Xian Ni Chapter 33 – Chants

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Wang Lin seeing the Zaohua pill wasn’t even the least bit interested, but hearing the offers for it, couldn’t help but feel pity for Wang Hao, it seems that he would not be able to obtain this Zaohua pill.

He was just thinking this, when suddenly Wang Hao standing next to him suddenly shouted: “230 Spirit Pills!” ! This is my limit, I will not trade if it exceeds that limit!”

A moment of silence, as 230 Spirit pills was already a very high price, and difficult to top, but owing to rarity of Zaohua pill, many people are not willing to let it end at that.

At this time, the person offering the Zaohua pill suddenly laughed, and said in a pretentious tone: “Want to trade it for 230 Spirit pills, Dream on my little guy, I wouldn’t trade it for less than 2000 spirit pills!”

Wang Lin listening to the tone of the seller, felt it to be somewhat familiar, focusing on it closely, he thought, that in all likelihood this man is Wang Zhuo, but he could not be sure, after all, regardless of stature, voice or appearance, the seller is hidden behind the dark haze.

Wang Hao shrugged, for a long time he didn’t speak, after all everyone in this fair was arrogant, and nobody cared.

The man hosting the fair coughed and said: “Well since Zaohua pill didn’t get traded, then moving past, let’s continue to trade others.”

Before long, someone came out, taking out an item. A while later, Wang Lin’s turn came, he pulled out a small vial, and said: “A drop of this mysterious liquid can be compared to a spirit pill, there are roughly 100 drops, only need the chants to unlock layers above the third layer of Concentrating Qi.” With that he opened the cap, suddenly gas filled with LingQi drifted out of the bottle.

Many people became interested, after all, spirit pills are the gained through refining pills, although it has LingQi but it can only be used personally through taking it onself,  whereas this liquid, can have multiple uses, and if used to refine pills, then it will surely give out miraculous results.

Even when magic weapon and flying swords are being refined, then their LingXing may be increased. [TLNote: LingXing means spirit power/influence]

Someone immediately shouted: “Chant for fourth layer of Concentrating Qi, trade with you!”

Wang Lin raised his eyebrows in challenge and said: “Only fourth?”

“I will give you chants for fourth, fifth and sixth layers for your mysterious liquid, how’s that?” Someone else shouted.

Wang Lin pondered a little, then shook his head and said: “I want chants for all the layers between the third to fifteenth.”

“Brother, do not make things difficult for us, even the arrogant Second Senior who won the last tournament, had only reached Concentrating Qi sixth layer, he also has only the chants for seventh, eight and ninth, and as for the chants for unlocking tenth to fifteenth, aside from certain masters, nobody else has them.” And immediately the man started laughing.

Wang Lin hesitated for a moment, when suddenly a voice came from far away:

“If you have 200 drops of that liquid, I can give you all the chants from the fourth layer to the ninth layer!”

They all looked and saw a purple-robed man walking along the road, he was in his twenties, he was not using hua xing hua sheng pill, his eyes swept away, and suddenly everybody were scared frozen, then in a respectable manner said:

“You came to participate Second Senior!”

The Purple-robed ignored them and stared at Wang Lin before asking: “Do you have 200 drops?”

Wang Lin was nervous, his pupils contracted fiercely, the purple-robed man was exuding a dangerous feel, far more than any other in Heng Yue Sect.

Both Master Sun DaZhu and Senior Wang, can’t stand in comparison with this person.

“I merely chanced upon these liquid drops, aside from these 100 drops, I have merely set aside twelve drops for my own use, so don’t have that many.” Wang Lin said respectfully.

Purple-robed man pondered a little, then with a flick of his hand, threw out a Jade Scroll and said: “You give me whatever the liquid drops you have kept aside and these chants are all yours!”

Wang Lin used soul search to determine that they are indeed chants, then immediately pulled out another vial from the storage bag, and along with the other vial put them gently on the floor, a bit far away from each other.

The Purple-robed man glanced at Wang Lin, then without hesitation used his hand for activating gravity technique grabbing the two bottles, putting them into his bosom, and searching it with his soul, nodding he said: “If you get more of this liquid, then come find me at the back side of these mountains, whether it is Zaohua pill, flying sword, jade seal, or even the chant to unlock the tenth layer of Concentrating Qi, I can procure them.” With that he flipped his sleeves and left.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed, a brief coldness flashed, just before leaving the purple-robed man said some words, indeed he is very vicious, the others may be incapable of recognizing hidden intent, but he was intelligent since childhood, a lot of things had become quite clear in his mind, but he did not say it.

The words spoken by the purple-robed man, the thing that remained unspoken was that if anyone is able to take this liquid from him, then he would be able to exchange this liquid for anything from the purple-robed man, and hinting so he had pushed Wang Lin to an extremely dangerous edge.

Although he couldn’t see other people’s eyes, but he had a feeling like needles pressing into his back, obviously someone was paying attention to him in secret.

However, ever since Wang Lin decided to come here with the LingQi spring water, he had already calculated that some problems may arise, so he did not panic, and acted calm and normally.

The others also began conducting trades, soon the trade fair ended, with some feeling joy due to their new acquisitiosn, and some feeling depressed at not being able to trade, with varying emotions, everybody left.

Wang Lin did not go back with Wang Hao, instead sticking dozens of immortal talismans on his legs, like a sword flash, vanished without a trace.

Wang Hao too was a clever person, after not finding Wang Lin, assumed that he used immortal talismans to leave quickly.

As for the other disciples attending the fair, several of them had showed their treasures at the fair, they also left in a hurry.

The mysterious liquid had exposed Wang Lin to evil intentions of the disciples, they were taken aback by the sudden disappearance of Wang Lin, unable to see him and not wanting to chase shadows, they cursed out before leaving.

Some of the disciples in higher layers of Concentrating Qi found it inconvenient to pursue Wang Lin so blatantly, after all if as a result of transactions between disciples, someone murdered another just to grab his treasures, then the Masters upon coming to know of it, would not let it go so easily.

Wang Lin kept running with the immortal talismans stuck to his legs, these talismans improve speed and can be stacked on top of each other, using dozens of immortal talismans, he had acquired very high speed, and just a moment later had arrived back inside the Sect.

He feared the purple-robed man, and after returning to the Sect, had not gone to chores office immediately, but cautiously hid in an deserted room.

When the sky began to grow light, the hua xing hua sheng pill lost it’s effect, once more the appearance of Wang Lin could be seen, leaving cautiously, along the way not finding any abnormalities, he returned to the chores office. After which, Wang Lin immediately started closed-door practice, no longer paying attention to anything else.


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