Xian Ni Chapter 35 – Back Side of the Mountain

ObligatoryTLNote: I believe I will be able to do only two or three more chapters before I go on a temporary hiatus for 3-4 days owing to my job and the move. I apologize since even I look forward to seeing the story move forward every day, bit by bit, sentence by sentence. But some things are unavoidable. Also, since everybody keeps asking for raw links, so here they are:




Hope those adventurous enough among you would be able to entertain yourselves during my absence. For now, enjoy the chapter.

In the Hall stood more than 40 disciples, black, white and red all three kind of clothes, but no purple robe. These disciples maintaining a respectful posture, kept a stern look on their face. Among them, Wang Lin could see a lot of familiar faces, Wang Zhuo, that girl Xu, that lady Zhou, Senior Zhang, and so on. [TLNote: On passerby’s suggestion, which I agreed with I decided to remove the generic surname indicator Xing from the names]

Just in front of them, sitting in two rows, were ten elderly men, all carrying aloof expressions. In the middle, sat a man, looking about forty years or so old, wearing a blue gown, his features suggesting the mannerisms of someone who has cultivated a long time, with eyes like electricity, he said indifferently: “Junior Sun, Is this your disciple?”

Sun DaZhu losing his smile, said: “Head Senior, this kid is my disciple Wang Lin, he started late, does not know what the ringing of the bell five times represents.”

“As expected, like master like disciple, eh, Junior Sun, your apprentice looks like an idiot, really resembles how you at that age.” A red-faced man sitting to the right said in a mocking tone.

“Senior’s words don’t make any sense, because then how can we say that Junior Sun had enough talent in the past, compared to his disciple!” Another old man said laughing from the side. [TLNote: Sorry couldn’t make sense of this, just treat it as random demeaning nonsense]

Sun DaZhu’s face turned white with rage, turned to stare fiercely at Wang Lin, snorted, not bothering to refute, went to the vacant space on the left and sat down.

The Blue robed man frowned, glanced coldly at Wang Lin, then no longer paid any attention, and said in a deep tone: “I have already said, the training must bear results, at the conference with Xuan Dou Sect after four years, we must absolutely not lose! From now onwards, every one of you will go to the back side of the mountain, everyone shall have their assigned place to undergo closed-door training, to improve rate of cultivation, the Sect will provide 10,000 spirit pills, for you to use. In this period, you cannot leave the back side of the mountain, can keep that in mind?”

All disciples agree in unison.

The Blue-robed man nodded slightly, and continued: “I hope that after these four years, some of you will be able to wear purple robes, purple robes, they represent a core Heng Yue Sect disicple, cannot be compared to any ordinary true disciple, don’t mind it for the moment, you will realize it by your own experience, I will now take you to the mountains and there will be someone who will show you your assigned places of practice.”

Then, the blue-robed man tossed his sleeves, a white light emerged from his sleeves, after wandering around the hall, he shouted in a loud tone: “Begin!”

White light suddenly expanded limitlessly until it became a light curtain, enveloping all the disciples.

“Go!” The Blue-robed man said in a low tone, the light curtain shimmered, before disappearing from the large hall.

Wang Lin could sense a warm feeling in his body, seeing a flower in front, he was surprised to discover that he was in a valley, the LingQi here was clearly stronger, and from afar the sound of running water could be heard. His eyes swept away, discovered that all the disciples were equally surprised bearing look of astonishment, and looking around unceasingly.

There aren’t any plants inside, only a bare gigantic cliff. On the cliff numerous holes could be seen, packed densely like honeycombs, some of which were sealed by boulders.

Wang Lin suddenly became aware of somebody looking at him, turning to look, he saw Wang Zhuo laughing, and looking at him with disdain.

At this time, suddenly a youth came out flying from a cave in the cliff, the youth was wearing purple-robe, coldly sweeping his vision over all, said solemnly: “Junior disciples, this is the back side of the Heng Yue mountain, well technically this is back side of a mountain, but it isn’t Heng Yue mountain’s back side, its in fact a special place that was designed 500 years ago by the YuanYing stage founders of the sect, for the sake of assisting true disciples to practice, it has far higher concentration of LingQi compared to outside, and since you have come here, must use all of your time to practice, if you lax around don’t blame the seniors for throwing you off the mountain!” [TLNote: Yuan Ying is a stage just like Concentrating Qi and Constructing Base]

This purple-robed youth, Wang Lin recognized, is the same Second Senior Zhang Kuang who traded chants for lingqi spring water and said to have practiced to Concentrating Qi sixth layer, truly unfathomable.

Wang Lin in his head, fully understood this kind of scheming of Zhang Kuang, with a few words, he had already plunged everyone into a deep crisis on the very first day.

“I have chants for layers below seventh layer of Concentrating Qi, once you have reached the appropriate level, can come and take it from me, after I inspect, I will give it to you. As for your place of practice, you can chose arbitrarily amongst the places which have not been sealed off by boulders. Here are spirit pills, there are 50 pills in each bottle, will be given to you once a year!” Zhang Kuang having finished saying, he flicked his right hand, and fifty bottles appeared on the ground.

The disciples started coming forward, silently picking a bottle of pills, and finding their place of practice.

Wang Ling took a deep breath, since the day of the trade he been under influence of Hua Xing Hua Sheng pill, the purple-robed man is unlikely to recognize him, therefore went forward and took a bottle. Zhang Kuang stood aside, was looking at the disciples walk by when he saw Wang Lin suddenly grew a weird expression, and said: “What is your name? Why haven’t you reached even the first layer of Concentrating Qi? Who is your Master?”

Wang Lin stopped, turned and said respectfully: “Senior, Wang Lin, disciple of Sun DaZhu, and perhaps my natural talent is insufficient, that is why still haven’t achieved the first layer.”

Zhang Kuang hesitated for a bit, then smiled and said: “You are Wang Lin? I have heard of you, although talent is very important, but perseverance is the key to becoming a Saint, since you lack talent, must increase your efforts!”

Wang Lin quickly acknowledged.

“Hmm, this cliff is too high, you haven’t even reached the first layer yet, must also go up, let me give you a ride!”ย  Zhang Kuang tossed his sleeves, and suddenly gathering force at his feet took Wang Lin to a cave mouth.

Wang Lin respectfully thanked Zhang Kuang, then turned around to go into the cave, and once again his face turned gloomy, secretly thought that someone else would surely think that the Second Senior was really benevolent, but unfortunately, Wang Lin knew his true face, and naturally cannot feel relieved at this small kindness.

The cave was small, it had a stone bed, and there are handles on the side of the wall, Wang Lin was carefully studying it, he pulled a handle, a sudden roar bursted in the huge cliff, the cave mouth slowly falling from above with a bang sealed the cave from top to bottom.

Carefully checking the inside of the cave, after determinging that there is nothing strange, Wang Lin was very satisfied, he had sought out Sun DaZhu and had to come up with a reason to go down the mountains, but was rejected, but looking how things developed, this is no different from what he had originally wanted.

The only problem is that there is no water inside the cave, Wang Lin’s practice mainly revolves around bead-soaked liquids, but in his storage bag, he has accumulated a lot of melted snow, should be enough for use for some time.

Besides, he had heard the sound of rushing water nearby, so there must be a source of water, as long as he is cautious, this problem too is no difficult to solve.


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