Xian Ni Chapter 34 – Training

ObligatoryTLNote: A relatively stress free chapter (from my perspective of not having to deal with difficult phrases), so enjoy the beginning of a new arc!? It’s not something the author decided, but something I feel. Feel free to agree or disagree, but do read the chapter first. Enjoy.

With the chants upto the ninth layer of Concentrating Qi at hand, Wang Lin, started living like a recluse, time passed by, the entire Heng Yue Sect was covered in a tension-filled atmosphere.

All the disciples are preparing for the end of the year tournament, if able to get in the top then, then would be able to get whatever they want like weapons, ling shi, jade scrolls, spirit pills, etc.

Also making them go green with envy is that the Head of the Sect, is going to put out his treasure, pair of moon ring, as the top prize. [TLNote: It could be double moon, or two moon also]

This pair of moon ring is a 300 year old relic of the Sect, having considerable power, and one of the rare treasures to possess offensive and defensive strength.

Therefore, the all disciples are sharpening their skills with a lot of vigour and zeal.

Although a large number of people were accepted this year, only a few captured the people’s attention, Wang Zhuo emerging as a champion wouldn’t surprise the people in the least.

As for the secret disciples, hostilities run high, as in their mind, they ended up as Secret disciples merely due to twist of fate, so everyone is secretly preparing.

All of the tension in the atmosphere, meant nothing to Wang Lin, who did his usual daily breathing practice and his practice of Gravity technique, and before the day ended, he went to the Academy.

He had already mastered the technique to conceal his level of practice, changing his body and mind, now LingQi would be naturally hidden, showing the illusion that he has yet to reach the first layer.

Since people are constantly coming to Chores office, it is not suitable for cultivation, so Wang Lin wanted a nice and quiet place that was well hidden.

After arriving at the Academy, it wasn’t long before he reached Sun DaZhu’s garden, respectfully said out loud: “Disciple Wang Lin, seeks permission to see the Master.”

“What do you want?” The door to the herb garden remained closed, but an impatient voice sounded out from the inside, obviously he had no fondness for this disciple of his.

Wang Lin stayed neutral, said in a respectful tone: “Disciple’s cultivation level is insufficient, can’t see myself winning the competition, afraid to shame the Master, so do not want to participate in it.”

“Well, count your good graces kid, that Master Xu’s younger brother’s disciple, Wang Zhuo, even in this young age has already reached the peak of first layer and ready to break into the second, even if you go, others would have been able to defeat you with just one finger. I heard that you were his relative, how is there so much of a gap.” Sun DaZhu mockingly said.

Wang Lin not minding it, said: “Wang Zhuo is clever, he has adequate talent, cannot compare to me.”

“Did you find any gourd in these past six months?” Sun DaZhu asked after a bit of silence.

Wang Lin shook his head, revealing an expression of distress said: “This matter is also strange, went to the spring many times but never saw any gourd floating.”

“Ok if you don’t have anything important to say, get lost, I will come see your Qi!” Sun DaZhu said coldly, as seeing his disciple could not control his temper, couldn’t wait to beat him to death, to avoid the ridicule of his peers.

“Master, the disciple finds staying in the mountains too stuffy, and want to take a trip down the mountain, and will come back after New Year, can you permit it?” Wang Lin lowering his head, said respectfully.

“Down the mountain? No, don’t think I am thoughtless, as after four years the meeting with Xuan Dao Sect is being held for an exchange conference, this is the command of the Head of the Division, most of the disciples after New Year, will be doing four years of training in order to take part, why don’t you go to the conference after four years to make me lose face and weigh down my reputation.” Sun DaZhu said in a tone of denial. [TLNote: Conference as in Martial arts conference]

“Training?” Wang Lin was stunned.

“There is an exchange once every 20 years, this is a several hundred years old rule, even though Xuan Dao Sect and Heng Yue Sect appear friendly on the surface, but deep within, a long rivalry festers, for the past hundred years, the Xuan Dao sect has been winning, this is a cause for us to lose face, hence the training thing. You listen to me, if after this training, you still don’t achieve anything, and make me lose face at the conference after four years, then I will get you expelled from Heng Yue Sect no matter what!” said Sun DaZhu who was reluctant to say any more.

Wang Lin sighed, going down the mountain to practice is obviously impossible now, so looking at Sun DaZhu’s tone, he nodded and took permission to go back.

Back at the chores office, Wang Lin meditated a little, since it was impossible to go out to practice, then he needed to take advantage of the training camp, and look for opportunities to practice.

The next day, a large majority of people were causing a bustling scene, Wang Lin hesitated, did not go to watch, instead concentrated on breathing practice, and consolidating the second layer of Concentrating Qi.

After a few days, through chat between secret disciples, Wang Lin came to know that Senior Zhang won the first, but heard that it was only because the purple-robed man did not take part.

As for Wang Zhuo, unsurprisingly he became the champion, and flickering between being arrogant and despotic, he didn’t even look at the people of his age. [TLNote: Remember may moons ago, a small line in a chapter where it was said that tournament was divided into two levels, yea…..so need to crack your head guessing how can there be two winners]

A week later, the morning bell echoed in the halls of Heng Yue, ringing five times all together, which represented that all disciples must quickly assemble in the Sect Hall.

Wang Lin was in the dream space, hadn’t heard it until Sun DaZhu furiously kicked open the chores office’s door, this awakened him as he quickly put away the bead and concealed his cultivation, opening the secret door, Sun DaZhu scowled on seeing his face and roared: “Wang Lin, are you deaf? Did not hear the bell? You are the only one defaulting, all the disciples going to attend the training camp have already arrived at the hall, in front of my peers, you shamed me, you…… you infuriate me! ! !”

Wang Lin raised an eyebrow but remained silent.

Sun DaZhu stared fiercely at Wang Lin, he knew that now was not the time to lecture his disciple, the Head of the Sect and the Elders, were waiting, so without saying anything any further, he stepped forward quickly grabbing him, and soared into the sky leaving behind rainbow-coloured clouds.

At a fast pace, arrived just outside the main hall, throwing Wang Lin to the ground, Sun DaZhu said: “Wang Lin, follow me inside, If you make me lose face again, causing me to hear rebuke from the Head, then I will beat you to death!” Sun DaZhu had murderous eyes when he said so, as for his disciple his disgust had reached the limit, he had made up his mind to use any chance possible to get him kicked out of the Sect.

Wang Lin rubbed his arm which broke his fall, if not for him achieving second layer of Concentrating Qi and becoming physically strong, he might have broken his arm due to the fall, keeping his head down he whispered: “The Disciple will obey.”

Sun DaZhu snorted, tidying his clothes, he walked into the hall, Wang Lin took a deep breath, suppressing his anger, and maintaining a calm expression he walked inside.

Heng Yue Sect Hall is a grand place even among the whole martial arts community, a very wide hall, dozens of statues of great sages belonging to the sect, an air of majesty floated around them.

Wang Lin followed Sun DaZhu, suddenly felt dozens of eyes converge on him, he felt suffocated immediately, glancing from the corner of his eyes, he lowered his head hastily.


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