Xian Ni Chapter 36 – Quarrel

ObligatoryTLNote: Ask and ye shall receive my friends, well to be honest I was planning on releasing this chapter too from the very beginning. I don’t know how many chapters more I would be able to do. But there will be a gap of at least 12-13 hours before the next chapter if there is any. If I can’t find the time, I will be making a status update post informing of the hiatus period. Till then enjoy the chapter. Also, much thanks to Goodguyperson from Gravity translations for helping me out with some segments in this chapter.

With that thought, Wang Lin took out the mysterious bead, and began his closed-door practice.

Time flew by fast, and in the blink of an eye two years had passed, these two years, Wang Lin in addition to daily breathing practice had been practising his gravity technique, didn’t feel lonely in the least.

Although said to be two years, but counting the time spent in dream space, he had been doing closed-door practice for nearly thirteen years.

The LingQi is in stronger concentration here, he fully understood that, although not as much as in LingQi spring water, but compared to the outside, the LingQi density is several times more.

After entering second layer of Concentrating Qi, practice had become slow, and after six years in dream space time, his stored LingQi no longer increased, had reached its limits, and after many attempts, had successfully entered the third layer.

But he was perplexed, after that spending seven years in dream time, even after reaching the peak of third layer, he tried opening the fourth layer, always ends in failure, the LingQi turns out to insufficient, as if there is a dark mysterious power always stopping him at the critical moment, preventing him from entering the fourth layer.

Moreover, this third layer of Concentrating Qi is also strange, for the first two layers, if after reaching the peak one doesn’t move on to the next layer then the LingQi stops getting absorbed.

But in this third layer, it is as if there is no limit, even if Wang Lin being aware that he has reached the peak, he continues to absorb LingQi, with the LingQi constantly increasing  unceasingly transforming the body.

This was causing Wang Lin to be greatly surprised and perplexed.

That day, the LingQi melted snow had been all used up, leaving only a single gourd inside the storage bag, this gourd is one of those three gourds which he had buried in the mountains a long time ago, at that time in order to make the tenth cloud appear on the mysterious bead, he had used two of those three gourds, and since he had nearly died after drinking the dew from the gourd, he had developed a strong fear of the dew, and had kept it in the back of the storage bag, didn’t dare to touch.

Hesitantly, Wang Lin did not take out the gourd, according to his analysis, the LingQi within this gourd, should have definitely reached the point of absolute terror, so learning from the previous lesson, and deciding to act cautious, he decided to wait until he is at a higher layer in Concentrating Qi before using it.

He stood up and inspected his body, stretched a little, pulling the handle on the side of the cave wall, there was a sudden roaring sound, the rock walls slowly rose exposing the cave mouth. Sunshine entered through the cave mouth, Wang Lin felt a bit uncomfortable, was returning to outside after a long time, after moving out a bit, took a deep breath.

Looking down, he saw a lot of people talking in the valley, obviously bored due to the closed-door practice for a long time, so coming out to relax.

Pondering a little, he used the conceal technique to set his level of practice at the first layer of Concentrating Qi, tossing his sleeves, and putting power in his feet, brought his body to fall gently and at a slow pace.

Gravity technique, in the dream space time of thirteen years, he had practised it to the point of fire turning blue, he no longer needed to say the chants, merely thinking of it, he could use the technique. [TLNote: Perhaps the fire turning blue is a metaphor or else decide for yourself 如火纯青 and also, chantless style!!!]

For example, he is floating at the moment, he is using gravity technique to control his own body, although he is able to achieve the effect desired but the speed is slow, once speed is accelerated, then it would appear as if out of control.

But Wang Lin was confident that even if he goes at a fast speed, then he wouldn’t face a situtation where things turn uncontrollable, this he wouldn’t have been able to do if he hadn’t practiced Gravity technique for over a decade.

And who would have the leisure to spend over a decade’s worth of time to practice basic Xian spells. Training to become a Saint is basically a race against time with virtually no one willing to waste time, finding it better to use the time to practice advanced Xian spells. [TLNote: Xian means immortal basically]

In order to not catch attention, Wang Lin was slowly descending into the valley, immediately after coming down, he heard a shrill mocking voice: “Oh the Sun has risen from the west, and the trash Wang Lin has actually trained to the first layer of Concentrating Qi, able to finally descend the cliff without the need of help from others.”

Wang Lin looked indifferently at Wang Zhuo who had a look of contempt on his face, besides Wang Zhuo were sitting several people, all disciples.

A white-clad youth of about twenty four-five years of age, said in a ridiculing tone: “Wang Lin, in fact it is better that you do not come here, you being head of chores would mix better with secret disciples, before you get high on your achievement, better realize that you are the worst among us.”

Wang Lin used soul search, Wang Zhuo had reached the Concentrating Qi third layer, while the white-clad youth, had reached the peak of fourth layer ready to break through.

“Wang Lin, more than two years ago, I know you were smart and gave up knowing you were not my match, but I tell you, trash will forever be trash, you in your whole life will never be able to compare with me, I, Wang Zhuo was the Champion two years ago, are you capable of it!” Wang Zhuo said contemptuously.

The White-clad youth also ridiculed him and said: “Little junior, go and fetch me some riverside water from the junction point! “Senior is in a good mood, perhaps teach you a bit!” With that he threw a bottle that landed near Wang Ling’s foot.

Wang Lin remained silent and looked at them.

“What does that mean? Want to fight? I tell you, Second Senior said, the disciples in the back of the mountain, can fight each other, do not blame Senior for teaching you a lesson.” The White-clad youth said with disdain.

“That’s enough, Just shut up!”A cold voice came from the cliff side, then a shadow like lightning arrived, upon landing it revealed Senior Zhang’s figure, he frowned and giving the crowd a glance, shouted: “Wang Zhuo, Sun Hao, you two do not practice, but find bullying a Junior at just the first layer of Concentrating Qi very interesting?”

The looks on the two people’s faces changed, they stared viciously at Wang Lin, made a light ahem, but said nothing, obviously they were very afraid of Senior Zhang.

Senior Zhang turned to look at Wang Lin, and said in an equally severe tone: “Wang Lin, you really shouldn’t have come here, but now that you are here, you must devote your mind to practice, for a XiuZhen, strength can decide everything.”

Wang Lin nodded, and hesitated a moment before asking: “Senior Zhang, I have a question that I want to ask, after peaking at first layer of Concentrating Qi, why is it that no matter how much I try I am unable to break through?”

Wang Zhuo snorted and said: “With your talent, don’t expect to reach the second layer in this life!”


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