that time comes, with his strength, I would have been killed without being able to fight back in the slightest.

“A person doing Xiuxian to become a Saint has to do just as much to survive as a mortal due to the various desires, and sometimes the harsh conditions faced is several times that of a mortal. So I will never let people come to know of this mysterious bead.” Wang Lin determined in his heart.

Pulling the handle on the cave wall to seal the cave, Wang Lin sat down cross legged and started meditating.

Logically speaking, people doing Xiuxian cut themselves off from the mundane world, to let themselves no longer be affected by a variety of desires, thus affecting the practice, but ever since he entered Heng Yue Sect, saw that people doing Xiuxian, instead of being cut off from desire, possess it in magnitude several times more than mortals.

Thus, this so called cutting oneself off from the mundane world is nothing more than a vague concept, but this third-to-fourth bottleneck, according to what Senior Zhang said, that one must cut himself off from the mundane world, which is somewhat contradictory.

Pondering for a long time, and unable to figure things out, Wang Lin knew that he could not cut off his family, the third layer of Concentrating Qi is different from the first two layers, although unable to breakthrough, but the LingQi is still increasing, so after considering for a long time, he gave up the idea of a short breakthrough, and focused on consolidating his third layer.

Time flew by, one year, two years, but they weren’t merely two years for Wang Lin, he had been closed-door practice in the cave for four years now. [TLNote: Real time] In the past two years, Wang Lin had only once went out to refill water, soaking the bead in them before continuing training.

In reality it was four years, but in dream space time, it was twenty-five years. Including Wang Lin’s practice before coming here, he had been practicing now for twenty seven-eight years.

Still stuck on Concentrating Qi third layer, and no breakthrough. But the LingQi in his body, kept growing.

The day after the fourth year ended, in the morning, Zhang Kuang’s voice rang out: “Juniors the four years have ended, come quickly out of your caves, Head Senior of the Sect will use magic to send you back!”

All the cliff caves opened up, the Disciples, came out one by one.

More than forty people, in this four year closed-door training, each one of them had experienced gains, in the valley, Wang Lin swept away with his soul.

Wang Zhuo has reached the peak of Concentrating Qi fifth layer, ready to enter into sixth layer, as for the others, practicing for these four years, everyone had progressed.

That woman Xu has also reached the third layer, as for Senior Zhang, Wang Lin upon looking closely found him at the sixth layer of Concentrating Qi!

He had a vague feeling, that his method of practice, is different from others, beginning with the soul search, when he sensed with his soul, nobody noticed.

Two years ago, another woman Zhou said she had reached Concentrating Qi third layer, maybe Wang Lin is the only one that is still stuck at the third layer, no noticeable growth.

Wang Lin guessed that there is nobody else thought like him, there is no limit to the third layer.


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